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Karbala : Its Significance and Importance

Karbala is an important city of Iraq; it is the city where Imam Hussain RA martyred by Yazeed, who was the ruler of Iraq. Kabala ka waiqa is an important incident that left everlasting effects on Muslims.

First, it is important to learn who Imam Hussain RA is and what is his relationship to the Prophet of Allah PBUH?

We all know that Hazrat Zainab RA was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. She was married to Shar-a-Khuda Hazrat Ali RA, who was the cousin of Prophet PBUH and was with him from the first day of Islam. Imam Hussain RA was the son of these two noble personalities. It means that he was also the grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Military engagement with the forces of Yazeed of Kufa was an important occasion in the history of Islam when, in result, grandson of Holy Prophet PBUH martyred.

One of the important reasons why the Karbala ka waqia got such importance, is that it was the incident when Muslims separated into two groups, Shia and Sunni.

Kabala ka Waqia (Incident)

Kabala ka waqia occurred 10 Muharram (Islamic month), (October, 680). The clash happened between the small gathering of the members of the family of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the large forces deployed by Yazid, who was the sovereign ruler at that time. Basically, the forces of Yazid compelled the members of the Holy Prophet PBUH’s family, particularly Imam Hussain RA, to defend themselves.

The pathetic account of Karbala ka waiqa

Hazrat Ameer Muavia RA announced his son Yazid as the next caliph of Islam, after announcing, Hazrat Muavia RA died. People wrote the letter to Imam Hussain RA about this nomination later after the death of Hazrat Ameer Muavia RA. Hazrat Imam Hussain RA came here to settle the matter between Yazid and the people, according to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the holy Quran.

When Yazeed came to know about the arrival of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he deployed a large army on the way of Hazrat Imam Hussain RA.

The army sent by Yazid intercepted Hazrat Imam Hussain RA and his family members. Yazid spent a lot of days in trying to console Hazrat Imam Hussain RA for his consent to make him Caliph of Islam. But, Hazrat Imam Hussain RA refused to do so at every time. Hazrat Imam Hussain received a letter from the people of Kufa announcing to support him.

Surrounding of Hazrat Imam Hussain RA

Later, when Yazeed saw that Hazrat Imam Hussain RA was not going to support him in a bid to make him caliph. He employed several techniques to forcefully change his decision, such as preventing Hazrat Imam Hussain RA from accessing water from the river. It was a famous and sympathetic incident that when Hussain RA came out from his camp with Ali Asghar RA to seek water for them who was thirsty, in reply to his request, the oppressors threw an error and martyred Hazrat Ali Asghar RA.

In those days, several times, Hazrat Imam Hussain RA and his family members had to defend themselves from the attack of Yazid’s forces.

Hazrat Imam Hussain RA had to continue his journey toward Kufa. But he received news that the people of Kufa surrendered themselves before the forces of Yazid. But, the grandson of Prophet refused to stay here.

Hazrat Imam Hussain RA stayed on the way to take rest with his family. But, shortly, after staying, he and his family were surrounded by Yazidi forces, who were behind them on the entire way. They tried to convince him and his family members to support Yazid as the caliph of Islam. Again, he refused to take such kind of decision.

At last, when 10 Muharram came, the oppressors saw that there was no chance to move Hazrat Imam Hussain from his stance, they surrounded his camp and later martyred him and his family members when they were busy in prayers.  

Karbala ka waqia or Imam Hussain RA

Imam Hussain RA was martyred in Karbala when he headed to Kufa. It was a very tragic incident that left an everlasting effect on Muslims.

The slogan of Ya Ali Ya Hussain RA

The slogan Ya Ali Ya Hussain is a very famous slogan that use to speak many times, particularly in the days of Muharram. In fact, the purpose of this slogan is to show solidarity to the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and his father, Hazrat Ali RA.

The importance of slogan Ya Ali Ya Hussain

According to Shia Muslims, Ya Ali Ya Hussain is the best way to show solidarity with these noble personalities. There are some other respectable slogans like Ya Ali Ya Hussain, which are used to show solidarity with these noble personalities, for example, Ya Hussain ibn Ali.

The short incident of Hazrat Ali ki Shahadat

Hazrat Ali RA ki shahadat left a strong effect on the Muslim world. After the martyrdom of the 3rd Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Usman RA, Hazrat Ali RA, was nominated for the post of Caliph of Islam. But, some people did not agree with the decision. Hazrat Ali RA had to transfer its capital of the Islamic government from Madina to Kufa.

He continued to serve people busily. In the morning, as he was going to lead the prayer at the mosque, enemies of Islam martyred him. Hazrat Ali RA’s Shahadat is also a significant tragic incident in Islam.

Hazrat Ali ki Shahadat and Muslims

The martyrdom of Hazrat Usman RA deliberately deepened the rift, which was further exacerbated by Hazrat Ali Ra’s Shahadat.

The Slogan of Ya Hussain Ibn Ali

The slogan of Ya Hussain ibn Ali is an important slogan, according to Shia Muslims, it is the way by which the Muslim can show solidarity to Hazrat Ali RA; also the slogan of Ya Hussain Ibn Ali is one of the best ways to describe the honor of the family member of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Use of Slogan Ya Hussain ibn Ali

Commonly, we listen to the slogan of Ya Hussain Ibn Ali during the common days of our life; particularly, we listen to the slogan of Ya Hussain bin Ali in the days of the Islamic month of Muharram.

The use of world Shahadat mola ali  

We listen to the Muslims saying Shahada mola ali most of the time in our lie. In easy words, it means that the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali RA.

The impacts of Shahadat mola Ali

There are thousands of impacts of Sahdat mola ali in the lives of the Muslims. Even, one of the important facts is that the rift between Muslims became deeper with Shahadat mola ali.


We should give importance to Islam, but the question emerges before us why we should give importance to Islam? We should not take time to find the answer to that question; we should see the incident of Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali RA and Hazrat Imam Hussain RA , and learn to sacrifice from the incident of karbala . They pleasurably presented them for Islam like their forefather, for example, Hazrat Ibrahim.

We cannot find a more great answer to this question than this one.