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Best Surah in Quran for Success – Powerful Surah in Quran

This world is the most precious gift by Almighty Allah for human beings. Allah has sent us on this planet so that we can preach Him. Therefore, He also revealed this sacred Holy Book “Quran” for the guidance. In this holy book you will find the best surah for success. However, following question may rise in your mind when you recite Holy Quran.  So, you may thing about following question and reach its given answer may compel you to go in detail. 

Which Surah is the most powerful Surah in Quaran?

Surah Al Baqrah is the most powerful Surah in the Holy Quran. Baqrah means “the cow”. Surah Al Baqrah is the Surah, which is the second and longest Surah in the Holy Quran. Comprising 286 versus and 6201 words, it is the most influential Surah of the Quran.

The status of the most powerful Surah of Quran is due to Ayat al-Kursi Ayah. The place of this revelation of Surah is Madinat-ul –Monawira, Saudia Arabia.

The occasion of the revelation of Surah is Huja tul Widah when Prophet Muhammad SAW was on his way to perform the first Hajj.

The revelation of this Surah did not complete in a short time. It took a long time in the revelation.

The subject matter of Sorah Al-Baqrah

It deals with a wide range of subjects spread in the whole life. For example, it reveals the story of Adam, Musa, and Ibrahim. Most of its part comprises the verses based in guidelines. For instance, a definite message delivered to the non-believers and the pagans not to be the part of the conspiracy and embrace Islam with the heart and soul.

The most beautiful characteristic of Surah Al-Baqrah is the three characteristics of the people who fear Allah. The first characteristic is of believing the unseen. It is the best characteristic of the people who fear from Allah. It is hard to believe the unseen. So, it is the blessing of Allah, who gives us faith. Secondly, they regularly offer prayers. According to Hadith, Salah is the main thing that creates the difference between non-believers and believers. It is the thing for which the Muslims would be held accountable. It is the main symbol of Taqwa.

According to another Hadith, Prophet SAW said,’ prayer is the Mi’raj of Momin.” Thirdly, they spend reasonably from what Allah gave them. Sadqah, Zakat, and other expenses in the way of Allah, provide familiarity to those near Allah. Allah blesses them more.

Similarly, in the life-period of prophet Muhammad SAW, when he was struggling in Makkah. They were two parties, believers and Mushrakeen. After migration to Madeena, they continued to make conspiracies. In this Surah, the guidelines gave to Mushrakeen to avoid the plots and embrace Islam.

It also provided enough information regarding “Nifaq.” The first condemnation of gambling and Alcoholic products also gave in this Surah.


Aya-tul-Qursi is one of the respected and most powerful Ayahs of the holy book of the Quran. The second name of Aya-tul-Qursi is the throne verse.

According to different Ahadith, Aya-tul-Qursi provides spiritual and physical protection. Aya-tul-Quari is the most repeated Ayah particularly the occasion of setting out of the journey and going to bed at night.

Allah protects the person from any threat if the person recites it in the morning and evening.

It gives us protection from the jinns and evil designs of people.

Overall, Sorah-Al baqrah holds the status of the most important Surah of the Quran. It comes next to Surah Al-Fatah, which is also one of the important Surah of the Quran.

Which Surah is for success?

Surah Al-Fath is the Surah for success in life.

Surah Al Fath comprises of 29 Ayah. The place of revelation of Surah-Al-fatih is Madina. It revealed after the famous treaty of Hudabiah.

In this Surah, Muslims got clear news of triumph. The treaty of Hudabiah signed between believers and Mushrakeen Makah. Almost after a year, Muslims got captured Makkah. Makkah’s capture was the apparent result of the violation of the Hudabiah treaty.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Surah which reveled on me tonight, was the dearest one more than the world with sun-shining.”

Abdullah bin Mughaffal said,” I saw the prophet of Allah reciting Surah Al Fath over the back of his camel on Capturing Makkah.

Virtues of Surah Al-Fatih

Imam Bukhari narrated in his famous book, “Once upon a time the messenger of God was on his way with his companion. Umar Bin Khitab was also with him. Umer Bin Khattab asked something from Prophet Muhamad SAW, but he did not give a reply to him. Umar asked again. But, I could not get a response. He again asked, but also this time, he did not receive a reply from Prophet SAW. Umar said to himself that you asked three times from prophet Muhammad SAW, could not receive the reply, May your mother lose you. He left the place with his camel with certain feelings. He thought that he has done something bad with Prophet Muhammad SAW due to which Prophet Muhammad SAW became angry with him.

