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Top 5 Quranic reciters in the world

Top 5 Quranic reciters in the world

There are two confirm ways of obtaining Islamic teachings about every field of life. One way is of Hadith, and the second way is of Quran. Quran is the most accurate and most valuable book in the whole world. In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” The most reliable and true speech is the book of Almighty Allah.”

Those who learn, read, and teach the Quran are the best of all the Muslims in the world. In a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ the best among all of you are the people who learn the holy book and (Quran) and teach it to others.”

Some lucky Muslims have the naturally good voice. They are using it to recite the Quran.

Best Quran reciters are the following characters in Islam. Their love and intentions would also tell indicate you how to learn Quran.

Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Saudis

Abdul Rahman ibn Abdul Aziz as-Saudis is the best Quran reciter in the world. Born on 10 February 1960, remained the Imam of Grand Mosque in Macca, Saudia Arabia. As-Saudis has gained the Dubai international holy Quran Award’s “Islamic personality of the year” in 2005. He is also the renowned reciter of Islam. He got the title of the Hafiz of the Quran merely at the age of 12. As-saudis is also the famous master of Tajweed. His unique voice is the best. His grip on the Tajweed let him win the title of Imam of Grand Mosque.

He has a Ph.D. degree in the Islamic Shira. He has done a lot of work to revive the image of Islam, particularly against wrongly associated with terrorism. He also has a strong grip in the Arabic language. Therefore, he is a member of the Arabic language Academy at Mecca.

Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al-Shuraim

Bon on 19 January 1964, Saud Al-shuraim held the designation of Imam and Khatib of Grand Mosque of Macca, Saudia Arabia. He is one of the top Quran reciter 2020. He earned a degree in Ph.D. He also holds the designation of Professor of Shira and Islamic studies. He also led the funeral prayer of crown prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz. He is from the Banu Zayd tribe. He has a firm grip in Aqeeda, fiqh and Islamic poetry. He also held the post of Judge in the honorable high court of Makah, Saudia Arabia.

He is from the Hanbali Islamic school of thought. He also received the award of the Islamic personality of the year. His unique voice and the melodious pitch won a lot of favor for him. He is one of the sharp critics of the Saudi government.   

Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid bin Gharib bin Muhammad Alfas

Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid bin Gharib bin Muhammad Alafas is the one of the top Quran reciter 2020. Born on September, 5th 1976, his beautiful voice won a lot of fame for him. He got the education of the Quran at the Islamic University of Madina, Saudia Arabia. His voice and fine pitch are the best. He currently leads the prayer in the Grand Mosque of Kuwait. He also has two space channels, which are working in the field of recitation of the Quran.

He also won the first creativity Oscar award sponsor by the Arab creativity union. His voice impressed many Islamic scholars in the world. He also has a strong grip on non-instrumental Islamic songs. Besides recitation of the Quran, he also worked a lot to preach the Islamic tradition and particularly.

Saad Al Ghamidi

Born on 19 May 1967, he is the best Quran reciter in World 2020. He earned the degree of graduate from the famous university of Al-Ahsa. He also got many Islamic degrees in his life. Al Ghamdi also held the designation of the teacher. He is currently the Imam of Yousaf Ibn Ahmed Mosque in Dammam. His magnificent carrier as the Imam of the mosque continuously impresses the people. He has a strong grip in the discipline of Ossoul din.

Working as the director of Muhammad Al-Fatih private school, he is doing his duty as the major figure of school well. Manar Al Houda center is responsible for carrying out research in theological and educational studies. The center contributes a lot in research and promotion of knowledge. Saad Al Ghamdi is an honorable member of this center. He also held the post of guider to Islamic education.

He also worked hard to promote Islamic teaching and tradition. He wrote different books, for example, Roquia ,Chariya, Illa all Al-Quran, and Addkan.

  1. Maher Al-Muaiqly

He is the best Imam of Grand mosque of Macca, Saudia Arabia. He is currently enjoying one of the Top Quran reciter 2020. Maher is so intelligent who memorized the Quran at the age at an early young age. Basically, he was the teacher of Meth and pursuing a carrier successfully in the field of Math. After some time, he found his inclination toward becoming a great Islamic scholar. He is also the famous speaker of Saudia Arabia, also held the significant position of the preacher of Islam.

He also spent quite enough time at the university. He emerged as the lecturer of Islamic Shira. After spending time in university on key posts, Maher holds the position of Imam in Abdul Rahman Al Saadi mosque in Makka, Saudia Arabia, and later on the beautiful grand mosque of Majid Al-Nabvi. He also earned a degree from the Umm Qura University. Maher also remained on the key post of advisor to prince Abdul-Majid. Mahar remained on the position of Imam in the different famous mosques, for example, Majid Nabvi and Masjid Al haram.

We pay thanks to our Almighty Allah that we are Muslims. It is one of the blessings of Allah. But, these persons hold the position of luckiest due to two factors. One Is due to having pleasant, and the second is due to using these sounds for preaching the Quran. The teacher, learner, and the reader of the Quran hold great importance near Almighty Allah. Different Hadith of holy profit and the holy book of the Quran qualify their important status near Allah and the noble people. Therefore, it is the best way to know that how to learn Quran recitation