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How to Teach the Quran to Kids

How to Teach the Quran to Kids

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said in a famous hadith that the best of people are those who learn and teach the Quran. To teach the Quran is a virtuous act, even more so when parents want to impart the knowledge to kids. However, parents or guardians often struggle with the process of teaching children about the Holy Quran. There are several methods that parents can follow to impart this knowledge to their kids from a young age. The most straightforward and comprehensive solution for a parent is to enroll their kid(s) in online Quran academies, where qualified online Quran tutors are available to offer a plethora of courses. Various options ranging from classes for beginners to more advanced specialties are offered.

What is the best age to study Arabic and memorize the Quran?

Children are best suited to memorizing the Holy Book during their childhood years. This is the time when the brain is conditioned better for memorization rather than in-depth comprehension. Thus, a child may be introduced to the Quran from around five years of age. Parents may themselves begin teaching children the basics if they have the know-how to do so.

How to teach Quran to Kids

Teach the Quran: How can parents themselves contribute to this process?

The most useful thing that a parent can do in this case is to lead by example. If you want your children to show an interest in learning the Quran, then actively read and recite it yourself. Young children often tend to follow what others are doing, rather than listening to commands. A guardian can tell kids about the importance of the Quran and explain some of the necessary information about it. Still, the child is more likely to showcase a positive response when others in the household are leading by example. 

How to teach the Quran

Similarly, children can also be told Quranic stories that are engaging and easy to understand to increase their curiosity further. They can be encouraged with rewards upon reaching individual goals. These will act as incentives for the kids to focus on learning the Holy Quran.

Turning to educational institutions and Quran teachers

Sooner or later, most parents will require the expertise of an experienced teacher to help their child. At this junction, parents are faced with a multitude of options. For those who have mosques nearby, enrolling in classes at a masjid is an option. In other areas, specialized educational institutions offer the same facility. The technologically advanced world now also sees the presence of apps and programs that can provide a guideline for progress. 

However, in terms of convenience, affordability, and results, few options are better than learning Quran online with qualified online Quran teachers. Online options are generally more affordable than hiring private tutors who come to the home or arranging for classes at an institution. With the online market being an extremely competitive one, quality is always in demand at a reasonable price. Convenience is another added benefit; if the student is not at home, or the family is going for a vacation, the online classes can continue, via access to a computer and the internet.

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Teach the Quran and a child’s progression

Once your child has begun the course with a teacher, you must remain involved regularly. You must be able to determine his comfort level – some children are suited to short classes, whereas some can tolerate lengthier ones. Regular interaction and engagement regarding the lessons will ensure that your child retains an interest in the course. Discuss progression with the tutor as well so that everyone is on the same page. Be patient with the child; mistakes are part of parcel of the learning process. Encourage them whenever they falter. Make dua to Allah to help their progress in the pursuit of learning His Book.

Ensuring that the child keeps progressing

The start of the learning process is usually the easiest because kids are naturally eager to learn. But when that becomes a tedious process, growth may plateau. Don’t be discouraged, but understand that you may need to pursue some further steps. Slowly but surely, ingrain the fundamentals of Islam into the child and enable him/her to understand the importance of implementing this knowledge into their daily lives. This will help them to realize the importance of the Quran by themselves gradually, and they will have an innate interest to learn more about the Holy Book.

A significant part of this process is that when kids are old enough to understand, they should be told about the meanings of the Quran. Once they know the meaning of what they are reciting, they are likely to understand the importance of the Quran. When their hearts become attached to it, they will no longer need any encouragement and will begin to read the Quran on their own.


It is of utmost importance that a child loves and believes in Allah’s Holy Book from the heart. With this, they will engage with the activity and value it, rather than doing it to fulfill a requirement. Parents should do what they are capable of, then invest in the appropriate form of educational help, such as an online Quran academy. Eventually, kids should be in a position where they want to recite verses on their own without any encouragement. And that moment is a blessing for every Muslim mother and father to witness.

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