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Surah Al Ikhlas Read and Listen – Benefits of Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas ( Surah Al Ikhlas )

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The Holy Quran is based on a different chapter of the Quran, which describes different necessary facts. In fact, the holy book of the Quran is the collection of instructions, principles, regulation, past events, and discussion about Hell and Paradise. Surah Ikhlas is the 112th chapter of the Quran, which is one of the essential chapters.

The other name of Surah Ikhlas is Surah Tawheed. The word Ikhlas means to refine or purity. Different notable scholars of Islam presented their views about the place of revelation of this Surah, but the opinions of some scholars in favor of Makkah seems more reasonable.In a Hadith, which, narrated by Ubbay ibn Kabb that the present Surah was revealed when polytheist asked O Muhammad what is the lineage of your lord.The importance of the name of this Surah is not like the name of other Surah. It is, in fact, in relation to the content of this Surah. It happens mostly that the name of Surah is included in the Surah, but here it is not included, it has been chosen from outside carefully.

Verses of Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is one of the shortest Surah of the Quran. It has just four verses. These are the following. For proper understanding, Urdu translation and English translation is also available.1,‘ Say, he is Allah, who is one. 2. Allah O Samad 3. He begets, nor was he begotten. There is no one who is comparable to him.’It was said by Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer of the holy book of the Quran.‘ it was revealed when Jews said openly that we worshiped Uzayr, who is the son of Allah almighty, the Christian said we worship the Messiah who is also the son of Allah and idolaters said we would continue to worship idols. Then, Allah almighty says to Muhammad PBUH to say that He is Allah, the one which is singular who has no friend, has no assistant, no enemy, no one equal and no one comparable.’This piece of writing has been taken from the Tafsir of the Holy Quran by Ibn Kathir.

Advantage of recitation of Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is the member Surah of 4 Qul. The importance of 4 Qul is not hidden in Islam. It gives us protection from disease, bad omens, being scared, or other different damaging thigs. Reading Surah Ikhlas is one of the useful acts. These are supported by Ahadith of Holy Prophet PBUH.As 4 Qul gives us protection from different damaging thigs, for example, from Jinns, Surah Ikhlas is a member of the 4 Qul; we can easily say that the recitation of Surah Ikhlas saves us from a different kind of calamity and affliction.We should recite it repeatedly so that we can get all of its benefits, but it is necessary to learn how to recite it. Moreover, it is short and full of benefits and virtues; therefore, the recitation of this Surah can save us from different difficulties.Some notable scholars say that if Surah ikhlas is recited daily, it has several benefits; for example, it mitigates the effect of witchcraft, countless magic spells, and psychic attack.It is the best way by which we can get our sins forgiven. In fact, Islam compels us to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Quran. One who rejects this instruction, he will commit sins. Therefore, we should follow the instruction given by Prophet Muhammad SAW and the holy book of the Quran. If any sin is done by us unaware, we should recite Surah Ikhlas and get our sins forgiven.In a Hadith, which was narrated in the book of Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ say, he is Allah, absolute oneness, in whose hand my soul is, then Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, it is equal to one-third of the holy Quran.’The present Hadith compels us that we should recite Surah Ikhlas repeatedly because it is equal to one-third of the Quran. We should recite it when we go to bed to take a nap, in no time, we can get the rewards of reciting one-third of the holy Quran. Moreover, there are other different common benefits that add to our account due to the recitation of the Holy Quran. We should not let this opportunity go in vain.If you are reciting Surah Ikhlas repeatedly, Allah loves you more and more. In fact, the one who learns how to recite the Holy Quran and transfers its knowledge to people so that they can learn. According to Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH that this person is good. Those who reject the teachings of the Holy Quran, Allah, will reject them in this life as well as in eternal life, which comes after death.In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, ‘when you recite Surah Ikhlas and Surah Fatih while lying on the bed, you will be protected from anything danger; moreover, you should be fearless from all damaging things except death. ‘The recitation of Surah Iklas generates many benefits for us; for example, it protects us from all the difficulties which we commonly face.There are different common benefits that we gain through the recitation of the Holy Quran. These are the following.In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ two things will intercede for us in the Day of Judgment. One is the recitation of the holy book, and the second is the fasting. The recitation of the Quran will say to his lord that I kept him awake all over the night just to fulfill your order, please accept my requests in regard to him.The fasting will also say that I have kept him without eating and drinking throughout the day; it was just to your order. Please accept my request in favor of him. ‘This is the benefit of reciting the holy Quran, but we can learn how to recite Surah Ikhlas because it is easy to learn due to shortness. We can recite Surah Ikhlas multiple times, which is a straightforward task. By reciting, we can get this reward also.

Different Ahadith about Surah Ikhlas

There is a lot of importance for Hadith in Islam because it is the action or talk of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. There are different Ahadith of Holy Prophet PBUH regarding Surah Ikhlas, these Ahadith are following.In a Hadith, narrated by Abu Saeed Khudri RA, ‘A person heard another man who was saying ‘ O Muhammad, he is Allah, who is the one. ‘He kept it reciting many times. When the next day came, this person came to Prophet Muhammad PBUH and asked about the incident.’ Prophet PBUH replied, ‘by him in whose hand my life is, it is equal to one-third of the holy book.’According to the present Hadith, reciting Surah Ikhlas is equal to reciting the one-third of the holy Quran.In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ Surah Iklas is the one-third of the Quran, and Surah Mulk pleaded for its owner. ‘These two Ahadith of the Prophet PBUH confirmed that the rewards of reciting Surah Ikhlas are equal to one-third of the Quran. We should get this reward in no more time. It is up to us how we can get this reward.Hadith, narrated in the book of Ahmed, also narrated by Ibn Umar RA, I personally watched the messenger PBUH of Allah almighty reciting this Surah twenty-four times or twenty-five time in the payer of Two Rakah before Morning Prayer and the two Rakah after it. He recited Surah Kafiron and Surah Ikhlas.In another Hadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH, narrated by Tirmidhi, ‘ if one recite Surah Ikhlas Surah Falaq and Surah Nass three times in morning and evening, they will suffice you from all the things. ‘The present Hadith shows that Allah will help us if we recite all these Surah three times in the morning and evening.In another Hadith, narrated by Hazrat Aisha RA, ‘Prophet PBUH used to cup his hands and blow over them then meet his hands after reciting Surah Iklaq, Surah Falaq, and Surah Annas. He used to do this three times. ‘Surah Ikhlas is the Surah of the Quran, which is included in 4 Qul. 4 Qul is the 4 Surah of the Quran, Surah kafiroon, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falq, and Surah Annas. The importance of reciting these Surah has been described in Ahadith of the Holy Prophet PBUH.


Surah Ikhlas is one of the critical Surah of the Quran, which has a lot of importance. The recitation of Surah Ikhlas generates multiple benefits for us. Tarjuma of this Surah is also avilable in different languages. Learning Surah ikhlas is also an act of rewards.It is one of the shortest Surah of the Quran; it is based on just four verses, hence the memorizing is easy and easy to recite. We should try our best to learn how to recite this Surah so that we can repeatedly recite it.