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9 common mistakes in Salah (prayer or Salat)

9 common mistakes in Salah (prayer or Salat)

Allah says in Qur’an 8.24

“O people who are a believer; give, at once, response to (the Call) God (Allah) and his messenger 

Whenever he calls (the believer) to the important thing which is responsible for giving you life.”

In this Ayah of the Quran, one can easily understand the significance of the Salah in the religion of Islam. Moreover, it should be, because it connects the way of communication between a Muslim and Almighty Allah. It strengthens our relationship with Allah, makes us aware of his greatness, and shows our indebtedness due to multiple blessings.

With all these characteristics, in the holy book of the Quran, Salah has been called the main difference between the believers and non-believers.

The messenger of Allah said, ‘’ when one gets up to pray he is in the direct relationship (communicating) with Allah, 

So let him be attentive to what he says to him.”

It protects us from evils as Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” no doubt, prayer prohibits us from acts of indecency and evil deeds. “

Several different Hadith and numerous places in the Quran confirms the significance of Salah. Even in the Day of Judgment, Salah would be the first thing for which the Muslims will be held accountable.

9 common mistakes during prayer

 Common mistakes regarding prayers commit during the prayer, either intentionally or unintentionally. These common prayers mistakes require serious consideration. The following are the mistakes.

  1. Inappropriate way of Reciting the Quran

In Salah, one has to recite the Quran necessarily. The problem is that the way in which the Muslims recite the Quran is often wrong. There are several words in the holy book of the Quran. If you recite wrongly, you may be one from non-believers. It is necessary to recite the Quran with Tarteel,” the proper way of reciting the Quran.”

Allah says,” When we teach you the Quaran, you must follow its proper way of recitation. It is of utmost importance to the Muslims to learn all the secrets of the Quran due to recitation in the Salah.

  1. Bad habit of cracking the knuckles during Salah

Salah is the best way to communicate with the Almighty Allah, who is the creator and owner of the universe. Therefore, it is necessary to stand before him properly. One of the biggest mistakes is cracking the knuckles during prayer. According to the Ahadith, Salah, which is not offered correctly, is sent back to the individual. To remain calm and be attentive with full focus is necessary to win Allah’s favour. Salah, which is offered in a proper way, is accepted. There are several different confirmed Ahadith qualify the importance of rules and regulations in performing the Salah.

  1. Carelessness to offer Sujood

Often, people do not care about the offering of Sujood and other essential things in Salah. It is necessary to learn the actual method of Salah under the supervision of scholars. According to the Hadith, narrated by Abbas ibn Abdul Matlab(May Allah pleased upon him), Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “ if the slave bows down, the seven body parts should be bowed down with him, then said, face, two knees, hand, and two feet.

In another Hadith, Ibn Abbas narrated, Prophet SAW said,” I have been given the order to bow down on seven bones. Then, told by pointing to nose, hands, feet, and knees.” It is one of the biggest mistakes not to fulfill the requirements of Sujood.

  1. Absence of following the Imam in the Salah

It is of utmost importance to offer the salah according to the rules and regulations imposed by Almighty Allah. There is some mistake that is committed deliberately, even knowing the consequences.

 It is one of the biggest mistakes to precede the Imam intentionally rather than following him. For example, if the Imam goes to offer Sujood, one precedes the Imam and reaches before Imam to offer Sujood. Similarly, it then happens when the Imam pays Salam (salutation) one side, and he is about to pay Salam on the second side, but the person precedes the Imam and pays Salam before the Imam. According to the Ahadith, Salah, which is not offered according to the rules and regulation given by Allah, is sent back to the readers.

In a Hadith, narrated by Abu Hurayrah, Prophet said,” Imam is here to be followed thoroughly, then said, if he offers takbeer, then you should read takbeer. If he prostrates to offer Sujood, then you should bow, don’t prostrate earlier than him.”

  1. Absence of recitation of Surah Al-Fatah in Salah

Islam is the perfect religion of all the religion in the world. It has awarded us the teachings about every field of life. But, it does not rely on the given information. Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad SAW to implement the teachings of Islam in his individual and collective life within society. Similarly, he told us the method of Salah. Recitation of Surah Al-Fath Is an essential step in the Salah, which cannot be left in any case.

According to a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “one who offers Salah without recitation of Surah Al-Fath. He used the word for this Salah khidaaj (miscarried, incomplete). He said these words three times. In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “the Salah is null and void for those who did not recite the opening of the book.” These Ahadith describes the importance of Sorah-Al Fatih for the vital pillar of Islam, which is Salah.

  1. Wearing thin Clothes in Salah

Salah is an essential pillar of Islam. It connects the Muslims with Almighty Allah. Prophet Muhammad SAW has guided us on how to offer the prayer. Some mistakes are committed, even knowing its possible outcomes. In other words, the negligence of the person is responsible for these mistakes often. 

Wearing thin clothes during Salah is one of the biggest mistakes, which is committed intentionally. Covering a private area of the body is the requirement to offer the Salah. Women often subject to these mistakes. They do not exercise care in this regard.

Ibn Qadamah, who was the famous personality in the history of Islam, said, “ it is mandatory to wear the right clothes which hide the color of the skin, it should be not thin enough which reveals the whiteness or redness of your body. It is not permissible, mainly when the color of your skin is visible.

So, it is important enough to cover your body as well. Most women do not care about these mistakes.

  1. Mistakes when one comes late during Salah in the mosque

It is important enough to describe the mistakes when one comes late during salah in the mosque. These mistakes are the most repeated in Salah. It is our common practice when we come to offering Salah in the mosque when we see Imam is leading the prayers; we arrive quickly and abruptly to be the part of Salah. It is against the sacredness of mosque and also the soul of Salah. We should come slowly with grace and offer the salah with Imam according to the prescribed method.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “If someone wants to offer Salah and the imam is leading salah, you should offer by following the Imam.”

In another Hadith, reported by Abu Dawood,” if you come to offer Salah and we are offering Sujjod, then you should make Sujood.

These Ahadith describes the importance of rules and regulation, which is necessary to be followed.

  1. Raising the voice of recitation with the purpose to interrupt others

It is necessary to follow the rules and regulations of Salah while offering Salah. Increasing the volume of sound to make yourself able to listen to what is reciting is permissible. But, if the volume is raised to interrupt others, it is not allowed and strictly prohibited.

Ibn Taymiyyah stated, it is not allowed for you to recite the Quran if someone is offering Salah, he further said that Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ each of you is trying to get Salvation from Almighty Allah, So, it is not reasonable to try to make your voice overpower over one another.

Islam is the religion that exercises care even for non-believers. It does not allow anyone to interrupt others. Therefore, it ensures the rights of others regardless of believers and non-believers’ discrimination.

  1. Unnecessary motions during Salah

‘Khushoo’ is the term, which is necessary to perform Salah with satisfaction. Prophet Muhammad SAW prohibits to make an unnecessary motion during Salah, for example, playing with pebbles or clothes. These motions are against the soul of Salah.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” if someone offers Salah, do not let him play with the pebbles for mercy is turned to him. “

It is strictly against the spirit of Salah and Islam. There are some other mistakes, for example, forgetting Rakat in salah or pray extra Rakat by mistake, which needs to be corrected by paying serious consideration.


These are the common mistakes in Salah. We should avoid these mistakes to make Salah full of Khushoo. Resultantly, we would receive many rewards and blessings from Almighty Allah. In a Hadith, Muhammad SAW said,” Salah is the peace of my eyes.” 

Allah has promised in his holy book to bless us with paradise. He also warned the people with punishment for not offering Salah.