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Gain Quran Knowledge By Learning Quran Online

Gain Quran Knowledge By Learning Quran Online

Gaining knowledge is a matter of immense importance, and the Quran is the most important book for Muslims. Therefore, both things combine to give massive significance to a Muslim’s search for knowledge about the Quran. Allah says in Surah Fatir that only those of His servants who have knowledge fear Him.

Hence, Muslims must educate themselves. Gaining knowledge of the Quran is the foremost part of this education. Allah has stated in the Quran that He created humans to worship Him alone. The best way for Muslims to learn how to worship Allah correctly is by gaining knowledge of the Quran.

Allah has also stated in the Quran that He will raise those in the ranks who have knowledge. Meanwhile, Prophet Muhammad (S) said that the best of Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran.

Muslims must begin their pursuit of knowledge of the Quran at a young age. Therefore, it’s ideal for Muslim families to introduce their children to the Quran in their early years. However, in many cases, Muslims may not get that exposure early on. In that case, they are still perfectly capable of learning the Quran during adulthood, or indeed during any stage of their lives.

The most common way of learning the Quran nowadays is via online Quran classes. These classes are conducted over the internet via programs such as Skype. Online Quran academies allow Muslims to gain knowledge of the Quran in a convenient and easy way.

The benefits of gaining Quran knowledge online

The most substantial benefit of learning the Quran online is convenience. Muslims can learn the Quran from the comfort of their own homes at the time of their choice. They can take classes from anywhere in the world without having to travel anymore. Quran teachers are available aplenty, and studying at online Quran academies is an affordable process.

Online Quran tutors are available with immense experience and knowledge of the Quran. Teachers provide expertise in various fields relating to the Quran. The norm is to have male Quran teachers, but learning the Quran online provides students with a wealth of female teaching options.

Quran classes online allow teachers and students to study one on one. Unlike physical classes that are often conducted in groups, online Quran classes are usually with individuals. This allows the teacher to focus on one student alone, which helps them to understand students’ strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, students are likely to enjoy studying individually as they have the teacher’s undivided attention.

Drawbacks of learning the Quran online

Most traditional Quran classes are held in mosques. Therefore, Muslims miss out on the chance of attending mosques. You cannot find the atmosphere of a mosque in a home. Mosques are the homes of knowledge. Since the time of the Prophet (PBUH), Muslims have used mosques for learning.

Studying at home does not always encourage high levels of discipline. The best levels of discipline are developed at Quran learning institutions. At home, students become lax while studying. Person to person contact is lost while studying online.

Knowledge of the Quran and various courses

The online Quran learning process covers a broad spectrum. Generally, beginners opt for Quran classes. However, more advanced students may also wish to gain knowledge about some aspects of the Quran.

Basic Quran reading classes are commonplace. These are the go-to option for beginners who want to read the Quran. Some students may also want to opt for Arabic courses that focus on the Quran while helping students understand Quranic Arabic. Tajweed and Tarteel classes are also excellent for gaining knowledge of how to read the Quran in the correct manner.

More specialized classes exist for students who want to memorize the Quran. This is a prevalent option for some segments of the Muslim population. For more advanced learners, Quran translation is a frequently demanded class. Also of importance is the basic Islamic education course, which helps young students or new Muslims to learn about their basic obligations in Islam.

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Wrapping Up

Gaining knowledge of the Quran is a fundamental pursuit for Muslims. The Quran holds the key to understanding the essence of Islam and worshiping Allah correctly. With the convenience of online Quran classes, individuals of all ages can embark on this enlightening journey from the comfort of their homes. QuranForKids offers a valuable opportunity to start this essential path of learning and devotion.