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Quran Is The Uncreated Speech Of Allah (With Evidence)

Quran Is The Uncreated Speech Of Allah (With Evidence)

It is a well-established fact in Islam that the Quran is the uncreated word of Allah. When it comes to the nature of the Quran, there are some people who deviate from the truth and consider the Quran to be created. Such thinking is deviant and contradicts the true teachings of Islam. In Islam, such erroneous views are refuted by authentic proofs to the contrary. There is ample evidence in Islam that proves that the Quran is the uncreated speech of Allah. Therefore, every Muslim should affirm this reality and reject all false claims of the Quran’s creation.

Allah differentiates between Creation and Command

In Surah Al-A’raf, Allah tells us that the creation and the command belong to him. This wording makes it very clear that Allah differentiates between creation and command, as He mentions the two separately. The creation is related to what Allah does, whereas the command is related to what He says. Allah creates through the command “Be!”. Thus, the two are separate. The command is uncreated, and it is separate from the creation. Moreover, the Quran is Allah’s command, and it is not a creation.

Allah differentiates between Knowledge and Creation

In Surah Ar-Rahman, we learn that the Quran is Allah’s knowledge, while man is His creation. Allah’s knowledge is uncreated. If His knowledge was created, it would imply that His knowledge is not an eternal attribute of His, which is a flaw that Allah is far above. The Quran is the knowledge that Allah revealed and taught to the Prophet (PBUH). Thus, Allah’s knowledge is uncreated, which also means that the Quran is uncreated.

Allah’s Speech is Infinite and Uncreated

In Surah Al-Kahf, Allah tells us that even if the sea were ink for writing His words, the sea would run out before His words, even with the addition of another sea like it. Hence, Allah informs us that His speech is infinite. On the other hand, the speech of Allah’s creation is created and limited. Creation is limited and not infinite, whereas there is no limit for Allah and His uncreated attributes, including His speech.

Allah’s Names are also His speech, and they are Uncreated

Allah’s names frequently appear in the Quran, such as the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful, the All-Hearing, and the All-Knowing. These names are all a part of His speech, as all of the Quran is the word of Allah. In Surah Al-A’raf, Allah tells us to call on Him by His names. Similarly, we should remember Allah by His names.

It is forbidden to swear an oath by the creation instead of the Creator in Islam. Therefore, Allah’s names have to be uncreated, as swearing by created names would make one a disbeliever. Logic emphatically dictates that Allah’s names are uncreated. Furthermore, Allah’s names are a part of His speech, so His speech is also uncreated.

Allah’s speech is among His Uncreated Attributes

In the Quran, Allah attributes His words to Himself. He does not do so in the case of other things that He sends down, such as rain. He tells us that He sends down the rain, but He does not attribute it to Himself. Hence, Allah’s speech is undoubtedly among His attributes, which are all uncreated. If His words had been created, they would not be among His attributes, as His attributes are separate from His creation.

Muslims are supposed to seek refuge in Allah’s Uncreated Words

According to a Hadith in Sahih Muslim, one who stops somewhere and seeks refuge in Allah’s flawless words from the evil of His creation will be protected until he leaves that place. Seeking refuge in Allah’s creation is shirk. Therefore, seeking refuge in His words would be prohibited if they were not uncreated. We are only permitted to seek refuge in Allah and His names and attributes, and they are all uncreated. Therefore, when Islam teaches us to seek refuge in Allah’s words, it is a clear indication that His speech is uncreated.

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It is irrational to claim that Allah’s Speech was Created

Hypothetically speaking, if Allah’s speech was created, there would be two possibilities. Either Allah’s created speech exists as part of His essence, or it is separate from Allah. The first scenario necessitates the existence of something that is part of the creation within Allah. This view is unacceptable according to the teachings of Islam, as Allah is wholly independent of His creation. The second scenario rejects the attribute of divine speech, as one’s attribute cannot be separate from oneself. Thus, all claims of Allah’s speech being created are false and irrational.

Attributes don’t exist on their own

An attribute will not simply exist by itself. In the case of the attributes of the Creator, they must exist within Him. Meanwhile, attributes of the creation will exist in the creation, such as will, knowledge, etc. Hence, as the Quran is the word of Allah, His speech has to be attributed to Him, as it cannot exist as an attribute that is independent of Him. Attributes of the creation are created, whereas attributes of the Creator are a part of His essence and uncreated. Therefore, the inevitable conclusion has to be that the Quran is the uncreated speech of Allah.