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QuranForKids.com is an online quran academy for kids and adults on skype. we provide one on one quran classes for kids and lessons by real tutors on skype. We are available 24/7. We offer first week free trial Quran Classes & lessons. register to start free trials right now.


  • Learn by a Live Quran Tutor on skype.

  • Choice of Male and Female Tutors.

  • Read Quran in 3 months only *

  • One to One Interactive Classes!

  • All Countries are Supported.

  • Laptops, Smartphones Supported.

  • Learn on Your Preferred Time.

  • Whiteboard, Audio, Video supported.

  • 24 hours Online.

  • High Speed Internet

  • Electricity and Internet backup

  • Quality Control Department

It’s risk free! Start your one week free trial classes right now!

Start Free Trial Quran Classes Online!
Start Free Trial Quran Classes Online!



Quran learning Classes in the UK and USA

UK and USA are the developed countries of the world, in these countries, the advancement of science and technology is on the rise, we can say, without any doubt, that these are the epicenter of progress and development. The use of science and technology for educational purposes is the norm of the Day. We are witness that there are universities and colleges which are offering BS and MS programs online.

Similarly, the use of technology for the education of the Quran does not need any introduction, particularly in the UK and the USA. People are taking benefits from online Quran classes via skype, and the numbers are on the rise of the people who are of the view to use this technology for the education of the holy Quran for their children.

Online Quran classes are one of a great way to learn the Quran in the UK and the USA. A great number of people like for their children to be taught the Holy Quran by online Quran classes at your desired time. It is the modern and great way to learn the Quran thoroughly

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