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Everything Should Know About Learning Quran Online in New York

In New York, many struggle to find accessible resources for learning the Quran. Amid the city’s diversity, people often feel lost and seek answers. However, Learning the Quran Online in New York can address this gap. The Quran offers guidance, connecting individuals with their purpose and the Creator, countering Islamophobia’s misconceptions. Making the Quran accessible to New Yorkers is essential, providing a path to enlightenment in a bustling urban landscape.

This article will tell you how to learn the Quran online in New York and what sets us apart from other institutions.

Learn the Quran Online in New York with quranforkids.com

Accessible Quran Learning in New York

If you live in, you may take face-to-face and online Quran lessons; however, due to flexibility, online Quran classes are a better option whether you live in New York or another city in the United States. QuranForKids.com offers Quran tutoring under the supervision of qualified teachers where high-quality one-to-one online Quran classes are provided.

Trained tutors for kids and adults

At QuranForKids.com, an online Quran academy for kids and adults, you may learn the Quran online with tajweed under the supervision of trained Quran teachers. We provide one-on-one online Quran lectures and courses of the highest quality.

On Skype, you may study from actual Quran instructors. You can learn the Quran online using the internet and a phone or computer from your home. Professional teachers will teach you the fundamentals of Arabic in our online Quran academy. Learning the Quran online in New York’s no more difficult for kids and adults.

Empowering Women with Female Quran Tutors

As they get older, some women are afraid to learn the Quran from male teachers. They are also apprehensive about being educated at home by tutors. We at QuranForKids.com offer Quran lessons through female tutors. Female Quran tutors are ready to teach the Quran online to girls and women anytime and anywhere in the world.

 Female Quran tutors assist women in learning Tajweed and Tarteel to learn the Quran. The women have no reservations about approaching the lecturers with questions about Islam and the Quran. Our Quran tutors respond to your questions regarding the Quran thoroughly and acceptably.

Convenience in Quran Learning

QuranForKids.com has made Quran Learning Online in New York very convenient. All you need to do is choose the right course for yourself per your requirements. Here is all you need to know about the QuranForKids.com:

Courses offered by QuranForKids.com

For Beginners:

Our online Quran Classes cater to all levels, offering a range of programs. From beginners to advanced learners, we provide tailored courses, including :


The term “Tajweed” is derived from the word “Jawdah,” which means “Quality.” So, Tajweed means “Improving” or “to make something better.” It is the understanding and implementation of recitation guidelines, such that the Qur’an is read in how the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) recited it.

Who is this course for?

This is a beginner-friendly course. It is specifically designed for those who want to learn Arabic and Quran. Having somewhat previous knowledge of the language may benefit you even more; however, it is not mandatory.

Salient Features of the Course

To begin, you will be introduced to the letters. After that, you will work on reading Arabic sentences. The ultimate goal will be to start reciting the Quran using proper pronunciation strategies (Tajweed). You will be taught basic Islamic concepts along the way.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • Learn and recognize the alphabet in the Arabic language.
  •  Learn how to use the vowel signs in Arabic letters.
  •  Learn how to pronounce Arabic words and phrases correctly.
  •  Learn how to recite Arabic verses in a natural flow.
  •  Learn how to apply Tajweed rules while reading the Holy Quran.
  •  Memorize short surahs, duas, and kalimas.

Tajweed and Tarteel Course

It is necessary to read the Quran with the right pronunciation (Tajweed) and in the right sequence without any haste (Tarteel). Without knowing how to pronounce a work and follow the correct sequence, one may end up reading the Quran incorrectly, distorting a work’s meaning.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for students familiar with reading the Quran and have a basic knowledge of the Arabic alphabet. (If you need to learn Quran reading with Tajweed, start with the beginners’ course.)

Salient Features of the Course

Anyone who desires to recite the Quran in the way it was intended must learn and apply the principles of pronunciation (Tajweed). This course will teach you to correctly pronounce each letter from the right articulation position. It will also teach you how to comply with the Arabic letter’s attributes.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • Recite the Quran, keeping in view the proper pronunciation guidelines.
  •  Recognize the proper rhythmic tones for recitation.
  •  Make your reading of the Quran more beautiful (with Qir’at).
  •  Recite the Quran flawlessly, just like the native Arabs.

Quran Translation Course in New York Online:

Most Muslims recite the Quran daily; however, since the Quran is written in Arabic and most of us do not understand Arabic, we cannot understand the message of the Quran. Simply reading or reciting the Quran is insufficient to fulfill its obligations. We should also be aware of the meanings of the passages found in the Quran.

The Holy Quran covers all areas of a person’s life, including social life, family life, interactions with the public, and professional life. To understand the Quran and make the best out of it in our day-to-day life and the life hereafter, we should learn the translation of the Quran.

Who is this course for?

Learning the Quran through translation is not as challenging as it appears. Seeing the results of learning the Quran with translation motivates you to learn it even more. This course is designed for students who are already familiar with reading the Quran and are familiar with the Arabic alphabet.

Salient Features of the Course

The Holy Quran’s translation is regarded as a difficult task. There are several explanations behind this view. One of the key reasons is that many Muslims worldwide do not speak or understand Arabic as their first language.

