Can’t Drive Kids to the Mosque? Learn Quran Online by Live Tutor on Skype!

In western countries, a trend in Learn Quran Online has arisen lately. This is because there are not many Islamic institutions like madrassas. Parents who want to teach the Quran to their kids rarely find the suitable institutions or qualified teachers. The ones they do find are either too expensive or too far from their homes . Hence, due to these factors the Muslim community in America and Europe don’t receive proper Quran teachings.

Online classes – the perfect solution

Nevertheless, the internet age has provided a wonderful solution to this problem. Muslim children now get an online Quran education directly to their computers from the internet. By using high quality software and reliable internet connections, Quran lesson are being imparted in these countries.

Features of Online Quran Classes

Online Quran class is the best choice to read and learn Quran in the west. With the help of these classes Muslim kids can memorize Quran verses and recite them perfectly. These classes are taken by qualified Quran teachers who are experts in Tajweed and other Islamic subjects. They can give you online classes any time you want. Sometimes live classes are also held where the teacher and the student interact face-to-face online using the Skype software

Learn Quran Online

Resources of online Quran

After one decides to learn Quran online, he can get so many resources to receive his teachings. The Quran is actually a very extensive subject. Therefore, it is quite obvious that there will many resources, each specializing in a different topic of Quran education.

The following resources will be of definite help to anyone who wants to learn Quran using internet:

  1. Search engines in Arabic, totally dedicated to finding topics related to Quran
  2. Web sites providing explanations for different phases of the Quran
  3. Websites with tutorials for learning Tajweed.
  4. Websites of academies that offer online Quran classes
  5. Websites sharing contact information of Islamic scholars and Quran tutors.
  6. Videos of Quran recitals on YouTube; can be used to learn proper pronunciation of the Quran is- an -online quran -academy-for -kids -and adults -on -skype.
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Problem with online resources

Of course, with such surplus of online resources, it becomes quite easy to learn Quran online. However, due to huge competition, nowadays some fake online resources have emerged on the internet. They contain incomplete, fabricated or falsified information, and hence cannot be trusted at all. It becomes a great nuisance and even a source of misguidance for many people who want to learn Quran online. Such bogus websites should be immediately reported to appropriate authorities.

Requirements for Online TutorialsMost of the tutorials are posted on the websites of the concerned Quran academy from where the individual is taking the classes. The other study materials are sent over to the individual’s email address. For all these, usually only a computer and a trusted internet connection is enough. Sometimes tutors take live classes using Skype. For live Quran Skype classes, a webcam, a microphone and a headphone are required.


So we see that taking online classes is a tempting idea. It gets rid of physical barriers. There are a lot of good resources over the internet for online classes. Resources with authenticated information need to be promoted while the fake ones should be reported. All this will encourage more people to learn Quran online.