Is abandoning Hajj a sign of Qayamat? What Islam says?

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Hajj is one of the critical five pillars of Islam. Hajj performs once in every year. According to the holy book of the Quran and Ahadith, it is the religious responsibility to perform a Hajj if one is financially and physically able. To quit a Hajj is a great sin.

The word Hajj means to gather for visiting something. Hajj performs in the holiest city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Kabba “the house of Allah Almighty” is the central place in performing Hajj religious rituals.

Dhu Al-Hajj is an important month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Hajj ceremony continues from 8th to 12th of this important month.  

Hajj became obligatory at the 9 Ah. It is one of the largest gatherings in the world. Each year, the number of pilgrims going to Makkah are increasing. The ceremony of the Hajj is the best example of Muslims solidarity when each one goes to Makkah for Allah almighty. In this demonstration, all the Muslims submit entirely themselves to Allah.

Muslims wear particular kinds of dressing “Ihram,” which is necessary to perform the rituals related to the Hajj ceremony.

Importance of Hajj by the holy book of the Quran

Many Ayah of the Quran qualifies the significance of the Quran as an essential pillar of Islam.

For example, In Surah Al-baqrah, Allah says,” In fact, As-Safa and Al-Marwah are two signs of Allah from many signs. So, one who perform Hajj and offer Ummrah of House, no blame upon those walking between them. And, one who volunteers good-then indeed- Allah is appreciative and aware. (2.158)

In another place in Surah Al-baqrah,” They (people) inquire about the new moon from you, Say, they are (the tool) for measuring the time for the people and Hajj. And, it is not right(reasonable) to get into the house from backside but the one who is right, feel fears from Allah, and, get into the house from its door. And feel fear from Allah so you may be successful. “(2.189)

In Surah Al- Imran Allah says, “the first-ever house made for human was that at Makkah, blessed and guidance for the entire world.” (3.96)

In the Allah book of Quran, there are several Ayah which describes the significance of Hajj in Islam.

Importance of Hajj by Ahadith

Similarly, several Ahadith confirm the importance of Hajj as a pillar of Islam.

For example, narrated by Muslims in his book.” Islam is what you say that there is no God but Allah, and Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is Allah’s messenger, offering prayer, fasting during Ramadan, and perform Hajj of the house of Allah if you have the ability(physically and economically) to get into it.”

In the book of Bukhari, Imam Bukhari narrated,” the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW once was inquired that which the most superior act is. Muhammad SAW said, “Keep belief on Allah and his messenger.” People again asked. Muhammad SAW replied, “Jihad in the way of Allah.” Then, again People asked, Muhammad SAW replied that offering Hajj by fulfilling all requirements.

Apart from these two, there are several Ahadith to clear the concept of Hajj.

Abandonment of Hajj

Is abandoning Hajj a sign of Qayamat

 In a Hadith about abandoning Hajj, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” the Day of Judgment will not establish until no one offers the Hajj.”

In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, reported by Abu-Said-Al-Kudri” Even after the emergence of Gog and Magog, the Hajj and Umrah will be offered. “

Different Ahadith shows that Hajj will not stop until the end of time. When no one will go to Kabbah to perform Hajj, then the Day of Judgment will establish.

The present spread of COVID-19 caused by the Coronavirus in the entire world once again is increasing fear in Muslims of abandoning the Hajj.

Saudi authorities prohibited Muslims countries to make an agreement about Hajj 2020. There is a rising question being discussed everywhere that the abandonment of Hajj is the sing of the end of time.

Does no hajj mean the end of time?

It is the apparent sign of Qayamat that Tawaf will end.

Allah says in the holy book of Quran,

“Over the heavens, Bait-ul-mamur house, similar to Makkah, visited continuously by angels. (52.4)

Bait-ul-mamur is situated over the heavens. Being the first model of Kabba (the house of Allah) strangely, which was not on this earth.

