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Arabic Course


This course is designed for beginners who wish to understand more about Islam and learn about the Quran. Whether you have no knowledge of Arabic whatsoever, or you only know the basics, this course is perfect for you.


  • Study the Arabic alphabets
  • Learn Arabic and Quranic grammar rules
  • Learn Arabic and Quranic vocabulary
  • Understand how to read the Quran
  • Formulate sentences in Arabic


The course will make you familiar with the Arabic language in no time. The Quran was revealed by Allah in Arabic, and to have a correct understanding of the Holy Book, you must learn the language. This program will begin with the basics and the fundamentals of Arabic. From there, you will progress to more advanced levels until you can construct sentences in the Arabic language.Our online Quran teachers have a wealth of knowledge in this field. We have experts who are accustomed to the many rules of the Arabic language. They have the know-how to impart knowledge to you clearly and concisely. Your queries will receive prompt answers, and engaging lessons will enable you to progress during the course at an appropriate speed.