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Importance and blessings of Hajj in Islam

Importance and blessings of Hajj in Islam

In the month of Dhu al-hijja, Muslims perform Hajj, which is one of the essential pillars of Islam. Hajj performs in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the essential duties of Muslims to perform Hajj if they are financially and physically capable of performing Hajj. The meaning of Words” hajj “is of visiting someplace. In this sense, we can take the Hajj as the visit of” Kabah” the house of Allah.

In Hajj, Muslims perform different religious rituals from 8th Dhu al-hijjah to 12th. Dhu al-hijjah is the last month of the Islamic calendar.

The gathering of Hajj is the second-largest gathering in the Muslims world after Arbaeen pilgrimage of Karbala, Iraq.

The Hajj is one of the biggest demonstrations of the solidarity of Muslims. It is one of the important in the history of Muslims where Muslims gather only for one God, Almighty Allah.

According to Hadith, it is essential for the Muslim to do Hajj if he or she has financial and physical ability. If he or she dies without performing Hajj despite having the ability, Prophet Muhammad said that we had no regret for his or her death. We can guess how much importance Hajj has in our religion.

There are several regulations that Muslims have to abide by during the Hajj. For example, we should not do hunting. We should not entangle in any quarrel.

Ihram is the dress, which Muslims have to wear while performing Hajj.

Importance of Hajj in the holy book of the Quran

Hajj is an essential religious obligation in Islam. There are different verses, which describe the grace of this important religious obligation.

Allah says in the Quran, “Hajj is the duty to mankind by Almighty Allah, for those who can easily afford it.”

This verse clearly indicates that the Hajj is not optional; it is important for those who have the capability. We can easily guess how important Hajj Muslims are.

In another verse, Allah says in the Quran, “And declare to mankind the Hajj. They will come here to you as a pedestrian and on the camel. They will come here from long distances. “(22.27)

Allah announces the Hajj as an important pillar of Islam. Muslims must go to Kabbah” the house of Allah” and perform the Hajj according to the given instruction. ( 2.125)

In another verse, Allah says in the Holy book of the Quran, “you have completed the construction of Holy Kabbah, a focal point for all the people and a safe sanctuary. You can use Abraham’s shrine as a prayer house. We give power to Ismail and Abraham. You shall clean my house for those people who make a visit, those people who live there, and those people who nod and prostrate.” (2.125)

Hajj is a special occasion full of blessings and rewards. It is important for us that we should try our best to win these rewards and benefits. If we have the capability of Hajj, but instead of having the ability, we do not go to Hajj. It is a clear invitation to the punishment of Almighty Allah.

In a verse of the Holy Quran, Allah says,” that the people ask from you about the moon. Say, they give time period 

for the people and the Hajj. It Is not beneficial to beat around the bush; righteousness is gotten by upholding orders and by being straightforward.”

Allah has said that there is only one path, which can be followed to achieve success. Those who follow another way will not get success ever. Instead of getting success, they will fail and entitle to punishment. The way to success is only to obey Allah.

In verse, Allah says, “The ridge of Marwah and Safah is the rites imposed by God. One who performs Hajj and Umrah never commits error to traverse the distance between the people. If one does more work volunteer, than Allah is appreciative, Omniscient.” (2.158)

This verse shows the important rites of Hajj. Circulation of Marwah and Saffah is the important religious rituals, which Muslims perform. It shows different orders which are directly given by Allah.

Moreover, Allah says in the Quran, “One who keeps believing on us, don’t kill while in a state of Ihram, one who kills (human or Animal) deliberately, pays atonement, brought to the house of Allah, an equal to that eatable Animal which he killed, as arbitrated by two men among you, he should feed the people who are poor, he should pay its equivalent in fasting, he may face the punishment of his deeds. Allah forgives those acts done earlier, but whoever does it again, Almighty Allah will take comeuppance from, Allah is Almighty, able of comeuppance.”

There are several verses that describe the importance of Hajj. Surely, Hajj is the occasion of blessings and rewards. We should not waste this opportunity.

Importance of Hajj by Ahadith

It is pertinent to mention that Prophet Muhammad SAW performed Hajj only one time. There are many Ahadith, which clarify its significance as an important pillar of Islam.

In a Hadith, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” Islam comprises on five pillars, give Shadah that there is no God but Almighty Allah, Muhammad SAW is the messenger of the Almighty Allah, offering regular prayers, Paying Zakah, offering Hajj and fasting in Ramadan.”

This Hadith clearly shows that in the religion of Islam, Hajj has the most important status. It is one of the important five pillars of Islam.

On another occasion, Abu Hyrarah narrated, “People asked Prophet Muhammad SAW that which deed is the best deed? He told them that keeping belief on Allah, and his messenger SAW, He was asked again, Prophet SAW replied that Jihad was the best deed, he was again inquired, Prophet Muhammad SAW said that an accepted Hajj.”

In this Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said that one of the best deeds is performing Hajj.

In another Hadith, narrated by Abu Hayrarah, “Umrah is reparation for the time between it and the previous one, and an accepted Hajj is not less than having paradise.”

In this Hadith, the messenger of Allah said that the reward of accepted Hajj is paradise.

Umer RA reported a Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” one who fights in the way of Allah and the pilgrim who goes to Kabbah, especially for Hajj and Umrah, are distinguished guests of Almighty Allah. He called the people and the people reciprocate them. They ask for and he will give. “

In his Hadith, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said that those who go to offer Hajj are the guests of Allah.

Abu Hurayrah reported a Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” O people, Allah has implemented Hajj upon you, so do Hajj.”

Another Hadith which was reported by Abu Hurayrah, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “one who offers Hajj for getting the consideration of Allah, and also he does not have sexual relations during the Hajj, he also does not commit sins and does not entangle in quarrel, will surely come back without a single sin over him like the day( birthday) when his or her mother gave birth to him. “this Hadith was noted in the book of Bukhari and Muslim.

There are a lot of benefits of Hajj. It removes our sins as the day when mothers gave birth to us. We get an excellent status near Allah, and his messenger SAW. These Ahadith clearly describes the importance of Hajj.

How many FARZ are there in the Hajj?

There are 3 FARZ in the Hajj.

It is necessary to complete them. The missing or omission of any FARZ will result in incomplete Hajj. It is also required to complete the FARZ according to the given instructions, particularly in the right time and place.

The FARZ are following.

  1. Assume that I am going to offer the Hajj with making the intention, after making the intention, we should recite Talbiah 11. It is necessary to make the intention while setting out for Mina.
  2. Wuquf at Arah Is another important FARZ which is necessary to complete. The Muslims should stay here, necessarily either it is for a moment. Muslims spend the whole night here.
  3. Tawaf Al-Ziyarah, it is the last Tawaf which marks the ending of Hajj. It can be done between 9th to 10th Dhu al-hijjah.

It is very important to note that the intention for Hajj and Umrah should be separate.

It is pertinent to mention that the intentions for Umrah and Hajj should be separate.


Islam is the perfect religion which gives us complete information about every field of life. It guides us in the individual as well as collective life.

Hajj is an important occasion for Muslims across the world. It is one of the important pillars of Islam. It is also an important occasion that can win us the blessings and rewards. In order to get these blessings and rewards, we should abide by the instructions given by Allah and his beloved Messenger SAW. We can get success quickly.