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Learn the Quran Online For Kids

Learn the Quran Online For Kids

Imagine a world where your child can learn the Quran in a way that’s not only convenient but also engaging. Online Quran Tutor, established in 2009, is here to make that a reality. We’ve earned the trust of more than 1,000 parents around the globe, and we’re ready to show you why.

Why Choose Online Quran Tutor:

Online Quran Tutor isn’t just an online platform; it’s a gateway to a world of Quranic education tailored to your child’s needs. Here’s why our platform is worth considering to Learn the Quran Online For Kids :

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s busy world, finding time for Quranic education can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. Our online Quran classes are available 24/7, allowing your child to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of your home. Whether your child is a student, a working professional, or a stay-at-home parent, our flexible class timings make Quran learning a seamless part of their daily routine.

Comprehensive Quran Academy

Online Quran Tutor serves as an all-encompassing online Quran Academy. We offer a wide range of courses suitable for learners at various levels. Whether your child is taking their first steps in Quranic studies or looking to deepen their knowledge, our courses always meet their specific needs. From learning Arabic alphabets and pronunciation (Tajweed) to Quran memorization (Hifz), we’ve got it covered.

Dedicated Support for Sisters

We understand that some of our sisters may find it challenging to access Quranic education outside their homes due to a lack of facilities or other responsibilities. That’s why we always commit to providing qualified female tutors who are available around the clock. These tutors are here to assist sisters in learning and memorizing the Quran, ensuring that everyone has equal access to this sacred knowledge.

Interactive Learning for Kids

We know how crucial it is to engage children in the Quranic education process. Our online Quran classes for kids are interactive, making learning enjoyable and accessible. Our qualified instructors specialize in teaching children, ensuring that your child develops a strong foundation in Quranic education.

Trusted by Parents Worldwide

Our commitment to excellence has earned the trust of more than 1,000 parents worldwide. We built this trust through the quality of our instruction, the dedication of our tutors, and the tangible results that students achieve through our programs.

Courses Offered

At Online Quran Tutor, we offer a diverse range of courses designed to cater to various learners and their unique needs. Here are some of the key courses available on our platform:

Quranic Recitation (Tajweed)

We designed our tajweed course to help learners of all ages master the art of Quranic recitation with proper pronunciation, ensuring that they recite the Quran accurately.

Quran Memorization (Hifz)

For those aspiring to memorize the entire Quran, our Hifz course provides structured guidance and practice materials. With our qualified instructors, students can embark on this sacred journey.

Arabic Alphabets and Basic Reading:

Our course for beginners introduces Arabic alphabets and basic reading skills. It’s an excellent starting point for learners who are new to Quranic studies.

Quranic Tafsir (Exegesis)

For those who seek to understand the Quran at a deeper level, our Tafsir course provides comprehensive interpretations of the Quranic verses, allowing for a profound understanding of the text.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Moreover, our interactive online classes for kids are tailored to make Quranic learning engaging and accessible. With qualified instructors who specialize in teaching children, this course ensures a strong foundation for Quranic education.

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The Learning Experience

At Online Quran Tutor, we are committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience. Here’s what you can expect when your child enrolls in our courses:

Personalized Attention

Our courses are structured to ensure that each student receives personalized attention. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced learner, our instructors will guide them at their own pace, addressing their specific needs.

Interactive Learning:

We believe that learning the Quran should be engaging, not monotonous. Our classes are interactive, involving students in discussions, quizzes, and activities that enhance understanding.

Real-Time Assessments

We understand the importance of tracking your child’s progress. Real-time assessments are conducted to gauge their understanding and retention of Quranic knowledge, helping identify areas for improvement.

Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Additionally, our team of instructors includes individuals who are not only qualified in Quranic education but also experienced in online teaching. This combination of knowledge and expertise ensures that your child’s learning experience is seamless and effective.

Convenient Access to Learning Materials

Most of our course materials are accessible through our platform, making learning highly convenient. Additionally, any supplementary study materials are sent to your email, ensuring that your child has all the resources they need.

Empowering Sisters

.We recognize the unique challenges faced by sisters when it comes to accessing Quranic education. In many cases, it’s not possible for sisters to attend physical classes due to a lack of facilities in their areas or other responsibilities. Therefore, we’ve made it our priority to provide qualified female tutors who are available around the clock to assist sisters in learning and memorizing the Quran. Our commitment to empowering sisters in their Quranic education journey is unwavering.


Online Quran Tutor is not just an online platform; it’s a commitment to providing accessible, convenient, and engaging Quranic education for your child. We’re proud of the trust we’ve earned from parents worldwide, and we’re dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds embrace the Quran.

Moreover, Our comprehensive range of courses, qualified tutors, interactive learning methods, and dedication to empowering sisters make Online Quran Tutor the ideal choice for anyone seeking to embark on a journey of Quranic education. We invite you to join us on this transformative path to Learn the Quran Online For Kids.