The Holy Quran and Modern Science

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In the past, it was somehow difficult for humankind to grasp the meaning of scientific means. However, the Holy Quran has already given the path to mankind for the right track. There are innumerable links that have been sought out by the scientists in this modern world that there is a link between the Holy Quran and modern science.

There are numerous verses of the Holy Quran, which are dealing with the phenomenon of nature. Even today, it is not as easy for the scientist to grasp the actual meaning of the verses given in the Holy Quran. Until and unless one has specialized research, he can get the actual meaning directed in the verses of the Holy Quran. So, one who has encyclopedic knowledge can only gain the real meaning which is given in the Holy Quran.

Facts of the Modern Science Discussed In the Holy Quran

There are many facts that can be seen in modern science, but those facts were already discussed in the Holy Quran. However, some of the facts are discussed below:

Astronomy: The Holy Quran and Modern Science

The astronomy is a meaningful term, and it is the branch of science that details the study of the sun, moon, planets, stars, etc. The topic to discuss here that the people of the seventh century may have seen the sky and would curious to know about it. However, it has already guided in the Holy Quran regarding Astronomy in chapter number 51 and verse number 47. It is told that we build the sky about with our ability, we are expanding it.

Therefore, the word expanding here gives an exact meaning that modern science has found lately as exact as told in the Holy Quran.

Modern Science says that the scientist, already, thought that our universe is not dynamic i.e., static. It means that the universe is not expanding. However, the well-known brilliant scientist Albert Einstein also got puzzled at one point and referred to have a glance over the static universe. The scientific got shocking report when Hubble established that the galaxies in the universe are speeding away from us. So, it was interpreted that the universe, in fact, is expanding.

On the other hand, the other verse also justifies modern science exploration that is mentioned in the Holy Quran in chapter 21 and verse 30. It is mentioned that the heavens and the earth were once fused together in one single piece, and then we split it apart.

However, modern science also dug out whatever is already mentioned in the Holy Quran. The scientists found out that everything was fused in a dense shape and showed the singularity. Later on, it was pulled apart. Thus, the Big Bang theory tell as same as it is given in the Holy Quran.  

Apart from this, the theory can be cleared in such words that the energy, matter, and space were intermingled into one another. So, it expanded, and then the space also started expending. It is pertinent to clarify that the universe is not expanding into empty space because there is no space outside the universe. However, space itself is expanding, so those things in the process under space would acquire big gapes.

Geology: The Holy Quran and Modern Science

It is important for you to know first that what Geology is? It is a scientific study on the structure of the earth. Apart from this, it includes the origin as well as the history of the soil, rocks of which this earth consists. Once you understand this, a question arises: have you ever thought about the shape of the earth? If you view the earth, then it would glimpse you like a flat one. Undoubtedly, you would listen to your eyes and trust that the world is flat in general. However, our general mentality can reach only this scale that our earth is flat.

On the other hand, it is already mentioned in the Holy Quran in chapter 79 and verse 30 that He has shaped the earth as an egg. It is said in Arabic word dahaha. Undoubtedly, there are multiple meanings of this word dahaha. However, one of its meanings is an egg or egg-like shape. So, the perfect metaphor that suggests the round shape of the earth.

However, modern science says that, undoubtedly, the world has a round shape, i.e., a little bit squished at the poles—for instance, the picture shown from the space shows the earth’s curvature.

Biology: The Holy Quran and Modern Science

Biology is the scientific study of life, and it states the structure of animals and plants. However, the Holy Quran also reveals about the living things in it. Similarly, it also tells about reproduction. It may be one repeated verse, but it was not mentioned completely earlier. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran in chapter 21 and verses 30 that unbelievers still not realize about heaven and earth, which were fused earlier. Then I clove them asunder and made every living thing out of the water. So, will they still not believe?

On the other hand, the modern science idea regarding earth becomes correct when they discovered scientifically that the origin of life is aquatic. Thus, it can be said that this time modern science also matches what it was already told in the Holy Quran.


Thus, these are the ideas from which the ideas of modern science can authentically match that is all mentioned in the Holy Quran. Undoubtedly, these are only a few examples that are witnessing the facts of modern science and its resemblance to the facts already mentioned in the Holy Quran. However, it is very interesting that whatever modern science is exploring is already explored and guided in the Holy Quran. So, several facts are resembling those explored in modern science Quran Class. Therefore, it can be said that modern science is studying and exploring today, whatever it is mentioned already in the Holy Quran.  

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