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Virtues of Friday (Jummah) – Hadith and Importance of Jummah

Friday (Jummah) assumes great importance in the lives of the Muslims for so many reasons. The Muslims have been told about the virtues of Friday in Hadith. Also, the importance of Friday prayer has been raised in the Holy Quran. Our beloved Prophet has expressed multiple virtues of Friday in detail. Friday has been declared the mother of all days in a Hadith-e-Pak. Some of the virtues of Friday (Jummah) are mentioned below:

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  • According to a Hadith-e-Pak whoever dies at the night or on the day of Jummah remains protected from the punishment in the grave.
  • The Prophet (SAW) asked the Muslim to recite Darood-e-Pak upon Him abundantly on Friday; as the Darood recited by the Muslims is presented to Him by the angels.
  • According to a saying of Prophet (SAW), it is obligatory on the Muslims to take bath, use miswaak and apply fragrance on their clothes before advancing to the mosque for Jummah prayer.
  • The Muslims are addressed by Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran to discard all kinds of transactions while the call for Jummah prayer is being made. They have been asked to quickly advance to the mosque to offer prayer.
  • It is said that a person advancing to the mosque to offer Jumman prayer is awarded the virtues of one year’s fasting on taking each step.
  • Jummah will be the day when the Muslims in paradise will have one to one meeting with Allah Almighty.
  • It is said that the fire in hell is increased after every afternoon but due to the blessing of Friday; the Fire is not increased on that particular day.
  • In the month of Ramadan, the Friday assumes more importance than the Friday in other Islamic months. Allah showers His blessings upon Muslims abundantly on this particular day.

Significance of Friday prayer (Jummah)

Friday assumes great importance in Islam. It is the day when Adam (AS) was created; it is the same day when Adam was sent to paradise; on Friday Adam was sent to earth from paradise due to certain reasons. The resurrection will also be held on Jummah (Friday). Jummah is considered to be a great day in Islam. The prayer offered on this day is given much importance; the person who leaves Jummah prayer for no solid reason becomes a non-believer (kafir). Jummah is the day when the Muslims recite Darood-e-Pak abundantly to show their love and affection to their beloved Prophet (SAW). The virtues of Friday night are abundant indeed. Also, a person who recites Surah-e-Kahaf on Friday will be awarded a lot of wealth (Rizq) by Allah Almighty. The recitation of the first ten verses of Surah Kahaf will protect the person from Dujaal’s vice. Jummah prayer time starts when the time of Zawaal is over.

Jummah Quotes

  • Rasulullah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: “The person who misses out three jumu’ah’s without any valid reason, Allah Ta’ala puts a seal over his heart. ” (Tirmidhi)
  • By going walking for the Jumu’ah salaat, one gets the reward of fasting for one year for every step that he takes. (Tirmidhi)

Things Muslims should do on Fridays

Since Friday is one of the blessed days, we must benefit from it by doing the prescribed acts of worship. Some of them are obligatory, while others are sunnah and highly recommended. We must try to do as much as we can, as a form of thanking Allah and getting close to Him on this auspicious day. There are many Hadith on the topic, which we can get guidance from.The first and most important thing that we must look to do is offer the Jummah prayer, a special prayer in the congregation for Fridays that replaces Zuhr prayer. Allah commands us in the Quran in Surah al-Jumu’ah to go to Jummah prayer whenever we hear the Adhan for it. We should leave all work and business and instead attend the Khutbah that takes place before the start of the Jummah prayer.Before going for the Jummah prayer, it is best for us to do ghusl as that is the sunnah. Moreover, we should wear our best clothes when going to the mosque on this occasion. According to a Hadith, it is highly sinful for a Muslim to miss three Jummah prayers in the congregation without any reason.Besides attending the prayer, we should also make a lot of dua. The Prophet (PBUH) said that there is a time of Jummah, during which Allah answers all prayers. Additionally, we should send blessings upon the Prophet (PBUH) as that is one of the best actions in Islam.Reciting Surah al-Kahf is also one of the regular activities for Fridays in Muslim households. The Prophet (PBUH) said, according to a Hadith, that if a person recites Surah al-Kahf on Fridays, a light will illuminate him until the next Friday.