Quran classes as the tool of learning Quran

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The Quran classes as the tool of learning the Quran, are playing a critical role in learning the Quran. We, as an adult, have seen the traditional method of learning the Quran in which the children used to run to the mosque to learn the holy Quran.

In our age, we are experiencing the modern way to learn the holy Quran; our children are using this system with full satisfaction.

Both these systems have their advantages and disadvantages like all the other systems; both are playing a very important role in getting the education of the book of Allah Almighty.

We have been living in the age of information technology; new things are coming day by day which is the symbol of conducting research, we also should keep hope from all these researchers to mitigate the possible disadvantages

It is the trend of the people in the whole world that it chooses new and advanced things because of different beautiful features, the people are accepting this new trend with no time, on the other side, where the absence of internet, compel the students to choose the traditional way of learning Quran.

It means now we have no way left to make lame excuses about learning of the holy Quran.

The different features of these types of classes are the following. The old way of Quran learning

We know that the old way of Quran learning kick-started by Prophet Muhammad PBUH when he became responsible for teaching them the Holy Quran. The companions of the Prophet PBUH used to come to the mosque and learn the holy Quran from the Holy Prophet PBUH.

The old way of Quran learning continued till near past in some countries, while in some countries, it is still one of the great sources to learn the holy Quran.

Commonly, the children used to go to the mosque where typically one teacher is available who make them learn the education of the holy Quran. It is necessary to mention that the teacher available there is responsible for the learning of 60 or 70 students.

The modern way of Quran learning

On the other side, the modern way of Quran learning is becoming a part of a robust strategy to make their children learn the holy Quran. It is a rather different way to learn the Quran than the traditional way. The great difference we have in this method that our children do not go to mosques to get the teachings of the Quran.

It has distinguished characteristics by which it is becoming the first choice of the people, for example, the students in the online Quran class is less than 12, it is an advantage for the teacher who can try best to implement its strategy. It can easily pay its attention towards the learning of the students; if it is less than expected, he may adopt the way of the interactive session, which is the best tool to make up for.

Although there are disadvantages to this system also, we should be hopeful of better results.

The significant role of Tajweed learning

Tajweed learning becomes an important tool to learn how to recite the Holy Quran, and somehow it gives information about the meanings of the Quranic Arabic words. The learning of Tajweed rules plays the role of strategic importance because of having the status of a basic step toward Quran learning.

The traditional way of learning the Quran uses Noorani Qaida for this important task, and the modern way of learning the Quran uses an online way to learn the basic rules of Tajweed.

We are Non-Arabic that is why before learning the Quran, we need to learn how to pronounce the words of the Arabic language. We need to determine the strategy of how to connect the Arabic words; similarly, we are in need of different other tools that may be helpful in learning the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Tajweed learning becomes an important tool to cover all these things.

We cannot refuse the importance of Tajweed learning for the learning recitation of the Holy Quran.

Quran learning and Islam learning

When Allah decided to take the people out from ignoring practices, he sent us two things, one is the holy Quran, and the second is the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Both these were interrelated. The holy Quran tells us what the issue is and when we go to Ahadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, we find complete details of the required issue in Ahadith. In the holy Quran, Allah has said that the Holy Prophet PBUH is responsible to clear all these things. Allah had given this status to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

We can easily say that the Quran describes what Islam is, and Islam describes the Quran.

The significance of Quran learning can be guessed by a Hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, ‘one who becomes attach with the holy Quran, will be the best amongst all of you.’

The present Hadith informs us who the best near Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is. It also tells us what the criteria are of being the best from all the peoples. We should bear this criterion in our mind; it will help to get the place in Paradise. Those who do not keep these criteria in their mind they will go astray, and they will be completely responsible for themselves. This is the clear indication which the Hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH tells us.


The holy Quran is the text which blesses us different blessings and rewards, which will help us also to take ourselves out from the hellfire.

To get all these rewards and virtues, we should act upon the teachings of the Holy Quran in our entire life. Allah will bless us because he is waiting for us to be blessed. This is up to us which way we select. We should choose the way of blessings and rewards.

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