25 Prophets Mentioned In The Noble Quran

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Belief in the prophets is an article of faith in Islam. The Holy Quran tells us about many prophets of Allah. Teaching our kids the Quran to build their knowledge of Islam is vital. Online Quran learning is the ideal method of learning the Quran nowadays. Learning Quran online through an online Quran academy is convenient, effective, and straightforward. Qualified online Quran tutors can teach kids at the time that suits them. Since lessons are online, travel isn’t needed, and kids can easily learn from the comfort of their homes.

Prophet Adam (AS) – The first prophet in the Quran

Allah mentions Adam (AS) 25 times in the Quran. He is undoubtedly the first man and prophet in Islam. Adam stayed in Paradise with his wife, Eve, until their expulsion to earth for disobeying Allah.

Prophet Idrees (AS)

Allah mentions Idrees (AS) twice in the Quran. We don’t know much about him, but people believe him to be the first one to write with the pen.

Prophet Nuh (AS) – An important prophet in the Quran

Allah mentions Nuh (AS) 43 times in the Quran, and Surah Hud tells us his story. Polytheism was generally rampant in his time. His wife and son were among the disbelievers who drowned in the great flood, while Noah and his small group of followers remained safe in the Ark.

Prophet Hud (AS)

Allah mentions Hud (AS) seven times in the Quran. He was markedly the first person to speak Arabic and the first Arab prophet. Allah sent him to the people of Aad, who He indeed destroyed with a devastating wind that lasted for eight days and seven nights.

Prophet Salih (AS)

Allah mentions Salih (AS) nine times in the Quran. He was undeniably an Arab Prophet sent to the people of Thamud. The people disobeyed him and Allah emphatically destroyed them by a loud shriek.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS), well-known prophets from the Quran

Allah mentions Ibrahim (AS) 69 times in the Quran, while He mentioned his son, Ismail (AS), 12 times. Allah commanded Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice Ismail (AS). He obeyed Allah’s command, but Allah replaced Ismail (AS) with a sacrificial animal at the last moment. Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) built the Kaaba after Allah instructed them to do so. Ismail (AS) is, unquestionably, the forefather of the Arabs.

Prophet Ishaq (AS)

Allah mentions Ishaq (AS) 16 times in the Quran. He is also Ibrahim’s (AS) son. Prophet Ishaq (AS) is also the forefather of the Jews.

Prophet Lut (AS)

Allah mentions Lut (AS) 17 times in the Quran. He is also Ibrahim’s (AS) nephew. His people were from Sodom and Gomorrah and were also the first to indulge in homosexuality, which is a grievous sin. His wife was a disbeliever because she accepted homosexuality despite not practicing it. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were accordingly crushed by rocks that rained down on them.

Prophet Yaqub (AS)

Allah mentions Yaqub (AS) 16 times in the Quran. His other name is Israel. He was also Ishaq’s (AS) son and Ibrahim’s (AS) grandson. The Children of Israel are indeed named after him. The Hebrew Prophets, including Isa (AS), came from him. Yaqub (AS) is the father of the twelve tribes referred to as Al-Asbaat in the Quran.

Yusuf (AS)

Allah mentions Prophet Yusuf (AS) 17 times in the Quran. He is also the son of Yaqub (AS). His brothers markedly abandoned him in a well in Jerusalem. Some people then took him to Egypt and he got an esteemed position in the government there. Afterward, his father and brothers settled in Egypt.

Shuaib (AS)

Allah mentions Prophet Shuaib (AS) 11 times in the Quran. Allah sent him to the people of Madyan. Shuaib (AS) was an Arab Prophet, and his people were highway robbers and dishonest in business dealings, and they worshipped a tree. They received several punishments and were annihilated by a terrible cry combined with an earthquake.

Ayyub (AS)

Allah mentions Prophet Ayyub (AS) four times in the Quran. He was wealthy and tested by Allah with poverty and illness. Ayyub (AS) remained patient, and his loyal wife assisted him.

Yunus (AS)

Allah mentions Prophet Yunus (AS) four times in the Quran. He abandoned his people before Allah permitted him to do so. After the whale swallowed him, he asked for Allah’s forgiveness and returned to his people in Iraq. They all repented and believed in him.

Dhul-Kifl (AS)

Allah mentions Dhul-Kifl (AS) twice in the Quran. Some scholars are of the view that he was the son of Ayyub (AS). Others believe that he is Ezekiel of the Bible.

Musa (AS) and Haroon (AS), major prophets in the Quran

Allah mentions Prophet Musa (AS) 136 times in the Quran, which makes him the most mentioned prophet. Allah mentions his brother Haroon (AS) 20 times in the Quran. The Egyptians had returned to polytheism after Yusuf (AS). Allah sent Musa (AS) to the Isrealites while the wicked pharaoh was enslaving them. Musa (AS) fled from persecution and went to Madyan. Allah made him a prophet at Mount Toor.

Ilyas (AS) and Yas’a (AS)

Allah mentions Ilyas (AS) and Yas’a (AS) both twice in the Quran. They lived in Baalbeck.

Dawud (AS) and Sulaiman (AS), significant prophets in the Quran

Allah mentions Prophet Dawud (AS) in the Quran 16 times. He mentions his son, Prophet Sulaiman (AS), 17 times in the Quran.  Dawud (AS) led the Israelites in war. Sulaiman (AS) was a king, as well as a Prophet. They are both buried in Jerusalem.

Zakariyyah (AS) and Yahya (AS)

Allah mentions Zakariyyah (AS) seven times in the Quran. He was a carpenter and he also raised Maryam, the mother of Isa (AS). Yahya (AS) is the son of Zakariyyah (AS) and Allah mentions him five times in the Quran. He was killed in Jerusalem.

Isa (AS) – A very important prophet in the Quran

Allah mentions Prophet Isa (AS) by name 25 times in the Quran, as Messiah 11 times, and as the son of Mary 23 times. He was born in Palestine and Allah sent him with the Injil. He was the final prophet from the Children of Israel.

Muhammad (PBUH) – The last and final prophet in the Quran

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the final Prophet of Allah and the seal of Prophethood. Allah sent him to Arabia when it was steeped in polytheism with the Noble Quran. which is a revelation that is binding on all of mankind, unlike the scriptures of the other prophets.

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