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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us via the Sunnah that the best Muslims learn and teach the Quran. We must all know the importance of learning the Quran early on during our lives. Our early education is what shapes our lives. Hence, Muslim parents should make a great effort to ensure that their children are on the right path early on courtesy of having Islamic knowledge. They can easily do this by enrolling children in online Quran classes.

We know from the Quran that Allah created us only for one purpose, which is to worship Him. We can do that in a multitude of ways if we know the Quran. It enables us to know about all aspects of Islam. It’s important for us to know about the five pillars and six articles that form the basis of our faith. At the same time, we should also know about all the other aspects of Islam. Islam is a complete way of life, and to get maximum benefit, we need to live according to it.

Online Quran classes are one of the most popular methods of learning the Quran now in the 21st century. This industry has especially grown multifold in the last ten years or so. Quran educators saw the huge potential of online learning, where you can reach a massive audience with moderate resources, and the online learning industry took off. Many online Quran academies are now in existence, working night and day to help Muslims to learn the beloved word of Allah.

Types of Online Quran Courses

With online Quran courses you can learn about various aspects of the Quran. Beginners, intermediary students, and advanced learners can all find something that benefits them. After all, the Quran is a book that contains tons of information, so there is a lot to learn.

Basic Quran Reading

This basic online Quran class is for students who do not know Arabic or the Quran. They may even be new to Islam altogether. However, it is more suitable for children who are the most frequent adopters of this course. With it, you can learn how to recognize Arabic letters and words until you can recite full-fledged sentences. This continues until you can recite the Quran properly with a basic level of Tajweed.

Tajweed and Tarteel

Speaking of Tajweed, it’s essential to gain more knowledge in this field. Just basic Tajweed may be enough to make the recitation sound proper, but students are making errors in most cases. You can only correct this by taking Tajweed classes to learn about the characteristics and rules of Arabic letters. Tajweed ensures that students learn how to recite Arabic properly and at a high level. By the end of this online Quran class, you should be able to read like a Qari.

Quran Memorization

Students of a very young age are the most suitable ones for this class. This is because the ability to memorize is at its peak in the initial years of a child’s life. As the child enters his teens, etc., the ability to memorize usually declines. Millions of Muslims around the world have learned large portions of the Quran. You can also do that by enrolling in this online Quran class, where our qualified tutors know the ideal approach to help you learn.

Quran Translation

Suitable for more advanced students, this is also a very important online Quran class. For most non-Arabic speaking students, this is the only option when it comes to understanding the Quran. Of course, the optimal solution is to learn Arabic, but not everyone can do that. Hence, you can instead opt for Quran translation and read the Tafseer to help you understand all about it. Students, especially slightly older ones, will find this course very beneficial.

Basic Islamic Education

Despite the importance of the Quran, we don’t limit ourselves to that. We recognize the importance of students learning practical knowledge of the Quran, and this course does just that. You can learn about Islam’s basics, such as the five daily prayers, with this online Quran class. Moreover, you can memorize some basic surahs and daily duas that will help you in your everyday lives. After all, we all need to start living in the way of Islam.

Final Words

Online Quran classes are a very convenient way of learning about the holy book. With convenience, flexibility, affordability, etc., there is no doubt that you have much to gain by taking online Quran classes. You can fulfill the purpose of life and get closer to Allah. And you can only achieve this by reading the Quran and knowing Islam.

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