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Top Quran Reciters in the World And their Recitation Videos

The sacred scripture of the Muslims, the Holy Quran, has stood the test of time for several decades as one of the undiluted, widely read, and memorized religious books. Understanding how to read the Quran and learning how to master something are 2 different aspects. Anyone can recite the Quran, but not everyone can perfect the act of reciting it completely. A person who perfected this art and recited in a melodic sound with excellence is called a Qari or Qur’anic reciter. However, several famous reciters of the Holy Quran are present in this world, but some of the world’s well-known top reciters are given below:

Top Most Quran Reciters in the World: Saad Al Ghamidi

Saad Al Ghamidi was raised from the big mosque to the stage, to use the soulful voice to capture his listeners’ ears. Since he has learned Islamic law, he is the only famous sheikh who has chosen to create a career in Qur’anic recitation. He is a Saudi descendant Qari, scholar, and Imam who committed to memory the whole Quran only at the age of 22.

His Tajweed and soulful voice rendered him the preference of people in many Television and radio stations and the grand mosque’s imam.

These special Muslims have left their mark when it comes to reciting the Quran by mixing zeal, skill, and excellence in recitation. They live out their lives by jihad; aspire to please Allah, and encourage someone to follow righteousness. May Allah grant Jannah to them, and to everyone who read and listen to the Quran.

On the other hand, most Muslims love to listen to his soulful voice to live. Saad Al Ghamidi has left no stone unturned in winning people’s hearts because of his heart touching voice. His recitation is famous from one corner of the world to the other. Therefore, he is one of the topmost Quran reciters in the world. However, you may also enjoy the heart touching voice of Saad Al Ghamidi at the following link:

·        Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid

Mishary is undoubtedly among the most respected and well-known figures in the Muslim world, ranging from his extraordinary voice and distinctive recitation of the Quran to his role in promoting Islamic values and teachings. He is a respectable Kuwait Qari who has committed to memorizing the Holy Quran in just two years and specialized in the Quran’s tenfold reading.

Recitation by Mishary has influenced many reciters across the globe. He also sings nasheeds (Islamic songs not based on instrumental), and much more besides Qur’anic recitation.

At present, he is the Imam of Kuwait’s grand mosque. In 2008, the Arab creativity union granted him the first Oscar creativity, and has always been the people’s choice for greatest Quranic reciter in the globe.

The voice of the Sheikh Mishary has touched innumerable believers, and several people are satisfied with his way of recitation and teaching. He is the man of voice who promotes Islamic education with his unmatched voice. Therefore, Mishary is one of the famous top Quran reciters in the world who has become famous not in the Qatar, but all around the world know him because of his soul-touching voice. One may also enjoy the heart touching voice of the Sheikh Mishary by visiting the following link:

·        Qari Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad

A veteran Qari of Egyptian descent renowned for his distinctive recitation and many contemporary reciters follow his recitation style. Apart from being raised in an atmosphere that nourished this art, his family also played a very vital role as his grandfather and dad, where reciters were also highly regarded. Hence its motivation for Qur’anic recitation and passion. His unique understanding of pitch tone and the Tajweed rules fascinate Muslims from many mosques and the modern world.

Before his death, Sheihk Abdul Basit was the Reciters Union’s first president, one of the first reciters to record his recitation commercially. He also won 3 competitions related to Qur’anic recitation.

He ruled over the heart of the several believers by his heart touching voice. Several Muslims used to follow him, and he remained the source of the inspiration for the believers. So, he motivated to numerous Muslims with his teachings and sweet voice. Therefore, Qari Abdul Basit is one of the top Quran reciters who has devoted his most time in Islamic teachings and recitations. 

One may also listen to his distinctive voice by visiting the following link of Qari Abdul Basit Abdus-Samad:


Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Shuraim

A Hanbali denomination religion Saudi Arabian Qari. He is like no other since he is an Islamic law instructor and Islamic studies with extensive knowledge of fiqh, Aqeeda, and Islamic poetry. As he recites, so he is known for his pure and melodious voice.

