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Parents usually encourage children to learn the Quran a few years after they are born. Often, children start reading the Quran at around 4 years of age. Sometimes, there is also an emphasis on memorizing it. But, there is rarely any focus on learning Arabic or understanding the meanings of the Holy Quran.

We must keep in mind that the Arabic Quran is the pure word of Allah. As a result, there is no translation that can exactly explain His words to a tee. The Quran is a book of miracles in Arabic. Translations aren’t capable of accurately and entirely translating the Holy Quran.

It is crucial for Muslims to learn the Quran, but the actual understanding of the Quran is also required.

Who all need it?

To understand the Quran, one must either speak the Arabic language or learn it. Alternatively, Muslims may study translations of the Holy Quran that are widely available. The former method is best, but it takes time, while the latter process is more straightforward.

Only around 20% of the world’s approximately 1.8 billion Muslims live in Arab countries. Even in some of these countries, the Arabic dialect has undergone a lot of changes. So, some Arabs may even need to brush up on the usage of certain words. For the hundreds of millions of Indonesian, Pakistani, and Indian Muslims, the translation is a must to learn the Quran.

Allah has outlined His final and complete message towards all of mankind in the Quran. Muslims must do their best to ensure that they understand it. This also acts as a mark of respect toward Allah’s word.

Variance in translations, translation vs. original

Several interpretations of the Quran are in circulation nowadays. Muslims must ensure that they know a bit about the translator whose translation they are reading. Some of the early translators of the Quran held questionable beliefs about certain aspects of the religion, which are likely to have impacted the way they viewed (and translated) the Quran.

The best way to understand the Quran is to learn Arabic. Translating the Quran is unlikely to do justice to Allah’s word. However, it may not always be practical for Muslims to learn Arabic quickly. So, reading and understanding the translation is still a beneficial thing to do.

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