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Best Time to Reading or Reciting The Holy Quran

Islam is the complete code of life; Quran and Sunnah are the major sources of its teaching. Allah Almighty has declared those people like the wise ones who ponder upon the things Allah has created. Quran is the best source of letting us think deeply upon the creation of Allah Almighty. Moreover, in the Quran and Hadith-e-Pak, the best time of reading the Quran has been mentioned for getting more and more blessings of Allah Almighty. Some of the best times are mentioned below in this regard.

When We Should Read The Holy Quran

Reading the Quran, we come close to Allah Almighty. For instance, we come to know what Allah likes and what Allah does not like. Reading the Quran at a particular time has great importance for instance;

  • Fajar Time (Dawn)

Fajar time is the best time to read Quran. The importance of reading the Quran at Fajar time has been mentioned by Allah Almighty for instance Allah has said that it is the time when the Angles see you reciting the holy Quran.

  • At Night

Reading the Quran at night or mid-night has also great importance. It is the time when you are in a peaceful environment. No one disturbs you and you can read the holy verses of the Holy Quran and think upon them deeply.

  • Jumman (Friday)

Jummah is considered to be the best day among the other days of the week. Reading the Quran on Jummah has great importance for all Muslims indeed.

Sacred Rules of Reading Quran

Quran is not an ordinary book; it is the word of Allah Almighty carrying all the solutions to our problems. Allah Almighty has conveyed is a clear and detailed message to the Muslims in the Holy Quran. We have to be very formal while reading the holy Quran; in other words, we have to follow certain rules while reading the holy Quran. For example, we have to purify our body and dress before reading the Quran. Ablution is performed before touching Quran. The Quran is read with Tajweed (the basic rules on how to recite Quranic Arabic). We need to know how to read Quran correctly. Not only do we recite Quran but also we need to deeply ponder upon the Ayah (holy verses) of Quran to derive the essence of the message Allah has given in it. We have to seek guidance from the life of the Prophet (SAW) to understand the holy verses of the Quran.

Etiquette and Manners of Reading Quran

Again, it is emphasized that the Quran is not an ordinary book; it is the word of Allah Almighty that has to be read with great care. We have to follow certain manners while reading the Quran for instance we need to perform ablution before reading the Quran. We also need to choose the place where we think we remain peaceful while reading Quran. We should spare time to read the Quran, setting aside the worldly affair. Quran should not be read in haste. It is commonly said that the time between Fajar and sunrise is Mukrooh (unsuitable) for reading the Quran. During this time, you cannot perform Sajjda if you read ayah (verses) of Sajjda.

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