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Iblees (Shaitan) From An Islamic Perspective

Iblees (Shaitan) From An Islamic Perspective

The existence of Shaitan is something that is a fact in Islam and can’t be denied by any Muslim. Iblees is an evil Jinn who is an enemy of mankind. His mission is to lead us astray. It is ess1ential for Muslims to learn all about Shaitan’s wicked nature and tactics in order to sufficiently protect themselves from him.

Believers should study the story of Adam and Eve to learn about the cunning schemes of Iblees. Without learning about Iblees from the Islamic perspective, we are far more vulnerable to his tricks of deception.

The origin of Shaitan’s evil

After creating Prophet Adam (AS), who was the first man, Allah commanded prostration to Adam (AS). All the angels obeyed Allah, but Iblees refused to prostrate to Adam (AS). Shaitan’s arrogance made him disobey Allah. He also considered himself to be superior to Adam (AS), which is why he did not prostrate.

Allah cursed Iblees until the Day of Reckoning. Iblees was rebellious and arrogant and deemed himself superior to mankind. He devoted his existence to leading humans astray.

Shaitan is sly and deceptive, and he is well acquainted with the weaknesses of humans. He is also familiar with the evil desires and inclinations of man and takes full advantage of these vulnerabilities. He knows how to trick human beings in a cunning manner so that they succumb to his plots without even realizing it.

How Shaitan made Adam and Eve disobey Allah

Adam and Eve were living in bliss in Paradise. Allah gave them the freedom to enjoy all the blessings of Paradise. There was only one prohibition that they had to adhere to, which was to stay away from a particular tree. Iblees weaved his web of deceit to misguide them. He didn’t explicitly tell them to go and eat from the tree. He also didn’t tell them to disobey Allah in a straightforward manner.

Shaitan targeted Adam and Eve with his evil whispers. He placed evil thoughts and desires in both of them. As Allah tells us in Surah Al-A’raf, Shaitan told Adam and Eve that Allah only restricted them from the tree to stop them from becoming angels or achieving immortality. In this manner, he built up evil desires within them to invite them towards sin.

Iblees’s cunning plan succeeded as Adam and Eve’s minds became focused on thoughts regarding the forbidden tree. As they were overcome by the desires that Iblees had planted within them, they forgot Allah’s warning and decided to eat from the prohibited tree.

After they disobeyed Allah, their private parts became exposed, and they tried to cover themselves with leaves. Iblees had deceived them and made them disobey their Creator. Allah accepted their repentance, and they left Heaven and descended to earth.

The story of how Iblees tricked Adam and Eve and incited them to commit a sin teaches us valuable lessons. Since humans have free will, it is up to us to beware of the deceit of Iblees and avoid giving in to evil desires. We should never forget that Iblees is on a constant mission to lead us astray.

The tactics of Iblees

Iblees strives to make this world look appealing and enticing to mankind. Attachment to this world is something that can lead a believer to neglect his religious duties and indulge in acts that displease his Lord, weakening him in faith and piety. Iblees seeks to lure people by making them focus solely on the worldly life so that they forget the straight path that Allah commands them to follow.

Satan’s ultimate aim is to make people commit sins, disobey Allah, and ultimately to go astray. He wants believers to become polytheists. In Surah Faatir, Allah clearly tells us that Shaitan is an enemy and we should treat him as such.

Allah commands mankind to believe in Him, worship Him alone, submit to Him, and obey Him. Shaitan seeks to lead mankind astray and cause everyone to enter the Hellfire where he is also headed. He makes sins and evil acts appear attractive and pleasing so that he tempts man to commit them.

Satan is a stealthy operator who has long-term goals of leading people to Hell but knows how to go about it sneakily. He wants to lead people into disbelief and idolatry and works on this by luring them into sin and disobedience. Additionally, he uses his whispers to misguide man. He distracts man during his prayers and acts of worship with useless matters and makes harmful things seem alluring.

Shaitan spreads enmity between people and plants doubts in their minds. He makes charity seem like something detrimental that will lead to poverty, and he causes issues in marriages. Satan has assistants among mankind and jinn. He knows how to trick people and misguide them in a subtle way so that they unsuspectingly fall into his trap.

Ways to protect ourselves from Iblees

To sufficiently protect oneself from Shaitan, it is essential that we are aware of his sly tactics. To combat the threat of Iblees, believers must also be aware of his whispers, ignore them, and never act upon them.

One who experiences the whispers of Iblees should seek refuge with Allah. Faith and trust in Allah are a must. Furthermore, fearing Allah alone is critical, as Iblees frequently makes people fear Allah’s creation, which diverts them from steadfastly adhering to the straight path.

Remembrance of Allah drives Shaitan away and is crucial in the quest to overcome him. We should also strive to gain correct Islamic knowledge. It is vital to seek refuge in Allah from Iblees. In addition, we must remember that Iblees also relies on people being ungrateful to Allah to get them to go astray.

Hence, we should always be thankful to Allah for bestowing us with faith and ask Him to protect it. We should constantly exercise God-consciousness and show gratitude to Allah for His countless blessings.

Wrapping Up

In closing, the presence of Shaitan in Islam is an undeniable truth, and comprehending his cunning ways is crucial for believers. The tale of Adam and Eve’s temptation serves as a poignant lesson, underlining the importance of staying vigilant against Shaitan’s sly whispers and temptations. Seeking refuge in Allah, mindful remembrance, and genuine gratitude are the essential shields against his influence. Awareness and unwavering faith stand as our stalwart allies in the ongoing battle against Shaitan’s relentless efforts to lead humanity astray.






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