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To learn Quran online in the UK  many websites  like quranforkids.com offer the learning program for kids living the UK. Some of these websites are free, while others charge a fee. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before selecting a website to learn Quran online in the UK and advantages an disadvantages of online Quran learning. Learning Quran is the most important aspect of our lives and as parents we should always choose best for our kids as it is said that seeking knowledge in young age is like engraving on a stone (Hassan Basri). Therefore we must concentrate on giving right Quranic teaching to our kids

What to Look for When Selecting a Website to Learn Quran Online in the UK

When looking for a website that offers the chance to learn Quran online in the UK, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Does the website must have qualified and experienced teachers?
  • The website should offer flexible class timings so that students can attend classes at a convenient time.
  • The website should have the option to offer classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced students.
  • The website must offer trial classes so students can decide if they want to commit to a course before paying any fees.

Once you have found a website that meets all of these criteria, you can then select a course and start to learn Quran online in the UK.

What to look for before payment for classes to learn quran online in the uk

Paying for Classes

Some websites offering the chance to learn Quran online in the UK, charge fees for their courses, while others do not. If you have to pay for classes, you should ensure that the website is secure so that your personal and financial information is safe. You can check this by looking for HTTPS:// at the beginning of the URL address. You should also ensure that the website offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the course.

Trial Classes 

Most reputable websites like quranforkids.com, which gives the chance to learn Quran online in the UK, offer trial classes so that students can decide if they want to commit to a course before paying any fees. These trial classes typically last for one week, allowing students to experience the teaching methods used by the site and assess their level of understanding. After the trial class, students can then decide if they want to sign up for an entire course or not.

Why is it beneficial for kids to learn quran online in the uk


For Muslims living in the UK, learning Quran online has many benefits. It helps connect them with their religion and teaches them about their culture and heritage. It also allows them to build a strong foundation of knowledge they can use daily. Some obvious benefits are mentioned below.

Help kids to learn Quran online in the UK

Before the trend of online classes, parents living in non-Muslim countries were always worried about teaching Quran to their kids because there was a low number of Islamic teachers available there, but now this problem has been solved through online Quran classes for kids. Your kids can learn from the best Islamic teacher wherever you reside. There are many great online Quran academies available, like quranforkid.com. You can take free trials before selecting the teacher and choose the suitable time for classes.

Observation and safety

The safety of the kids is always the primary concern of parents. E-Quran Learning reduces this concern of the parents. Besides, it allows you to observe your kids during sessions, whether they are busy with home chores or other work.

Online classes also help parents to learn Quran online in the UK.

Parents can also benefit from their classes when their kids learn Quran recitation. They can turn the sound on and listen to what their teachers preach to their kids. In this way, they can also improve their mistakes. While their kids can take inspiration from them, they should keep improving their mistakes and recite Quran at every age.

Quality of tutors

Teachers available at the online Quran academy go through the proper hiring criteria and get hired if they meet the standards of teaching. Therefore online Quran teachers are highly qualified in their field of subject. Besides this, you are not bound to teachers near you, as you can browse the internet to select the best teachers from around the world.

Focus and concentration

In physical classes, teachers teach many students at a time. As a result, students do not get their teacher’s full attention and focus. In online classes, kids get the total concentration of their teachers as they take one-to-one sessions. Quran tutors evaluate students’ learning capability, investigate their needs, and customize the Quran lessons accordingly.

Variety of Courses available to learn the Quran online in the UK

When you learn Quran online, you also have access to various courses that cover different topics related to Islam. Whether you want to learn about the basics of Islam, the history of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or how to read and understand Arabic, there is a course for you.

Option of free trial to learn Quran online in the UK

Most of the online Quran academies provide free trial classes to try and evaluate their courses & tutors. So, you don’t have to pay the fees until you get delighted.

Teach your kids to love Quran

When your kids are 3- 6 years old, tell them stories and lessons from Quran to develop their interest in learning and reciting Quran. Try to find a teacher who teaches the Quran with love so they can understand that Islam is a religion of peace and love and learn the Quran with their full attention and interest. Give a glance at their schedule also, don’t overfill it.

If things are not working out, you can devise creative methods yourself. Don’t leave everything to teachers. Being a parent, we also must practice Islam and the teachings of the Quran in our daily lives so that our child takes inspiration from us and acts accordingly.

The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it. (Al-Bukhari)

As Muslim parents, we should not compromise on teaching Quran to our kids. Technology is growing fast, so it has been easy to teach Quran wherever we reside. Online Quran classes are the best options to teach our kids about the Quran and Islam. But before choosing any online Quran academy for your kids, you must consider some essential factors.