Angels come in this house as we Muslims visit Kabba (the house of Allah). The house is located where the throne of Allah is. More importantly, Bail-ul-mamur is right above our Kabba.

The angels come core of performing the religious rituals, but for once, they never come here back. The group of 70000 becomes to visit Bait-ul-mamur. Similarly, this continuation will run until the Day of Judgment. It is said that after visiting Bait-ul-mamur, the guardian of the group takes them to their designated place to worship Allah until the Day of Judgment.

This also shows that Allah does not need our worship if we stop performing religious rituals. Instead of Allah, we need to do worship and be close to our Almighty Allah. It is pertinent to mention that the number of angels is countless, and their sole duty is to worship Allah.

In a Hadith, narrated in the books Bukhari and Muslim, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “I was taken to Al-Bait-ul-Mamur, I inquired about it from Jabreel, and he told me that this is Bait-ul-Mamur where 70000 angels visit once and never returns ( In fact, a new group of angels visits this place every day).”

Moreover, we have seen on the television that a countless number of birds doing Tawaf of Kabba. One cannot deny because of footage is visible.

That is why, it is not deniable that if the Muslims abandon Hajj and Tawaf and other religious acts, the worship of Allah does not stop, it continues as proof provided by Hadith and the Quran.

Israel and end of time

Saudi Arabia has barred the Muslim countries from making an agreement upon the Hajj 2020 due to the spread of Corona Virus disease, COVID-19. In the holy cities of Saudi Arabia, Makkah and Madina, there is the prevailing Curfew type situation. They have the right to do so to ensure the safety of their citizens and pilgrims.

But, on the other hand, if the Hajj 2020 abandons due to the prevailing situation, the question is that who will be happy with this decision? Surely, Jews will be more pleased. They are already trying their best to occupy the overall Arab. The situation in the whole Arab, particularly Iraq, Yaman, and Syria, is before us. The most obvious example after Philistine is the Hill of Gollan in Syria that is now in Israel’s occupation.

The US president announced deals of the century, which is another big example in this regard.

Israel allegedly believes responsible for the creation of the Coronavirus and spreading the COVID-19 disease from these viruses. Israel has made a claim preparing the vaccine against COVID-19.

In view of the above these examples, we can say with full confidence that the decision of abandonment of Hajj 2020 will make the Jews happy more than any other nation.

According to the Islamic teachings, Muslims as the whole nation will bear the animosity and hatred of the Jews until the arrival of Prophet Issah.

Moreover, the end of time is visible by the several Ahadith; the signs in these Ahadith are now disclosing clearly.

In a Hadith, in Shahih Al-Bukhari, (Vol: 108), narrated by Annas, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” the indicator of the Day of Judgment are the following,

  1. Religious knowledge will be gotten back through the death of notable religious personalities.
  2. Religious ignorance will be more than ever.
  3. The Alcoholic drink will be easily available everywhere.
  4. Open sexual intercourse will be common.

No one can deny that the sign described in this Hadith is not visible now. Earthquakes and eclipses are the two other signs that have been described as the sign of Day of Judgment, also these signs are visible.

What should Muslims do?

There is a dire need for every Muslim to come close to Almighty Allah. First, they should request Allah to forgive their sins. They should do that because it seems that Allah has no intention to expand the invitation to the Muslims to visit his house.

Then, they should think that they are part of huge sins, for example, ignorance, adultery, interest, and arrogance. Muslims should think upon the factors that why Allah became so angry. It is the obvious fact that we are not raising the voice for the Muslims who are bearing the atrocities of enemies in the land of Yaman, Syria, and Iraq. The Syrian Muslims are now standing on the border of Greece to seek refugees. However, no Muslims country is ready to host them.

As Muslims, we should think upon these matters to trace the reason for the wrath of Allah.

After all these considerations, we should act upon the teachings of Islam as provided by our beloved Prophet of Allah, Muhammad SAW.

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