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ways to read the QUran

3 Ways to Read the Quran – Improve Quran Reading & Recitation

Reading the Holy Quran can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. By doing stuff like finding a copy of the Qur’an that is simpler for you to learn, scrolling over the text with an app, or entering a study group, you can help the reading process. Often, you should use reading techniques that can help enhance your awareness. And if you’re having trouble reading portions of the transcript, keep going at your own pace. Because of the text’s depth and complexity, it takes certain people years to finish reading the Quran. Let’s discover ways to read the Holy Quran more easily.

How to Read the Quran

Undoubtedly, there are several ways to read the Quran, but some of them are authentic ways to read the Quran with excellent outputs. It is necessary to give priority to the Quran classes for knowing how to read the Quran. On the other hand, these ways i.e., methods, are also followed by online Quran classes in the USA and worldwide. All these methods are unfolded one by one.

If a person follows the given steps one by one, then he may improve the Quran reading easily in no time. These steps are:

Buy a Copy of the Holy Quran Which is in Native Language

The Qur’an has also been interpreted into far more than 110 languages, so it’s usually available in your mother language. Choose a Qur’an edition in the language you feel most relaxed reading about.

For example, if your mother tongue is English, read the Qur’an in English. If Urdu is your mother tongue, read the Qur’an in Urdu. So, in this manner, one may correctly understand first the Holy Quran.

Search for Online Version

If you want to check for particular subjects, access an online edition. The Qur’an is commonly available in print, but you can also access an online or eBook search edition. This can be useful if you want to concentrate on those subjects, or just want the ability to check the Qur’an.

Accessing an online or eBook edition of the Qur’an would mean, as an additional bonus, that you can read it anywhere you have access to the internet, which could be more comfortable than taking a paper copy of a book anywhere.

However, online Quran classes have become the trend of this age. In this way, several people learn the Holy Quran easily.

Listen the Holy Quran on Audiobook

Pay attention to the Qur’an on an audiobook or with a video online. You may find it much easier to follow along with an audiobook edition of the Qur’an, depending on your listening style. Audiobook copies of the Qur’an are accessible online, and some e-readers can also tell you about an eBook edition of the Qur’an.

An additional advantage of listening to the Qur’an is that you can learn at moments when you wouldn’t usually be able to do so, such as on the commute to work or studying, when running, or when doing homework. These days, the Online Quran classes are following this trend of audiobook learning. So, the Quran classes are preferring this way of reading the Holy Quran.

Install Quran Application

You need to install the Qur’an Application for stylistic readings and reminders. An app will continue to follow up with your regular Qur’an readings by sending updates and breaking into short, manageable portions of your regular readings.

Try to install the Holy Quran’s best application, and you need to make a daily habit of reciting it.

There are also some Qur’an reading applications have options that you could use to read the Qur’an sections based on a subject, such as love, charity, or friendship. It is how believers are happy to know how they want to learn and read the Holy Quran.

Join Companion Book for Guidance

Use a book of accompaniment to direct you through the text. If you’d like to bring meaning to your Qur’an readings, check out the companion texts.

Typically these are written by authors who have done thorough reading on the Qur’an or who can make you understand the Qur’an’s complicated parts and concepts.

Visit the local libraries or the nearest mosque neighborhood library to find a companion reader to help you. On the other hand, online Quran classes can help you find the best companion for guidance. In this manner, one may learn it easily that how to read the Quran correctly.

Join a Quran Study Group

A believer needs to join a discussion group on the Qur’an at a nearby mosque or at Online Quran classes. If there is a mosque in your city, consider checking to see if they are offering any lessons you might enter on reading the Qur’an or a weekly study group.

This will assist you in the making reading the Qur’an easier by providing you with a place to ask questions and a group of others who are reading the Qur’an too.

Start contacting a nearby mosque to see if anyone has any study groups that you can join. On the other hand, it avails you the answer to the question of where to start reading the Quran.

One May Improve By Reading Comprehension

Consider the Headings

Some parts are checked by looking at the headings contained in the text. Chapter scanning is a great way to prepare your brain before you start reading a part of the Qur’an.

Before you begin to read any headings in each line, identify the topics or subjects for the segment, you’re ready to read finally.

For instance, if the section heading suggests that it is about God creating Earth, then the next section possibly shows the version of the creation story from the Qur’an. It is the best way to learn any text in the world. So, one must follow this step for learning the Holy Quran in Quran classes.

