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Surah Al Mulk

About Surah al Mulk

           Surah al Mulk (the chapter of Kingdome) is the 67th Surah of Quran. The Surah consists of 30 verses and 2 ruku‘at. The Surah al-Mulk is a Makki Surah, which means that the Surah was revealed in the pre-migration to Madina period. As far as the content of the Surah al-Mulk is concerned, the Surah speaks about the greatness of Allah Almighty with examples from the vast universe that is a creation of Him. Then the Surah speaks about the mighty of Allah Almighty and threatens to disbelievers from the punishment they are going to have in the life hereafter. 

Surah Mulk Hadith

           Many Ahadith are narrated from the Holy Prophet peace be upon him that speak about the virtues and benefits of Surah al-Mulk. According to an Hadith narrated by Imam Abu Dawood and Imam Tirmidhi, Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him said that, the Holy Prophet peace be upon him said that “there is a surah (chapter) in the Quran which is consists of thirty verses which will keep interceding about a man until he is forgiven. The Surah is Tabarak Allazi Biyadihi al-Mulk i.e. ‘Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the Kingdome’.” As enunciated in the Hadith, the Surah will keep interceding on the Day of Judgment about the person who recites it in his life. Thus, we should make it in our routine that we read. Another narration encourages Muslims to read Surah Waqiah recite Surah Mulk before going to sleep. We should make our children (who do not know how to recite yet) listen Surah Mulk when we recite it.


          Benefits of Surah Mulk, Benefits and Virtues in Quran Since there are many benefits of Surah al-Mulk, we should recite this Surah every day. And it is not possible to hold the Mushaf every time we recite the Surah because for holding the Mushaf, we need to have Wudu. Therefore we should memorize Surah Al-Mulk. Since the Surah consists of only 30 verses, it is very easy to memorize the Surah in 10 days if we memorize 3 verses each day with Quran Tutor. The memorization of the Surah will take 15 days if we memorize 2 verses every day. At the extreme level, we can memorize the Surah in 30 days if one verse is memorized each day. It shows that memorizing the Surah is not a difficult task to do as compared to the great benefits associated with the recitation of the Surah. Some of the benefits of this Surah are being explained below you can read importance of Surah Yaseen here “The heart of Quran”. 

Benefits of Surah Mulk

           There is a Hadith narrated by Imam al-Hakim in which the Holy Prophet peace be upon him said that “Surah al Mulk prevents from the punishment in the grave.” Imam Hakim also narrated that Abdullah bin Mas‘ud said that, The Holy Prophet peace be upon him sad that: “when is person is buried in his grave, he will be approached from his feet and the feet will say that you cannot harm for what is in my heart, the person used to stand on me and read this Surah Then the person will be approached from his chest, and the chest will say that you don’t have any right to harm for what is in my heart is he used to recite Surah al-Mulk. Then the man will be approached from the head, and the head will say that you don’t have any way to harm for what is in the heart as the man used to recite by me.” Then Abdullah bin Mas‘ud said that this Surah  prevents from the punishment in the grave. Based on these –and many other- Ahadith, the Muslim scholars hope that the people who believe and read Surah al-Mulk regularly will be saved from the punishment, and they will deserve the mercy and pleasure of Allah Almighty.

Surah Mulk before Sleeping

           There is a Hadith which says that Prophet peace be upon him used to recite Surah al-Mulk every night. Abdullah bin Mas‘ud narrates that “whoever recites Surah al-Mulk every night, Allah will prevent the punishment of grave by this Surah”. According to another tradition, when a person reads Surah Al-Mulk before sleeping, an angel comes down to protect him because he is not able to protect himself due to sleep. Therefore Muslims need to bring the recitation of Surah Mulk explanation and lessons in their routine, and for that, they should memorize the Surah so that they will be at ease to recite the Surah whenever they need to

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