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Favourite Surah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Surah Al-Fath is the Surah for which Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” A Surah which revealed on me at night, was the dearer one (favourite Surah) more than whole the world with the sun shining.”

This Hadith reveals the Favourite Surah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Surah Al-Fath secures the place of 48 number of Surah. It comprises of 29 Ayat. The place of Revelation of this Surah is Madina, Saudia Arabia. The number of Rukus is 4 of this Surah.

“ In fact, We have given you a clear victory.” This is the first verse of Surah Al-Fath. The first verse of this Surah reveals the name of this Surah.


Treaty of Hudabiyah is one of the essential agreements, which took place in the life of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. Almost one year earlier than the conquest of Makkah, Muslims came to Makkah merely for the offering of religious rituals from Madina. Mushkrakeen understood wrongly that they were coming to invade us. They prepared an army to attack the Muslims. At the same time, negotiation started between both the believers and Mushrakeen. Treaty of Hudibiayh finalized. Although some companion of Prophet SAW revealed their concerns, Prophet Muhammad SAW consoled them.

 Umar RA revealed their concerns to that agreement. Umar RA directly consulted with Prophet Muhammad SAW. He consoled him.

Shortly after the agreement, Surah Al-Fath revealed. Allah called the treaty of Hudabiyah as the clear triumph of the Muslims.

Favourite Surah of Prophet Muhammad Surah Al Fath

Virtues of Surah Al Fath

Imam Bukhari narrated, in his famous book, said,” once upon a time the Holy Prophet SAW started the journey with his companion. Umar RA bin Khattab was also with him. The journey was going on well. Soon, Umar RA asked about something to Prophet Muhammad SAW. However, Prophet Muhammad SAW did not give a reply to Umar RA. Umar RA asked again to clarify the matter. But, again, he could not get a response. Then, Umar Ra asked 3rd time. Similarly, Prophet Muhammad SAW gave no response to Umar RA. Umar RA became confused. He thought a lot about when Prophet Muhammad SAW gave no reply.

 He said to himself,” May your mother lose you.” He thought to leave the place and run the horse fast. He became bitterly confused. After passing sometime when he was running the horse. He listened to the voice of his companion, who was with Prophet Muhammad SAW. He thought, due to an irreverent attitude, some ayah revealed about me. He returned to them. Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” the Surah revealed on me tonight, was dearer to me more than the whole world with the sun shining. “

Mehmet Nazim Adil Al Haqqani, who was the great personality in the history of Islam, advised,” The person who is responsible for an area must recite this Surah. Surah Al-Fath is vital for the person. You must recite it in the mosque. Try to include it in routine. The world is now a place that is dreadful for us. The person, who does not have the power of Iman, will not live here according to the will. We should try to find refuge in Almighty Allah.”

There are several benefits reciting the Surah Al-fath favourite surah of prophet.

  1. The person who will recite Surah Al-fath will be equally beneficial to those who were with them at the ‘Bait-Ush-Shajra.”
  2. Also, the person who will read the Surah Al-Fath, will obtain the equal benefit of those who were with them at the occasion of the conquest of Makkah.
  3. If one recites it continuously at the start of the Ramadan, Allah will protect him from the pressure of fasting.
  4. If one recites it on the night of Ramazan, Allah will protect him in the whole year.

Which Surah should you read in the morning?

Surah Yaseen

We should read Surah Yaseen in the morning Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. As said in a Hadith, “Everything has heart in his body, The Quran also has a heart which is Surah Yaseen. “ It comprises of 83 verses. Its revelation place is Makkah. Surah Yaseen introduces Islam as the divine source.

Tawhid and Risala is the main subject and theme of this Surah.

Benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen

There are several benefits of Surah Yaseen. There are some hadith in following to qualify the importance of reading the Surah Yaseen in the morning.

  1. Those who will recite the Surah Yaseen in the whole night, Allah will forgive him in the morning.
  2. “The one who will recite it regularly every night, he will dye as martyrs.
  3. Those who are about to die, you should recite Surah Yaseen for him to bring ease in the death process.
  4. If one recites Surah Yaseen in the morning, Almighty Allah will meet his needs.

Surah Rahman

Surah Rahman is the best Surah, which you can choose to recite in the morning. The revelation place of Surah Rahman is Makkah. It reveals the blessings Almighty Allah has bestowed on us.

Benefits of Surah Rahman

For patients

Reciting Surah Rahman is the best cure for several types of diseases, for example, cancer. The patient feels better by reciting this Surah repeatedly.

Purifying the heart

Reciting Surah Rahman purifies the heart of the reciter. The reciter himself feels purification in his heart.

For protection

Those people, who recite Surah Rahman in the morning, Allah, designate an angel to protect them.

What do you pray in the morning, Islam?

The morning is the starting point of the day. Allah has given the order to Muslims to offer the prayer, which is obligatory. According to Hadith, Salah is the difference between believers and non-believers. Similarly, in another Hadith,” Salah(prayer) is a pillar of Islam.” Therefore, we are bound to offer Salah by thick and thin.

We as Muslims recite the different Surah of the Quran; for example, Surah Yaseen and the Sorah Rahman, these Surah are the most important Surah of the Quran. To recite the Quran is not obligatory.

Similarly, we offer Nafal prayers, for instance, Salah Ishraq and Slaha chasht. These are also not obligatory.