Learning to read the Quran is a good start, but a Muslim’s ultimate goal should be to grasp the contents of the Holy Book so that we can apply them in our daily lives. This online Quran course aims to help readers better grasp the Holy Quran by initially learning thethe meaning of Quranic words and then advancing towards translating complete verses of the Quran.

This course will help you comprehend the stories told in the Quran, Allah’s instructions for humanity and much more.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • Do word-to-word translation of the Holy Quran.
  •  Do translation of complete verses of the Quran.
  •  Better understand the message of the Quran.
  •  Understand basic Arabic so that no one with fabricated Quranic verse or Hadith translations can mislead you.
  •  Gain more in-depth insight into the intricacies of the Arabic language.
  •  Understand your imam while he is reciting in prayer.

Online Quran Memorization and Tafseer Classes in NYC

Memorizing the Quran includes a physical, mental, and spiritual journey that will improve one’s connection with Allah and one’s relationship with one’s community. Quran memorizing program does not require any particular age or degree of education. Rather, those who desire to develop their faith and receive the advantages in this life and the next should do so.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for individuals who already have a good understanding of Arabic reading and knowledge of Tajweed regulations (pronunciation), and how to recite the Quran will go a long way toward making things easier for newcomers.

Salient Features of the Course

This is a fantastic program for kids who want to learn the Quran. Childhood is the ideal time to learn the Quran since it is the best age to grasp and memorize easily. If you are an adult who wants to learn, though, do not let that deter you. One of the most useful things a Muslim can do is memorize the Quran.

We help your kids through the process of memorizing the Quran at every step of the way. We want to turn your child into a top-tier Hafiz-e-Quran under the supervision of our qualified Quran Tutors.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • Memorize the Holy Quran from beginning to end.
  •  Gain a thorough knowledge of the Tajweed regulations.
  •  Revision approach for mastery of Quranic recitation (Qirat)

Basic Islamic Education and Daily Supplication (duas)

Besides tutoring the Quran online in New York, QuranForKids.com offers a course on Basic Islamic Education and Daily Supplications (duas) that will give them an introduction to the fundamental Islamic Principles and help them memorize short duas and Quranic Surahs.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at children and newbies just getting started with Quran reading and reciting. The course will help you grasp some of the fundamentals of Islam.

Salient Features of the Course

You will study the five pillars of Islam: faith (Tawheed), prayer (Salah/Namaz), alms (Zakat), fasting (Sawm), and pilgrimage (Hajj). You will also become acquainted with everyday duas repeated when doing various actions. In this course We will encourage the memorization of the short surahs from the 30th chapter of the Quran.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • Know the fundamentals and principles of Islam, including the five pillars.
  •  Know how to make everyday applications as per Islamic Principles.
  •  Memorize the six kalimas and other Duas for everyday activities.
  •  Memorize Short surahs.
  •  And much more.

Arabic Course

The Arabic language is spoken in numerous nations throughout the world. Due to the influence of Arabic on their areas, even non-Arab countries are familiar with the Arabic language. Many languages contain terms in their vocabulary comparable to the Arabic language. Thus, it does not appear to be strange.

The importance of the Arabic language is evident in the fact that Muslims articulate it when performing various Islamic rites like daily prayers and Quran recitation.The Arabic language holds the honor of being the Quranic language. So, learning Arabic is important for a better understanding of Islamic Scripts.

Who is this course for?

This course is for individuals new to Islam seeking a deeper understanding of the Quran. It is ideal for anyone with no prior Arabic experience or simply little understanding of the language.

Salient Features of the Course

The course will quickly familiarize you with the Arabic language. Allah revealed the Quran in Arabic, and learning the language is necessary to properly understand the Holy Book. This curriculum will begin with the fundamentals and essentials of Arabic. You will move to more complex stages until you can compose sentences in Arabic.

We have expertise in this area. We have specialists who are familiar with the Arabic language’s various rules. They know how to provide information to you in a simple manner. We will promptly answer your questions, and you will comfortably progress through the course with engaging lessons.

At the end of this course:

You will be able to:

  • To read, write, and speak Arabic
  •  Know the rules of Arabic and Quranic Grammar
  •  Acquire a working knowledge of Arabic and Quranic terminologies.
  •  Understand the Quran in a better manner
  •  And much more.

Benefits of Taking Online Quran Classes in New York For Kids

  • Flexible Timing: QuranForKids offers flexible schedules, eliminating the need to rush to the mosque and allowing students to learn at their own pace.
  •  No Disruption: Learning with us doesn’t require altering your daily routine or lifestyle.
  •  Convenient: You can study the Quran from home, saving time and avoiding the hassle of commuting.

Packages for Lessons:

  • QuranForKids.com offers different packages for learning the Quran, and you can choose a package according to your needs and convenience. These packages are based on weekdays and weekends.
  •  Moreover, there is a risk-free one-week trial so that you can check how we teach.

Wrapping Up

In our fast-paced world, where time is precious, Quran learning often takes a back seat. However, QuranForKids.com has bridged the gap, providing accessibility and convenience for New Yorkers and individuals worldwide. Our online Quran classes offer the flexibility to accommodate busy schedules without disrupting daily life.

So, don’t hesitate – join us today and embark on a fulfilling Quranic journey from the comfort of your home; quranforkids.com has made it easy for you to learn the Quran online in New York and other countries.