What is Zakat? Explaining the concept, purpose, importance of Zakat

Zakat in Islam is one of the five pillars of the religion that must be followed by all Muslims. It is, therefore, considered a compulsory act for anyone who has the minimum number of possessions required to be legible. The concept of Zakat is that it is supposed to be a method for Muslims to […]

Eight Types of People who can accept Zakat

Zakat (mandatory charity) is the third pillar of Islam. Muslims are required to pay Zakat annually if they possess sufficient financial resources. Each individual who possesses the Nisab (minimum amount of wealth needed for Zakat to become obligatory on a person) has to set aside a fixed portion (2.5%) of their wealth for the poor. […]

Ten Hadith about Hajj to the Kaaba, the Annual Pilgrimage

The collections of Hadith related to Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, are too voluminous for any single report. This article is, therefore, a compilation of ten hadith about Hajj. The annual pilgrimage is a devotional journey that is undertaken to visit (Ziarat) the House of God (Kaaba). One of the aims […]