The voice and intellectual accomplishments of Sheik Shuraim gave him an advantage because he’s one of the imams and khateeb (person who delivers the sermon) of the great mosque in Mecca. He was awarded the year’s Islamic personality at the Dubai International Holy Quran Awards in 2005.          

The world’s believers love his voice because he has a matchless voice. On the other hand, he has not left any stone unturned to motivate believers towards Islamic teaching. Similarly, being an inspirational person, he has assisted several people in learning the Holy Quran. Thus, Saud inn Ibrahim is one of the prominent figures in Islamic World as the top Quran reciters worldwide. One may also listen to his melodious voice that is unmatched for the believers in this world, so one must visit the following link of the Saud ibn Ibrahim:

Top quran recitersn :Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais

He is a revered Saudi Arabian Qari, also known as As-Sudais. He is from a Sunni faith and jurisprudence on Salafi. As a boy, just at the age of twelve, he memorized the Quran, and it earned him the title of Hafiz. Sudais is famous for his distinctive voice and exemplary implementation of Tajweed’s laws, laws regulating pronunciation during recitation and recitation. He has received the title of Imam of the grand mosque.

Aside from becoming a Qari, he received a Ph.D. in Islamic sharia and was also prominent in offering sermons on social issues, one of which was the resistance of Islam to explosions and bombings promoting peace interreligious discussion.

He has won the hearts of the Muslims because of his melodious voice. Aabdul Rahman has taught several believers regarding Islamic values. He has inspired many people with his voice. Therefore, he has marked his imprints for the believers just from the perspective of recitation. However, one may listen to his melodious voice at the following link:

Top Quran reciters: Hajjah Maria Ulfah

Hajjah Maria Ulfah was born on 21st December. She is an Indonesian qāriah (Quran reciter) and founder of the Central Institute for Development of Quranic Recitation (CIDR). Hajjah is the winner of two Indonesian National Quran Recitation Contests and is recognized globally as one of the best reciters and recitation instructors globally. She is also a lecturer at the Quran Recitation Center.

Her father, Haji Mudhoffar, initiated Ulfah to Qur’an recitation and taught her that she is equal to any person. He arranged Qur’an reciting contests to give his daughter exposure in their hometown. She started studying at age 6, with her older sister providing advice. When she attended an Islamic boarding school that inspired her to practice recitation, her art curiosity increased. Ulfah has been a prominent, internationally regarded figure in Qur’anic recitation since the 1980s. Ulfah is a researcher of the history of Quranic recitation in the Indonesian archipelago and a lecturer at the Quranic Studies Center in Jakarta.

One can listen to the melodious voice of Ulfah by visiting the following link:

Top quran reciters : Abu Bakr Al Shatri

Abu Bakr al-Shatri was born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 1970, and Abu Bakr Ibn Mohamed Al Shatri (also known as Abi Abdarrahmane) is a world-famous Saudi Imam and a Qur’an reciter par excellence.

In the perseverance, Abu Bakr studied the Holy Quran from the Sheik Aymane Rochdi Suwaid. In several Saudi Masjids such as Al Rajihi, Said Ibn Jubair (Kandara), Abdullatif Jamil, Attakwa (Al Rawda), AChouiaibi (Assalama), Abu Bakr Al Shatri has had the luxury of leading prayers.

To name a few, he has been a member of various Islamic conferences and activities in many Islamic nations, including Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, South Africa, and Bahrain. Currently, he occupies the seat of Imam at Al Furkane Mosque in Hay Annassim, Jeddah.

However, everyone who loves to listen to the melodious voice of Abu Bakr can visit the following link:


Therefore, the top Quran reciters are the best reciters who motivate people to follow Allah’s path; however, these are the top Quran reciters in the world. They left no stone unturned in recitation but also in teaching Islamic values. Apart from this, all these reciters mentioned above have played a vital role in spreading the Holy Quran’s knowledge in the entire world. They are the most famous figures globally; however, they are also the Imam of the mosque except Hajjah Maria Ulfah. Similarly, these top Quran reciters have devoted their whole life to recitation. Undoubtedly, they are also the best teachers in an innovative age. So, these reciters leave their own imprints in Islam for the sake of inspiration to the believers.