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Surah Ash Shams Read Online – Benefits and Virtues of Surah Shams

Surah Shams ( Surah Ash Shams )

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The holy book of the Quran is based on different chapters of the Quran, all of which is obligatory for a Muslim to learn. Surah Shams is one of the essential chapters of the Holy Quran. It is the 9th chapter of the Quran, which is very important to learn.The word Shams means the Sun. The present Surah takes starts with the oath taken with the name of some astronomical bodies, for example, the SunSun. The next verses are about oath taken with the soul of man. The massive part of Surah describes the accounts of the fate of Thamud.The name of this Surah was taken from the first lines of this Surah. One can check the word ‘ Shams’ is present several times in the present Surah.

The place of the revelation of Surah Ash Shams is the city of Makkah.

Main points discussed in Surah Ash Shams

Surah Shams is one of the crucial chapters of the holy book of the Quran. There are two parts in Surah Ash Shams which are different from one another.There are three things discussed by Allah almighty in verses 1 to 10.Allah describes the reality of the evil and good by presenting the example of working of Sun, Moon, the Sky, and day and night. While describing the difference, he adopted the method to present the rival effects of these astronomical objects against each other. He described that like the SunSun, the Sky, day and night are against effects and action; the evil and good similarly have a different effect for each other.The next point described by Allah mighty was that after giving the powers to think and act, Allah gave the person a decisive ability to judge what was good and what was right in favor of himself.The third and last point was about the success and failure of the person who was directly based on the power of judgment and discrimination. These are the essential things given by Allah Almighty, we should use these things and try to reach towards the way of success.The second major part was divined between verses 11 to 15. In this part, Allah described the reality that the Prophet often raised between the common people as common people.Unluckily, the power of discrimination and judgment was not enough to devise what was a good way to go forward. Allah is the best decision taker who made arrangements to send Prophet towards them who gave them the good news of Paradise and made them fear from Hell.
Then, the role of Prophet Salih PBUH was discussed in the rest of the verses. Prophet Salih was rejected vehemently by the people of Thamud. They were presented the She-Camel, which was very lovely to Allah Almighty. For some time, they followed the decision given by Allah almighty through his Prophet Salih PBUH, but again they gave up the decision and killed the She-Camel. A huge disastrous came over them, and nothing left regarding the nation of Thamud from this earth.These are the main essential parts that were made at the center of the discussion by Allah almighty in Surah Shams.

Advantage of reciting Surah Shams

There are different advantages of recitation of Surah Shams. Some of these advantages are the following.Surah Shams is the Surah, which describes the reality of evil and good with a clear example of the Sun, Sky, day and night. The recitation of Surah Shams will help us to reach what is the reality of good and evil and why we should act upon the teachings of Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Inshallah, it will help us to know what the reality is.The second part of Surah Shams lets us know that what our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH sent to us. Definitely, this is a serious concern; we should find the answer by reciting Surah Shams with a better source of translation.Collectively, we can reach to reality by reciting Surah Shams and reading its translation.In a Hadith, which narrated by Abdullah bin Buradah RA, ‘the messenger of Allah almighty PBUH used to recite Surah Shams in the prayer of Aisha. ‘The present Hadith narrated in the book of Nasai, no 999.By reciting Surah Shams, we can get two benefits; one is the benefit which we have acting upon the Sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH. The second benefit is of reaching the reality of why we should choose the way to good not to evil and why we should act upon the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhamad PBUH.We should recite Surah Shams repeatedly so that we can receive the advantages of reciting Surah Ash Shams.In another Hadith, narrated by Abu Hurairah RA, ‘I have never prayed behind anyone who prayer is so close to the Prophet PBUH, we prayed behind that person, and he used to offer the first two Rakah of Zuhar prayer lengthy with the last two shorter, similarly, he made Asr short, in Magrib, he recited short, Surah Massfil, in the prayer of Aisha, he recited Surah Shams, in morning prayer, he used to recite two long Surah. ‘The present Hadith narrated in the book of Nasai, no 983.The present Hadith describes the vital routine of Prophet Muhammad PBUH; we should also act upon this routine. If we follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it will be useful for us on the Day of Judgment.There are also common benefits of recitation of the Holy Quran, which adds in our accounts due to the recitation of this Surah, which was the part of the holy Quran.In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ The best one between all of the Muslim is the one who attaches with the knowledge of the Quran.’The present Hadith tells us that if we remain busy with the knowledge of the Quran by anyway, we will be regarded as the best near Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. We should not leave this opportunity and must get the benefits of reciting Surah Shams.

Different Ahadith about Surah Shams

There are different Ahadith about Surah Shams, some are following.In the book of Bukhari, Abdullah Ibn Umar RA narrated, ‘Prophet Muhammad PBUH was passing near the houses of Thahmud upon going to Battle of Tabuk, and he stopped here. The people brought water from the well of the nation of Thamud. They prepared bread from the floor. When Prophet PBUH came to know, he at once ordered them to make the camel eat the prepared bread. He warned that you should not enter the house of the people upon which Allah sent Adhab except if you are weeping. ‘The present Hadith gave us the account of the life of Holy Prophet PBUH; in fact, the present Hadith delivers the lesson to us that we should prepare ourselves not to reject the teachings of the Holy Prophet PBUH.In another Hadith narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah RA, ‘ Muadh bin Jabal often got the opportunity to pray with Prophet PBUH. He also leads his people in the prayer, one day when he started to recite Surah Baqrah, a man became separate and offered separate prayer and went to work again. When Muadh bin Jabbal RA came to know, he said that he was a hypocrite. When the person knew about the remarks of Maudh bin Jabbal about him, he came to Prophet PBUH and said to him that he used to work to meet his need, but Muadh bin Jabbal RA said these words about me. Prophet Muhammad PBUH called Muadh bin Jabbal and said to him that you could recite Surah Shams or any other short Surah.These are the two Aahdtih, which describes what the importance of Surah Shams is. It is useful and also obligatory for us to learn how to recite this Surah and then repeatedly recite.For proper understanding, we can read Tarjuma of Surah Shams.

How to learn the recitation of Surah Shams

In the present age of the advancement of information technology, there are different ways to learn how to recite the Quran . The best if we want to learn some particular Surah of the Quran is that we should get help from YouTube, we can find here on this site several of reciters who made a video of their recitation and post it to YouTube.This is the best possible way to learn the recitation of Surah Shams.It is also easy for memorizing. The Urdu translation and English translation is also available.


It is essential for us to get knowledge about our religion; in this only way, we can get success in this life and life after death. Surah Shams is one of the essential chapters of the Quran, which offers us rewards upon recitation.We should try our best to get these rewards and virtues. It is necessary at the same time useful for the Day of Judgment.