When he was going after some time, he listened to the voice of someone who was calling him back. He returned back with the fear another blasphemy happened by me. He also thought some Quranic has revealed about me.

However, he came near the caravan. He greeted the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ Tonight, A Surah revealed on me which is dearer to me than the entire world with the sun shining.”

This Hadith qualifies the importance of Surah Al Fath as the most favorite Surah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The benefit of reciting Surah Al Fath is second to none. If one recites Surah Al fath, he will receive two benefits,

  1. He would receive the equal reward of those who were with Prophet Muhammad SAW on the occasion of” Bai’ at ash-shajara.”
  2. He would also receive the equal award of those who were with the holy prophet Muhammad SAW at the occasion of Fatah-Al-Makkah.

Mehmet Nazim Adil-al-Haqqani advised,’ the one who is responsible for the area, let him recite Surah Al Fath, Surah Al-Fath is of utmost importance. Therefore, make it the part of the routine, it should be recited in the mosque, because the world is now a different and challenging place, only the power of Iman will rescue us from the difficulties. People with no Iman will fade away. We should find refuge in Almighty Allah. “

There are also two benefits of reciting Surah Al-Fath if reciting on a particular day.

  1. If reciting three days continuously at the start of Ramadan, it would remove the pressure of fasting for a complete month.
  2. If reciting on the first night of first Ramadan, Allah would take you in his protection for the whole year.

The recitation of Surah Al Fath brings success and eternal peace.  

Which Surah is the mother of the Quran?

The mother of the Quran is the opening Surah of the holy book. The first chapter of the Quran is Surah Al Fatih. It is a necessary part of Salah. The Slalah is not complete without recitation of this Surah. It is a kind of preface of the Quran.

It has several names. For example,

  1. The mother of the Quran
  2. Sab’a Al Mathani
  3. Al Hamd. It consists of praise of Allah Almighty.
  4. Al-Shifa. According to Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “ Surah Al fath is the cure for Poison.”
  5. Al-asas. It is the foundation of the holy Quran.

The revelation place of Surah is Makkah. Some other says it reveals in Madina. Surah Al fatha is the synthesis of the Quran.

In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “if one offers prayers and does not recite the Ummul Quran, his Salah is not complete. “

Benefits of reciting Surah Al Fath

The greatest surah of Quran

One of the greatest Surah of the Quran is the Surah Al Fathia.

Narrated by Ahmed Bin Hanbal, said bin Al-Mualla said, “Once I was offering prayer. Prophet Muhammad SAW called me, could not reply due to offering prayer. I went to him upon completion of prayer, He said to me why you were not coming when I called you. I replied to him that I was offering prayer. He said to me that I would teach you some ayah? When he was about to leave the mosque, I reminded him about the Ayah. Then, he made me learn and said it is the seven ayahs and the most beautiful and glorious Quran.”

Use for the cure of disease

The great scholar Imam Bukhari recorded in his book said Al Kudri said he was on a journey with some of his friends. In this journey, he sent a man to cure the chief of the unknown tribe on the request of a girl. The chief of the tribe was affected by the poison of the scorpion. He cured the poison with reciting Surah Al-Fathia.

Which Surah is the heart of the Quran?

The heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen. The holy prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ that everyone has heart; the heart of the Quran is the Surah Yaseen.”

Surah Yaseen comprises of 86 versus. The place of revelation of this Surah is Madina. It declares the Quran as the divine source. It makes us warns with the end of those who made fun of God’s revelations and those who showed stubbornness. It describes the punishment given to past people with the purpose of warning the present people.

Benefits of Surah Yaseen

Help to meet the needs

In the book of Sunan Al Darimi, a hadith narrated by the writer, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” If one reads Surah Yaseen in the morning, Allah will help to fulfill the need for that person in the whole day.”

Forgiving Sins

In another Hadith, which recorded by Ibn Hibban, Darimi, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “ One who reads Surah Yaseen in the night, Allah would remove all the sins related to him.

Bringing ease in the time of death

Sanan abi Dawood narrated that Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” People who are dying, recite Surah Yaseen for them.”