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How To Convert To Islam, The Only True Religion

How To Convert To Islam, The Only True Religion

Throughout history, people who have sincerely searched for the truth have embraced Islam and left behind their ignorance. There are many cases of people who have been staunch enemies of Islam converting to the faith. One of the most famous cases of someone antagonistic to the faith accepting it is that of Umar (RA), the second rightly-guided Caliph and among the greatest of the Prophet’s (PBUH) companions.

Even in today’s hostile climate of Islam-bashing and widespread anti-Islam propaganda in the media, people continue to enter the religion in substantial numbers. We still come across cases of people who opposed Islam embracing it after discovering the truth about it. Ultimately, the truth of Islam outshines any falsehood that seeks to tarnish it. One who is sincere in his search for the truth will inevitably find the answers to his questions in Islam.

What convinces people to convert to Islam?

Many people realize that Islam is the only acceptable religion after studying the teachings of the religion itself. A non-Muslim may be disillusioned with the confusion and uncertainty his faith causes him. An example of this could be a Christian trying to convince himself that the trinity correctly represents God and developing doubts due to the flaws within the concept of the trinity. Only in Islam will one find out what the true purpose of life is, that is, to worship Allah alone, without any partners.

Some Christians may wonder how a human being with weaknesses can be God at the same time. Others may wonder whether the man-made idols they worship are even capable of doing anything. Such people are likely to be convinced by Islam’s pure concept of monotheism after studying it with open minds and sincerely desiring to discover the truth. The simplicity and sound logic behind Tawheed in Islam should answer all their queries about God.

Dawah is a significant factor in the quest to invite people to the true religion. It can be in the form of Muslims preaching the authentic message of Islam. It can also be through believers living according to Islam, which can demonstrate the countless virtues of our faith to non-believers. Witnessing the honorable character of a devout Muslim can lead non-Muslims to develop curiosity about Islam. Studying the Quran and the life of the Prophet (PBUH) helps non-Muslims arrive at the truth.

The many benefits of converting to Islam must also be taken into consideration.

How do I convert to Islam?

When one wants to convert to Islam, all that is required is for the person to pronounce the testimony of faith (Shahadah). The person should say the Shahadah out of his own free will for it to count. Moreover, he should sincerely believe in Islam being the only true religion for all of mankind. He should also understand the meaning of the Shahadah before saying the testimony of faith. In order to convert to Islam, one must intend to submit to Allah wholeheartedly. One should purify himself after converting to Islam by taking a bath (Ghusl).

Can I convert to Islam if I have tattoos?

Everyone can convert to Islam regardless of their past sins. This is because those who convert to Islam have all their past sins erased from their record. Even the most sinful non-Muslims will have their slate wiped clean when they embrace the faith. No one will be held accountable for any sins they committed in their time of ignorance prior to their conversion. Therefore, one who has tattoos can accept Islam, and his sins before becoming a Muslim will be wiped out.

How do you say Shahadah in Islam?

The Shahadah is a very straightforward declaration that one has to make to enter the religion of Islam. One is supposed to say, “Ash-hadu Anlaa Ilaha Illa Allah Wa Ash-hadu Anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuuluh.” It means to testify that there is no God deserving of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (PBUH) is His slave and messenger. The person who says the Shahadah should know what it means and believe in it completely.

How long does it take to convert to Islam?

Converting to Islam is a swift, easy process. One simply needs to have firm faith in the Oneness of Allah and the supremacy of Islam as the only true religion, binding on all of humankind. All you need to do is pronounce the testimony of faith with sincerity and the intention to submit to Allah and obey the teachings of Islam. It is advisable to register oneself as a Muslim with the relevant authorities. Doing so can assist the new believer in matters like the performance of Hajj and Umrah.

Do I need a certificate? Misconceptions about conversion

The requirement of a certificate is one of the myths related to conversion. However, there is no such requirement in Islam. One simply needs to say the Shahada and intend to submit to Allah and obey all the teachings of Islam. There are numerous misconceptions that may misguide people looking to convert to Islam. Some people think they need to obtain thorough knowledge before they become eligible to convert. However, this is not the case, as one can never hurry too much towards becoming a believer. After all, no one is even guaranteed to wake up alive the next day.

Hence, it is a must to embrace Islam as soon as possible, as no one should risk dying in a state of disbelief. Some people believe that their conversion requires an announcement in front of notable scholars. Others believe that they are obliged to change their names and adopt Arabic ones. However, this is not needed, unless one’s original name has an offensive meaning or is the name of an idol of worship.

Wrapping Up

Throughout history, individuals sincerely seeking truth have embraced Islam. Even in today’s challenging environment, people continue to discover the faith’s undeniable truth. By studying Islamic teachings, sincere seekers often find answers to their questions and embrace the pure concept of monotheism. Converting to Islam is a straightforward process, requiring a sincere declaration of faith. Past sins are forgiven upon conversion, allowing a fresh start on the path of faith.