Tajweed and Tarteel Course


This course is designed for learners who are already accustomed to reading the Quran and have an understanding of the Arabic alphabet. Consider taking the beginners’ course if you need to learn Quran reading with Tajweed.



Anyone who wishes to recite the Quran as it is meant to be recited must study and implement the rules of pronunciation (Tajweed). This will enable you to pronounce each letter clearly from its correct articulation point. It will also teach you how to respect the characteristics of the Arabic letters. The word tarteel is from the Quran and refers to ‘measured recitation.’ This is a must for anyone who desires to read the Quran in the same way as the Prophet (PBUH).
Our online Quran academy has a skillful group of educators who can help you to master these aspects. They will teach you the basics and show you how to develop towards the advanced levels. Eventually, your instructor will teach you how to read the Quran with the perfect method of recitation.

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