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Importance Of Tawakkul (Trust on Allah Resolves Issues)

Tawakkul upon Allah Resolves Issues

The belief of a true Muslim revolves around trust (Tawakkul) in Allah Almighty. Having embraced Islam, a person has to discard his old beliefs strongly having faith in Allah; strongly believing that Allah has power over all. A true Muslim believes that harm cannot occur to him without Allah’s will; nor can a benefit reach him without Allah’s will. This is what you call to trust in Allah (Tawakkul). Trust in Allah helps you do everything without getting afraid of consequences. If your intention is good and you are doing a good job; you are sure that Allah will not leave you alone.

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Importance of Tawakkul (Trust on Allah)

Having firm trust in Allah Almighty, a Muslim purifies his soul. The wealth you know is considered to be a great force in worldly affairs; however, a true Muslim does not love wealth nor does he consider it to be the solution to the problem. His firm faith in Allah Almighty keeps him satisfied with all that he earns and possess. The love for wealth and worldly status has no place in his heart. He remains satisfied with all he has been bestowed upon by Allah Almighty.

Concept of Tawakkul

The concept of trust (Tawakkul) in Allah rises from the holy Quran, the book of Allah Almighty. The foundation of Islam stands on trust (Tawakkul) in Allah Almighty. It is not merely said. Allah Almighty has advised the Muslims in Holy Quran to remain steadfast in their faith to be helped by Allah from the sources unimagined. At many places in the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty has forcefully assured the Muslims of His help if they remain firm in their beliefs. The concept of trust (Tawakkul) in Allah also reaches us through the sayings of the Prophet (SAW). We come to know through the teaching of our beloved Prophet (SAW) that a Muslim is required to trust in Allah the way the birds trust; the birds go in search of food without any source and they return being fed up.

Levels of Tawakkul – Tawakkul on Allah

Trust (Tawakkul) in Allah cannot be measured with certain parameters nor can a technology estimate the level or degree of Tawakkul in one’s heart. It is a matter between a person and Allah Almighty. However, some general levels of Tawakkul have been devised as per human experience to understand the benefits of Tawakkul. Also, you can understand the concept of Tawakkul.

ü Tawakkul of a Layman ( Trust on Allah )

A common Muslim of today with a weak faith has a low level of Tawakkul; for instance, he expresses his trust in Allah for the things he suffers no or the least loss.

ü Tawakkul of a Double Minded Muslim

A person despite having adopted the right path of religion loses his trust in Allah in the company of his friends and relatives. He compromises on Tawwakul.

ü Twakkul of a True Muslim

The level of the Tawakkul of a true Muslim is very high; he never loses his faith in Allah Almighty thought thick or thin. Nor does he compromises on Tawakkul. It is the level of Tawakul that reaches the height of Taqwa. Tawakul and Taqwa unanimously help a true Muslim please Allah Almighty in a true sense.