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Best Age for learning Quran online

Best Age for learning Quran online

The first question comes in our mind what the Quran is and why it is useful and essential to learn the Quran; the first thing that we should keep in mind that the learning of the Holy Quran is an obligatory task for us.

In fact, the book of the Quran is the book of guidance; there is no other source of guidance except Hadith of the Prophet PBUH, especially when we come to Islam. Therefore, the learning of the Quran is a useful and essential task for us.

According to Hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH,’ the best one amongst all the people is the one who keeps himself busy in the education of the Quran.’

We all know the best one amongst the people near Allah will qualify for Paradise and always live in it. These are the people, which are most near to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH. While the people who will be declared worse, will, in fact, reject the teachings of the Quran.

Being an essential source of guidance, it is useful and necessary for the person of every age to learn the Quran, either they are kids, or they are adults.

The best age for learning Quran online is the age of kids. Commonly, in this age, the kids are free from all tensions; their learning capacity is strong as compared to the adults.

Therefore, they can quickly learn how to recite the Quran. We can also see that people push their children to memorize the Quran in this very age.

Why the age of kids is the best to learn Quran online?

We all know that the mental capacity of the kids is more than an adult. They can quickly grasp what they are told and advised. They do not have enough business as compared to the adult who has to earn for their family and meet all the needs of them. Therefore, the best age for learning Quran online is the age of kids.

There are some reasons for this fact.

Due to strong mental capabilities

Adults have different tasks in day to complete necessary; for example, they have to earn for their family to meet all the needs of them. Sometimes, they have to work in double shifts to fulfill their needs. In addition, in some Asian countries, the worsening economic conditions are putting bad impacts on adults because of the growing tension in meeting their family needs. The presence of mental stress is the cause due to which they cannot learn the Quran as the children learns.

On the other hand, the kids are free to all these needs; even they do know where the parents are fulfilling their needs and how they are able to meet their needs. They only know about their wish. The absence of mental stress puts better impacts on their learning level. Therefore, they can quickly learn the Quran.

Due to having enough time  

The kids have enough time to learn the Quran, while at this time, the adults are busy thinking and implementing of thinking about how they will meet the needs of his family.

Due to having enough time, the children are the best to learn the Quran because they can easily take the classes; also, they have enough time to revise the lessons. They have extra time to repeat the same lesson, and they have spare time to give if they think that they are not learning the lesson well in the required time.

While at this time, their parents keep themselves busy thinking about how to meet their needs.

Learning the Quran online is easy

This is the tradition from the beginning of Islam to learn the Quran from the teacher; for example, the teacher of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was Prophet PBUH himself. While Companions became the teachers to their students, similarly, this continuation continues.

These are a necessary function of the teacher and the student in learning the Quran, but the mood of learning Quran has changed for example, in earlier, the students used to go to mosque or seminaries to learn the Quran, and there were 60 or 70 students in a class, and the absence of teacher’s attention was the most important result.

The advancement of science and technology has pushed a new way of learning the Quran by online mood, which is the most popular way of Quran learning. Learning the Quran online is easy. Therefore, the students turn their attention towards the online Quran learning most than the traditional way of learning the Quran because they attend classes of learning the Quran through the comforts of their room.

They are several other facilities due to which the learning of the Quran in an online way becomes the best option for the students to choose.

Different facilities

We all know that there are two ways of learning the Quran; one is the traditional way of learning the Quran, and the second is the online way of learning the way the Quran.

There are several facilities provided under the online way of learning the Quran, which also enhances the student’s capacity to learn the Quran. Resultantly, the kids learn the Quran quickly than the adult one.

For example, the online way is the best way to learn the Quran because it provides the facility to attend the classes from the comforts of the student’s room. It will reduce the level of mental stress; for example, they have to bear the mental stress while they are on the way to mosque or seminaries due to packed busses. It saves students from a lot of stress. Reduction in stress level increases their capability to learn.

The inclusion of interactive sessions will also enhance their power of learning level whey they feel satisfied by having the potential to outdo the problems in the learning process.

Moreover, the manipulation of schedule in an online way of learning the Quran according to the availability of the students is another factor, which plays a key role in learning the Quran fast. Because of these facilities, we can claim that the child can be the best candidate for learning the Quran quickly as compared to the adult students.

These are all the causes by which we can easily say that the best age of learning the Quran is the age of kids because their only mission is to learn the Quran.

How can kids learn the Quran best in an online way?

We all know that science and technology have turned our life completely. The field of education has no exception. Due to having different properties, the online way of learning the Quran is the best way.

Step by step process is following.

The rules of Tajweed has a lot of importance in learning the Quran. Moreover, it is the first step towards learning the Quran. Fortunately, these online forums present online classes of Tajweed, where capable teachers are there to make the student learn the Quran.

At the end of these rules, there are some exercises to implement the rules, the completion of which is useful to gain mastery of these rules.

After thoroughly learning these rules, the student should move towards learning the Quran.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of the teachers to check the progress of the students regularly. The teacher should take the benefit of interactive sessions completely.

The importance of learning Quran online for the kids

The Quran is the book of guidance for a Muslim; therefore, it is itself the blessings of Allah almighty over the Muslims.

According to Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH,’ the person will be the best who will keep himself busy with the knowledge of the Quran.’

It is equally essential for the kids and for adults to learn the Quran. For kids, it gets enough importance because it tells us how to become the best Muslims; for example, it tells us how to adopt good ethics. It is essential for the kids to be familiar with the good ethics according to the Quran; the holy Quran is the best source to know what these good ethics are.

The importance of learning Quran for the kids can be due to the common teachings; it is necessary for the kids to have knowledge about these teachings so that they can quickly adapt them in their younger age, for example, the verses about the mutual financial transaction in Surah Baqrah, verses about the sins of adultery and their related matter in Surah Noor and verses about Hijab In Surah Ahzab.

Due to these divine instructions, learning Quran has essential for the kids to be better Muslims.


It is equally essential for the children and adult students to learn the Quran because it is the source of guidance for us. It is like the vehicle, which drives us towards Paradise.

Moreover, it is essential for children to be better Muslims. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent to arrange necessary arrangements for their kids to learn the Quran.

They should take enough benefits from the time availability to learn the Quran.