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Fifth Kalima Istighfar – Benefits and Importance of 5th Kalima

Fifth Kalima IN ENGLISH

Istighfar is the fifth Kalima of Islam. We recite it to seek forgiveness from Allah for our sins. Istighfar is a powerful statement of remorse and repentance that we can repeat anytime, anywhere. It reminds us that no matter how far we have strayed from Allah’s path, His mercy is always within reach. Fifth kalima Istighfar also serves as a means of protection from the punishment of our sins, as it is an act of sincere submission to Allah. Therefore, we should recite the 5th Kalima Istighfar often to find His forgiveness and mercy.

What is the Fifth Kalima

The fifth Kalima is Istighfar. Istighfar means to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. This Kalima is essential for Muslims because it helps us to get rid of our sins and become closer to Allah Almighty.

Translation of the Fifth Kalima in English

Benifits of Fifth Kalima

The Benefits of Reciting the Fifth Kalima Istighfar

There are many benefits of reciting the fifth Kalima Istighfar, some of which are mentioned below.

Fifth Kalima Istighfar increase in rizq & overall happiness

Istighfar is a highly effective way to increase rizq and overall happiness. It is a simple practice that anyone can do. The key is to be sincere and focused when you recite Istighfar. Remember that Istighfar is not just a way to ask for forgiveness from Allah but also to increase your spiritual awareness and connection with the Divine. When you sincerely recite Istighfar, you open yourself to receiving Allah’s forgiveness and blessings. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in your rizq and overall happiness. So make Istighfar a part of your daily routine, and watch as your life improves!

Astaghfar increases rizq

When we recite Astaghfirullah, we effectively open the door for Allah’s blessings to enter our lives. We ask for His forgiveness and guidance, and He will bless us with His mercy and kindness. This dua is especially beneficial for those experiencing financial hardship or poverty, as it will open up the channels of provision and help us break free from the cycle of worldly affairs.

Reciting  5th Kalima Istighfar regularly can purify our hearts and minds, align us with Allah’s will, and create a life of abundance and prosperity. So start your day with this dua and watch as your life transforms for the better! ASTAGHFIRULLAH.

By reciting the 5th Kalima Istighfar, we ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty for our sins. This Kalima effectively removes our sins because it is a direct plea to Allah Almighty for forgiveness.

Istighfar is a word that Muslims recite when they repent to Allah. The word Istighfar means “I seek forgiveness from Allah.” Istighfar is a potent word because when Muslims recite it, they ask Allah for forgiveness. By doing so, they are cleansed of all their past sins and are given a clean slate. This clean slate allows them to start fresh and live their life in a new, positive way.
Additionally, reciting Istighfar regularly can help to remove negative emotions such as depression, fear, sadness, and anxiety. This is because when we recite Istighfar, it opens the door for Allah’s mercy and grace to enter one’s heart. Consequently, repeating Istighfar is an excellent way to improve one’s mental well-being.

Fifth kalima Istighfar is a beautiful act of worship that we can do anytime, anywhere. We can recite Istighfar when we make a mistake, when we’re upset, or even when we’re happy. By reciting Istighfar, we are asking Allah for forgiveness and guidance. In return, Allah promises to replace our evil deeds with good deeds. Istighfar is not only a way to seek forgiveness from Allah, but it is also a way to purify our hearts. When we recite Istighfar, we are reminded of our Creator and His mercy. We are reminded that no matter how far we stray from the straight path, Allah is always there to guide us. Istighfar is a simple yet powerful word that can change our lives if we let it.

sunan ibn majah

The Importance of Repentance in Islam

In Islam, repentance is essential. It is a way to seek forgiveness from Allah for our sins and wrongdoings. It is a way to start anew and ensure that we live by His will. Fifth kalima Istighfar encompasses both asking for forgiveness and committing to change. Making Istighfar is a way to cleanse our souls and draw us closer to Allah. It is a way to show Him that we are sorry for our transgressions and serious about changing our habits. ASTAGHFIRULLAH, which means “I seek forgiveness from Allah,” is another essential phrase in Islam. It reminds us that we must always turn to Allah in repentance and never forget His mercy and forgiveness. Repentance is an integral part of Islamic belief, and it is something that every Muslim should strive to do daily. Repentance is thus necessary for Muslims who wish to lead lives pleasing to Allah.

How to Repent

  • First, a Muslim must feel sincere remorse for their sin. This step is crucial because it shows that the individual recognizes the gravity of their actions and is genuinely sorry for what they have done.
  • Next, the individual must resolve not to repeat the sin. This resolution must be firm; if there is doubt that the person may backslide, then repentance has not been achieved.
  • Third, if possible, the individual must make restitution for their wrongdoing. This may involve apologizing to those hurt by the sin, returning stolen property, or making amends in some other way.
  •  The fourth and final step is to Supplicate to Allah for forgiveness. This step demonstrates our reliance on Allah and our faith that He will forgive us if we turn to Him sincerely.
  • In conclusion, repentance is a vital part of Islam because it allows us to seek forgiveness from Allah for our sins. Following the four steps of remorse, resolve, restitution, and supplication, we can achieve true repentance and receive Allah’s mercy.


In conclusion, the 5th Kalima is essential for  Muslims because it helps us to get rid of our sins and become closer to Allah Almighty. There are many benefits of reciting the fifth Kalima Istighfar, some of which have been mentioned above. We should all try to repeat thisKalima as often as possible so that we can reap its many benefits and become closer to Allah Almighty.