Split the Text into Tiny Chunks

Split the text into tiny chunks that can be handled. The more you read, the relatively low you can understand, so remember not to read at any one time for more than thirty minutes. Identify how much more of this time period you can read and hold all of your readings at this length.

For shorter periods, like 5, 10, or 15 minutes, you can learn too. See what fits well for you, and thus restrict your reading hours. It is the best way to read the Quran.

Once, a person follows this routine, and then he would consistently learn it in no time. Apart from this, it is the trick which is the best for all kind of readings.

Make Notes whatever you identify in text

Effective note-taking while reading the Qur’an is essential for a deeper understanding. Keep a notepad nearby to record significant quotes, ideas, and questions, along with page and chapter references for easy revisiting.

Don’t hold back when something interests you; jot down your thoughts freely. This helps with retention and engagement. Also, document unfamiliar words and learn their meanings to expand your vocabulary.

Connect Qur’anic principles to other texts or concepts you’re familiar with. Comparing stories between the Qur’an and the Bible, for instance, aids in comprehension. Consider Quran classes or online instruction for a structured learning experience.

Ask the Difficult or Unclear Thing

When everything is vague, ask questions about what you’re hearing. If you come across something you can’t work out, ask someone that could help you grasp it. There are many ways you can get your questions answered when reading the Qur’an. You could, for example, like:

  • Speak to a friend or relativ:e who has experience of the Qur’an.
  • Visit a nearby mosque and converse with an imam.
  • For details about your query, check the Internet.
  • Go to a website or internet forum to submit your question.

Use Proper Quran Etiquette

Treat the Holy Quran with Respect

One must treat the Qu’ran as a holy text and politely address readings. There are unique codes of conduct in Muslim culture whenever it comes to studying the Qu’ran, also referred to as the tajweed laws.

Mostly these laws revolve around cleanliness, reverence, and recitation preferences. To read the Qu’ran, you don’t have to obey these laws; however, you may want to include them as part of your efforts to understand Islamic religion.

Suppose you are attending worship services in a mosque or are preparing to study Muslim religion more thoroughly. In that case, it is important to be aware of and follow the laws of Tajweed.

So, it is the duty of every believer that he/she needs to treat the Holy Quran with respect because it is the sacred book which Allah Almighty revealed on His prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Set Your Outlook

It is necessary that wash your hair, clean your teeth, and wear on some comfortable clothes. Prior to reading your Qur’an, always see your hygiene. Imagine that you’re getting prepared for a manufacturer or a fascinating person to meet. Get ready to kick off the day.

If you cough up phlegm at some time during your lesson, please ensure your mouth is stopped and rinsed out with water. One who cares about his clothing and outlook, then the angels protect him/her. So, the outlook of the believer also plays a vital role.

Sit In Straight Way

When reading the Qur’an, sit up straight—not slouching or looking back. Opt to sit on a hard-backed chair or at a desk if you’re less likely to lean backward. Don’t sit in a bedside chair, or read your Qur’an.

You can keep your Qur’an when you’re out on your lap or on a table but never put it on the floor.

Before you learn, make sure you look in the path of prayer as well. In this way, one would not get fatigued, and it would pour more interest in the hearts of the heart.

Pause Some Time at Few Places

One needs to stop to reflect briefly about what one has just read. Whenever you come across a verse telling a story of humans or pledging Allah’s blessing, stop and ponder it. Reflect on the importance of the narrative or paragraph before going on.

Never hurry up your Qur’an readings. If you do not provide time to read at a leisurely rate, pick a certain time to read.

One needs to close it After Recitation

When you’re done reading it, shut the Qur’an. Never leave open the Holy Quran until you’ve finished reading it. You need to leave a bookmark or note where you left off, then close your Qur’an and set it in its place, for example, on a bookshelf or table.

Never stack the Qur’an on top of several other texts. This is representative of their being above the Qur’an. In this manner, you can have the respect of the sacred book of Allah.


The Holy Quran is the sacred book of Allah. Allah Almighty revealed it on the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. However, believers should know the ways to read the Quran, but several believers are still unaware to understand the primary ways to read and learn the Holy Quran. Therefore, this writing piece is the best way to teach the top three methods of reading the Holy Quran in Quran classes. These can also be followed with the assistance of online Quran class tutors. On the other hand, if a person has any mistake while reading the Holy Quran, it can also be rectified by following these tips.



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