Lessons and explanations from Sūrat Al-Mulk

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Summary of Surah Mulk

Surah Mulk is the surah which was revealed in Mecca. The meaning of this surah is sovereignty. It is the 67th chapter of the Holy Quran. It has 30 verses, which are divided into two sections. It is a very important Surah in the Holy Quran, like other verses.

Surah Al-Mulk discusses the greatness of God and the universe it has created. Similarly, this verse asks mankind that they need to follow the laws of nature and move on the earth without any biases. In this manner, they would strengthen the dominion of Almighty Allah. So, it gives the message that He controls each and everything in this universe.

The Ahmad bin Hanbal recorded that Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet of Allah, has said that there is a chapter in this sacred Book of Allah, which consists of 30 verses. So, this chapter will protect and will intercede the recite until he is forgiven. On the other hand, the Tabarani was recorded from Anas that Prophet of Allah said that there is a chapter that will argue on behalf of the recite until and unless he is left for paradise.

On the other place, Khalid bin Madan said that you should recite Surah Mulk because it is the verse that will dispute on behalf of his reciting person when he is in the grave. This surah will say O God if I am the part of your sacred book, then let me save him (reciting people). If I am not part of your sacred book, then take me out of this book. So, let me save him from the danger of grave.

Video Of Lessons From Surah Al-Mulk 

Surah Mulk Explanation

This chapter discusses the sovereignty of ALLAH. Similarly, it tells about the purpose of the universe that it is created for the trial basis, and the guidance is given to every mankind. Now, it relies on human beings that how they follow, and what they follow. In this way, a day will come when the people will reward those who do good deeds while others will be punished because of their ill-deeds. Similarly, this world is made totally perfect without any single flaw. Apart from this, Allah (SWT) said in Surah Mulk Ayat 3 and 4 that there you would not find even a single flaw in the skies, and you would not see any rift in it. So, you will be amazed at such humbleness that it is a perfect creature.

On the other hand, Allah (SWT) says that the person will deny on the day of reward and punishment, then he will have to face the consequences of the disbelief in hell. However, when the gatekeeper of the hell asks from them that would, they knew about the punishment of ill-deeds you did, and then they will admit it positively. Similarly, those who deviated from their path will also face the same consequences.

Apart from this, it is crystal clear to know that believers who have a fear of Allah will be awarded rewards. However, Allah knows each and everything, and he knows the heart of people either they hide or not.

Similarly, Surah Mulk verse 23 discusses that everything Allah has given you like he bestowed you hearing, seeing, and heart. Therefore, you offer insufficient thanks.

However, Read Translation and transliteration of surah Mulk word by word so that you may clear yourself each and everything of this surah. In this way, you may know the significance of Surah Mulk. Once you read and listen to Surah Mulk, then you will know the essence of this surah.

Lessons from Surah Mulk

The Holy Quran is the sacred book which Allah (SWT) revealed to His prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the guidance of Ummah. However, it is full of lessons for Muslims. Similarly, Surah Mulk also full of several lessons which are unfolded below:

The first and the foremost lesson which we can learn from this surah is life and death. Allah has created life and death to test human beings that how we act in this world. So, we should learn from here a great lesson that Allah created this world just for trial. So, everyone has to go back.

Secondly, this verse gives a lesson that there is the Creator Allah, who has made everything perfect. So, if you would like to see nature, then look at the sky, you would not find even a single crack in it.

Thirdly, when the group of people would be thrown in it then the angels will ask from them. Either they know about this punishment, or then the disbeliever admits it without any resistance.

Fourthly, one can take a huge lesson from this verse that Allah doesn’t need the loud or whisper sound, but He knows the secrets of the heart.
Fifth, can we believe that how the earth engulfs us in punishment from Allah? It is a big thing which can be understood.
Sixth, can we also believe about the stone rain in punishment from Allah? Once again, it is the thing that compels us to think about the Creator and strengthens our faith in Islam.

Thus, these lessons inform the disbeliever that this world is being controlled by the one and only Allah (SWT). People who have no trust in it, then such people would be sent to Jhannum, and they would then know that it was already what they listened about it.

Therefore, Allah (SWT) has provided each and everything for human beings. However, the Holy Quran is revealed because human beings cannot live without the guidance of Allah. Therefore, every verse which Allah (SWT) has revealed is ready to provide you a good lesson for your successful life. However, people positively take this and invest their life by reciting these verses. In this way, you would not only get positive things in this world but also in the hereafter. Thus, Surah Mulk is the most precious surah of the Quran for mankind.

Benefits of Surah Al Mulk

Surah al-Mulk is one of the greatest surahs in the Quran. Hence, we see many reports in the Hadith and the Sunnah telling us to recite this surah often.

Abu Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (PBUH) stated that there is a surah in the Quran with 30 verses. He said that Muhammad (S) stated that the surah would intercede for the person who recited it until Allah forgave his sins. Various other Hadiths indicate the same outcome.

Hence, we should recite this surah regularly to attain its intercession. We should pay attention to it when we hear it and try to understand it. We can do this by learning its translation. Moreover, we should recite it during the five daily prayers as well.

There are also some Hadith from the Prophet (PBUH) that indicate that we should recite this surah, hoping that Allah will protect us from the torment of the grave. While the Hadiths have some weak points, most Hadith scholars consider them Hasan Hadith, meaning that they are fair/good.

Hence, there is no harm in people reciting Surah al-Mulk with the hope of avoiding the torment of the grave. The recommended time for reciting it is any time during the night. That gives us time between Maghrib and Isha to recite this surah. However, we should preferably recite it before going to sleep.

As a result, we can see the immense benefits of Surah al-Mulk. We should try to learn this reasonably short surah and recite it often. We can recite it during various daily prayers, and also at night before sleeping. Additionally, we should also remember that reading the Quran in itself is a very beneficial thing. So there’s plenty of reward to gain.

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