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15 points to assist the Muslim's pursuit of happiness

15 points to assist the Muslim’s pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness is something that almost all human beings can relate to. It’s a universal aspect of human beings. Humans value and treasure happiness, while sadness is a negative emotion that people generally try to avoid.

We can define happiness as a person’s mental state of well-being, contentment, or satisfaction. If a person has peace of mind and is pleased with life, he can classify it as happiness.

The means of gaining happiness differ wildly. There is no universally accepted method for becoming happy. Each person has a different threshold that may bring them pleasure or joy. For some people, small things can bring happiness and satisfaction. For others, they may be a lot more demanding, needing significant things.

Among the things that can bring happiness are material things such as money. Then, there are mental factors such as attitude or thoughts and memories. Alternatively, physical things, such as health and well-being, can also can an impact. Societal factors such as surroundings, people, and culture may also play a role. Another thing that can bring happiness is altruism, meaning giving things to other people such as charity.

Genuine happiness and peace of mind is something that only Muslims can gain. This comes out of complete submission to Allah, recognizing him as the one true Lord and worshiping and obeying him alone.

Key points for happiness

Acceptance of Allah as the one true God

This is the key to all forms of success and happiness in this life and the next. Hence, it is only logical that it would also be the first and foremost point in a Muslim’s pursuit of happiness.

Obeying Allah’s commands for happiness

Acceptance of Allah as our one true Lord must be accompanied by action. If we truly believe in Allah and love Him and fear Him, we can not have peace of mind and happiness without obeying Him. We would constantly feel guilt and fear, and rightfully so. It’s essential for us to believe in the six articles of faith and act upon Islam’s five pillars.

The importance of a balanced life for happiness

People often go into extremes. The vast majority of people on Earth nowadays do not think of Allah and religion and instead search elsewhere for happiness. There are also a few people who believe that religion is all about rituals. We must look at the life of the Prophet (PBUH) as an example. He was an active member of society, but he didn’t neglect the rights due to Allah.

Do not worry about what other people say

As time goes on, the practice of religion is becoming more and more alien to human life. If we care about what other people say, we cannot attain true happiness. We must focus first and foremost on our relationship with Allah. If anything comes in the way of that, then it is not worth the trouble.

Be thankful for all the blessings from Allah

One of the main ways people fall short when searching for happiness is that they are always looking for something else to satisfy them besides what they already have. Instead, we as Muslims must always be content with what Allah has given us. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t work harder and try to improve our lives. But we must remember the blessings.

Be kind to your relatives, neighbors, and friends

Having good relationships with the people around us is a crucial component of happiness. All over the world, the happier people are generally those with good relationships. Humans are a very social species. Hence, having good relationships and friendship provides peace of mind.

Regularly give charity to the poor for happiness

Giving charity is already an established sunnah and requirement in Islam. What some people may not realize is the impact it has on a person’s mind. Altruism, as it is called, means caring about others and helping others. As humans care for each other, helping other people often brings us happiness.

Don’t look at others and compare yourself

One of the biggest ways humans bring themselves down and lose peace of mind is by comparing themselves to others. Allah has blessed people in all walks of life, all around the world. We must focus on ourselves and our own achievements and improve those rather than being envious of what someone else has.

Avoid money and materialism for happiness

Many people think that money brings happiness. However, focusing on money generally makes people unhappy because they can’t stop pursuing it. If a person runs after money, then they will keep doing so, and they will rarely feel satisfaction. Each achievement will feel hollow and empty. It’s better for a Muslim to focus on improving himself and his life, but not by focusing excessively on money and material things.

Take care of your health by exercising for happiness

Exercise and workouts are stated to be among the best ways for humans to avoid depression. Since exercise usually leads to a sense of achievement and well-being, it’s also an essential component of happiness. Besides, Muslims must always focus on the rights of their bodies. We must treasure what Allah has given us and try to keep ourselves fit.

Focus on the present rather than the past or future

People often tend to look too far ahead in life. Worrying about the future is a sure-shot way for a person not to attain happiness. Similarly, looking at the past and having regrets will also make a person unhappy. As Muslims, we must focus on the present and improve ourselves and our lives in the current situation.

Understand that life consists of trials and tribulations

When people have to go through something new or face tests, they tend to grumble and express displeasure. This is the wrong attitude, especially for Muslims. Allah tells us in the Quran that He will test us in many different ways. We should always see apparent drawbacks in life as a test from Allah.

Avoid negative traits such as anger and frustration

One of the most negative characteristics humans have is that of anger. It sucks the happiness out of a person’s life because they are always enraged. As prescribed in the sunnah, we must do all we can to avoid being angry and instead be tolerant and patient when things don’t go as planned.

Have patience and endurance in tough times

Allah has emphasized the importance of patience on numerous occasions in the Quran. It is one of the most important things for a Muslim. If a Muslim is going through hardships, there is a reason for it. In all likelihood, Allah has something better planned for us. So, we should have happiness in any situation while having the patience to gain Allah’s reward eventually.

In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest

Allah mentions in the Quran that remembrance of him is the most effective way for a person’s heart to find rest. We can find peace and comfort by remembering Allah and by doing dhikr to remember Him. This helps us always have complete faith in our Lord, knowing that whatever happens, happens for the best.


These are just some of several steps that a Muslim can take to attain happiness. We should not look toward material things for happiness, which is a common mistake humans make. Instead, we should focus on Allah and doing good deeds, which will enable us to have peace of mind and a positive outlook on life.