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Finding Peace During COVID-19 for Muslims

Finding Peace During COVID-19 for Muslims

As we near the end of the year 1441 AH, 2020 in the Gregorian calendar, one thing dominates everyone’s minds worldwide. That is the coronavirus pandemic. This virus’ outbreak has destroyed across the globe. It is not to be taken lightly with hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of people infected. As a consequence, it is a trying time for humanity. During this challenging period, Muslims need to find peace during COVID-19.

The outbreak began in China, then spread to the rest of the world. Within a few months, it impacted almost every country in the world—the entire modern lifestyle ground to a halt. Humans were forced to change their lifestyles. People reduced socializing, virtually to the level of being non-existent. Governments imposed lockdowns and curfews, forcing people to stay home.

However, it’s not just about what measures authorities have enforced to try and combat this. For many people who prefer to exercise maximum precautions, it has drastically altered lives. Staying at home has become a way of life. Even going to meet relatives can be a far-fetched thought. And with good reason, too. This disease’s contagious nature means that even if one is willing to take the risk of getting it themselves, they also have to think about other members of their families. Due to all these factors, people are looking for ways to find peace during COVID-19. We will look at this from the perspective of what a Muslim can do to achieve peace and tranquility.

Coronavirus and how we can keep ourselves safe from it

COVID-19 is a contagious virus that spreads via droplets. These can be expelled by an infected person when he sneezes, coughs, or breathes. A person within a few feet of these droplets can catch the virus. Alternatively, a person can touch a surface that contains the droplets. After that, if he touches his mouth, nose, or eyes, he can catch it as well.

The key to finding peace during COVID-19 is firstly to take precautions. The most important method of prevention is for people to refrain from touching their faces. Social distancing, i.e., remaining two meters away from each other, is also recommended. Wearing a mask can be helpful. Of course, the best is to stay at home at all times unless absolutely necessary.

The best way to find peace during COVID-19

There are two approaches that people can take to dealing with this pandemic. One of them is to think about all the lost opportunities and negatives. The other is to try and focus on the positives and try to be productive. From a Muslim’s point of view, this situation is an ideal one wherein one can get close to Allah.

To get close to Allah, one must understand the Lord. Understand His Majesty. Engage in frequent remembrance of Him. Become aware of the reality of life. Always be thankful for His blessings. Understand that His Decree will be carried out, and we must be content with it.

These are all, in short, ways of finding peace during COVID-19 by getting close to Allah. One of Allah’s names is As-Salam. This means that He is the Source of Peace. Among the enormous benefits of getting close to Allah is being content. Humans are rarely satisfied. As they gain something, they look toward people who have more, and they aspire to get that too. With this mentality, finding peace is a tough ask, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting close to Allah helps to resolve this.

Doing good deeds to find peace during COVID-19

It’s not all about us. If you have a computer or phone and you can read English well enough to understand this article, the chances are that you are among the most fortunate people during this pandemic. Unfortunately, for billions around the world who are poor and needy, the ongoing situation can be deadly. This is for two reasons.

Firstly, they are likely to be of those who live hand to mouth. Hence, they earn money to survive. Due to the lockdowns around the world, millions have lost their jobs and are struggling, especially in more impoverished and developing countries. So, they may become desperate to earn. With many of them likely to be laborers and among the working class, they are at high risk of catching the virus. This is because they are often in close proximity to other people. Secondly, if they fail in this quest to find work to sustain themselves, there is the very realistic prospect of these people and their families failing to survive, simply because they don’t have enough to eat. How can one find peace during COVID-19 if others are suffering around him?

Governments and authorities must play a role, but they are unlikely to be able to cover everyone. And that is where Muslims must step in. The Muslim community around the world is already renowned for its generosity. Now is the time to be more generous than ever. Donating to organizations or directly to the poor is a must. For those who have domestic help and servants, giving them paid leave or alleviating any of their concerns is a great way to gain rewards by helping others.

Always remain optimistic and hopeful

While we can always take the utmost precautions and simultaneously try to find peace during COVID-19, we need to keep in mind that the virus is spreading fast. Essentially, no one is immune to it. A reader of this article (Allah Forbid) or someone he knows may contract the virus. In such cases, it is important to remember that the vast majority of infected people have few symptoms and often stage a complete recovery at home.

However, it’s essential to be aware that one must take this matter seriously. Unfortunately, conspiracy theories are prevalent, and people often end up putting everyone at risk by not taking this virus seriously. If anyone shows symptoms of the illness or tests positive (Allah Forbid), he must isolate himself away from others to avoid spreading it further. He must take any recommended medication and precautions.

Praying to Allah for protection from the virus, and recovery, if infected, is a must. Allah is the Best of all Helpers. He is the One Who can ultimately cure us. He is capable of anything, let alone removing a small virus from a human body if He so wills. With the right mindset, a Muslim can find peace during COVID-19 no matter what is happening around him.

At the end of the day, we must also remember that Allah subjected the world to such pandemics before as well. Insha’Allah, as the previous ones passed, this one shall pass too. It’s a matter of having patience, but one day, God-willing, life will normalize, and we won’t have to worry about finding peace during COVID-19 anymore.

Wrapping Up

As the year 1441 AH comes to a close, the world grapples with the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding peace during these trying times is essential. Muslims can achieve peace by deepening their connection with Allah, maintaining hope, and practicing generosity to help those in need. The pandemic will eventually pass, and life will return to normal, by the grace of Allah.