Can’t Drive Kids to the Mosque? Learn Quran Online by Live Tutor on Skype!

The Prophet (PBUH) said that the best Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.

That shows us the immense importance of learning the Quran. Without the Quran, we don’t have proper direction in life. We can’t fulfill our purpose, which is to worship Allah, as He has stated in the Quran. So, we’ll look at the simplest and best way to complete this obligation. The secret is learning the Quran via the internet.

Muslims who grew up in the past 50 years before the 2010s are mostly the ones with young children today. However, methods of learning have changed a lot since then. Back in the day, the most common way of learning the Quran was by visiting a Quran academy, an institution, or going to a mosque where Qaris were available.

With the advent of technology, all that has changed. Learning the Quran on the internet has become a reality. This has mostly gained popularity over the last ten or so years. Websites started cropping up all over the internet with online learning solutions. Not to be left behind, Muslims wisely opted to do the same, and here we are today.

The current situation in the year 2020

Things have changed a lot in 2020. One of the ways that is the case is with methods of learning and schooling. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools shut down almost all over the world for many months. As a result, children faced isolation at home for long periods. Slowly but surely, people are beginning to realize the importance of online learning.

When it comes to learning the Quran on the internet, however, this has been gaining pace over the past few years. Some well-known websites now exist primarily for teaching the Quran, especially for young children. One of them is the one you’re on right now – QuranForKids.

However, when it comes to learning the Quran on the internet, QuranForKids isn’t your average Quran learning institution. We have put a lot of thought, resources, and best practices into improving our structure and the way we function. With students worldwide, including countries like the USA and the UK, the only way is up for online studies.

It’s not just the Quran that people are learning on the internet. Many universities offer online courses, and schools are joining in as well. A whole host of schools have started offering online classes, and if you think about it, you can envision that this will only increase in the coming years. The benefits of online learning are too many to ignore, which brings us to…

The benefits of learning the Quran on the internet

In the 2020 and pandemic context, the biggest pro of learning from home is that you avoid exposing yourself to the coronavirus. You don’t need to go anywhere and meet or interact with anyone. You just need to boot up your laptop or smart device, log onto Skype, and start studying from a nice, comfortable (and warm) place in your home.

Next is flexibility. Do you want your child to learn the Quran on the internet, but he has to take regular school classes in the morning? Is your child busy with extracurricular activities? Or are you busy at work all day long and only have time late at night? You may even want to study in the early morning before going to work! Never fear, time is of no consequence. You can learn the Quran online at any time of the day as per your preference.

Safety is also a factor. Perhaps you’ve read some news items about teachers that are less than courteous to students. Maybe you’ve seen a video of a teacher hitting a child to make them learn. Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that when your child is learning the Quran over the internet.

If you’re used to sending your child to study at a regular school, you’re probably familiar with the traditional school system. The child sits amongst a large group, and everyone learns collectively. Never mind that. Here, your child (or you) is/are the exclusive focus. One-on-one classes are the most stimulating way to learn.

Does learning the Quran on the internet have its drawbacks?

Hey, we covered the benefits. But it can’t all be hunky-dory! Nothing is perfect… except for Allah. So just like everything else, online learning has a few downsides. Not that many, but just a few, so you should keep them in mind. As a parent or a prospective student, you deserve to know.

First of all, online learning is reliant on the internet and technology. We would like to reassure you that we have internet backup as well as generators and other power alternatives, so insha’Allah, there won’t be any problems from our side. But if you face a power failure without any backup or your computer fails, you’ll have to find a solution before we can continue. It’s a minor fault, but something you should take into consideration.

If you’ve studied the Quran before, perhaps at a Quran institute, you know what the experience is like. You’re in a tranquil atmosphere with the teacher, and there’s peace and quiet around you in a serious setting. Well, that’s not necessarily the case while learning the Quran on the internet. You’ll have to put some thought into setting up a quiet and serious spot for studying. I mean, you don’t want your kid to be half asleep on the bed while studying. Learning the Quran is serious business, after all.

What aspects of the Quran can you learn online?

A very pertinent question indeed. Well, you can learn almost anything about the Quran, really. If you’re a newcomer to Islam and you don’t have a clue about the Quran or Arabic, no problem. If you have a child who is in the same position, that’s fine. We have the perfect solution in the form of the basic Quran reading course. It’s ideal for beginners.

All right, let’s say that you or your child already know how to read the Quran. However, you’re struggling with the perfect pronunciation and reading with a flow. That’s where our Tajweed and Tarteel comes in handy. You may be learning the Quran on the internet, but it’s just like the real thing. The tutor will ensure that your recitation improves in no time.

But, what if you have a child who is already proficient with the above, and he or she wants to memorize the Quran? You guessed it; we have you covered. Our teachers have immense experience in helping kids with Quran memorization. It’s a popular demand for kids who are learning the Quran via the internet. You can sit back and relax as our skilled tutors use innovative and cutting-edge methods to help your child progress.

All right, let’s say there’s a child or a new Muslim who knows nothing about Islam, let alone the Quran. Well, that’s where our basic Islamic education course comes in. We’ll get you up to speed regarding the pillars of Islam and the basic supplications that you need to know for your day-to-day life.

Did we mention the free one-week trial?

Final words

All Muslims should be aware of the words of Allah in the Quran, where He tells us that we must have knowledge to fear Him. This isn’t a statement we can take lightly. It implies that ignorance of Islam leads us astray, and we see that around us all the time.

How many Muslims do you know who are Muslims by name but know little about Allah and don’t pray often? Sadly, these Muslims are increasing all the time. The effects of globalization and the spread of secularism are causing these types of thought procedures to spread, even in Muslim countries.

However, it’s the Muslims in the West who often face the most significant threat. Surrounded by non-Muslims and without much of an Islamic structure around them, it’s easy to slip up. This is where the importance of learning the Quran on the internet comes in. You can be in the remotest corner of the planet, but as long as you have the internet, you don’t have an excuse.

QuranForKids offers all new students the chance to sign up and get a free one-week trial. You simply need to register and start right away. The trial will give you peace of mind regarding the procedures and our online classes. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed, insha’Allah. So what are you waiting for? Your journey is just a few clicks away.