Factors to be considered for online Quran classes

Teaching style of teacher

It is the basic responsibility of parents to select the right online teacher for your kids. It is important to hire a teacher whose teaching style is suitable for your kids. As parents you must know likes and dislikes of your kid. Choosing the right teacher will develop interest in kids to learn Quran online effectively.

Take free trial classes for your kids

Almost every Quran academy gives the option of a free trial. Parents should take these classes to understand better the level of teaching, style of preaching the Quran, and the nature of the teacher and to understand whether your kid is comfortable with the selected teacher. Selecting the teacher your kid likes is essential to develop an interest in learning the Quran.

Choose the appropriate time for online quran classes 

To learn Quran, your child needs focus, concentration, and attention as it is not an easy task to learn Quran, whether it’s about memorization or recitation. Therefore, as a parent, your primary responsibility should be selecting the right time of classes, like when your child is fully energetic or has taken the required nap time and when his mind is not distracted.

To learn quran online in the uk, choose the right gender of teacher

Before signing up with a Quran teacher, you must research about the teacher and academy . Our foremost duty is to choose the best teacher for our kids with a vast knowledge of Islam and the Quran. It is also necessary  that we hire female teachers for our girls and male teachers for our sons so they can understand the value of Pardah since childhood. Apart from Pardah, the intonations (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking) of males and females are also different, so their recitation style varies from gender to gender.

Read the reviews and feedback to learn Quran online in the UK.

To select the best online Quran teacher for our kids, parents should visit the websites of different Quran academies like quranforkid.com. They should read the reviews and feedback of students and you and then decide the best for your kids.

Disadvantages of Learning Quran Online

However, following are some disadvantages to learn Quran online in the UK 

You miss out on the social aspect of learning in person.

One disadvantage is that you miss out on the social aspect of learning in person. When you’re learning online, you don’t have the opportunity to meet other students or develop relationships with your teachers. Additionally, online courses can be expensive. Some courses may require buying additional materials, such as books or software.

lack of competition

Besides the social aspect or relationship with your teacher, there is lacking competition among students. Some students get motivation or boost when they have tough competition with other students. In online classes they find it difficult to maintain the synergy because there are one-one sessions available for students that result in low competition. 

Difficult to find an authentic online Quran course

It’s  challenging to find an online course accredited by a recognized body such as OFQUAL or (BCIE). This accreditation is essential because it ensures that the course has been independently evaluated and meets specific standards.

Different types of online Quran learning platforms

There are a variety of online Quran learning platforms available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some common types of online Quran learning platforms include:

  • One-on-one tutoring: This is a personalized approach to learning Quran, where a student learns from a qualified tutor in a one-on-one setting. This is a good option for students who want personalized attention and feedback from a tutor.
  • Group tutoring: This is a more social approach to learning Quran, where a student learns from a qualified tutor in a group setting. This is a good option for students who want to learn Quran with other students and who want to be able to interact with other students.
  • Self-paced learning: This type of online Quran course allows students to learn Quran at their own pace, using pre-recorded lessons and resources. This is a good option for students who are busy or who have a flexible schedule.
  • Interactive learning: This type of online Quran course uses interactive activities and games to help students learn Quran. This is a good option for students who learn best by doing.
  • Specialized courses: Some online Quran learning platforms offer specialized courses, such as Quran memorization or Quran recitation with Tajweed. These are good options for students who want to focus on a particular aspect of Quran learning.

Costs of online Quran courses

The cost of online Quran courses can vary depending on the course provider, the type of course, and the instructor. One-on-one tutoring courses are typically the most expensive, while self-paced learning courses are typically the most affordable. Group tutoring courses and interactive learning courses fall somewhere in between.

Some online Quran learning platforms offer free trials, so you can try out a platform before you commit to paying for a subscription. You can also check with your local mosque or Islamic center to see if they offer any financial assistance or scholarships for online Quran learning.

Challenges of online Quran learning

There are a few challenges associated with online Quran learning, such as technical difficulties and staying focused. Technical difficulties, such as poor internet connection or problems with the video conferencing software, can disrupt classes. It can also be difficult to stay focused during online classes, especially if you are taking classes from home or in a busy environment.

Here are some tips for overcoming the challenges of online Quran learning:

  • Use a reliable internet connection. If possible, connect your child’s computer to the router using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. This will help to ensure a more stable connection.
  • Choose a quiet place for your child to study. Try to find a place where your child will not be interrupted by noise or distractions.
  • Set aside a specific time each day for your child’s Quran lessons. This will help your child to stay focused and on track.
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher. If your child is having any trouble, let your child’s teacher know. They can help you to troubleshoot technical problems and provide tips for helping your child to stay focused.


As you can see, learning Quran online in the UK has both advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, whether or not to enroll in an online course should be based on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, then an online course may be right for you. If you prefer face-to-face interaction or want to be sure that your course is credential then go for option of traditional madrasa.