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Reality Of The World Of Jinns In Islam

The Reality Of The World Of Jinns In Islam

Allah says in Surah Rahman that He created Jinns from a smokeless flame of fire. The Prophet (PBUH) said the same, as recorded in Hadith. Allah even named a Surah of the Quran – Surah Jinn. Jinns are similar to human beings, in that they have free will. However, they live in a parallel world where humans can’t generally see them.

The word Jinn is derived from Janna. The meaning of Janna is to hide or conceal. That fits their characteristic of not being visible for humans. As a result of this, many ignorant Muslims, or Muslims who don’t take Islam as seriously as they should, deny the reality of their existence. However, we only need to look at the Quran. Allah says that He created humans and jinn to worship Him in Surah ad-Dhariyat.

Allah says in Surah Hijr that He created Jinns before man. Due to their free will, they may accept Allah as their Lord, i.e., be Muslim or not. Allah says in Surah Jinn that a group of Jinns listened to the recitation of the Quran and accepted it, saying they would never commit shirk. However, Iblis (Satan) is a Jinn as well; he also has many followers among the non-Muslim Jinns.

Satan’s disobedience

Allah documents in Surah al-Kahf how He created the first man, i.e., Adam (a.s.). The angels then bowed down to Adam upon being told to do so by Allah. However, Iblis refused to bow down. He stated that he was superior to Adam because he was made of fire like other Jinns while Adam was made of clay. Hence, arrogance was his downfall.

As a result of his disobedience, Allah banished Iblis from Heaven. Unremorseful, he pledged to destroy most of the descendants of Adam. Allah said that he would not be able to affect the believing servants about humans.

The abilities of Jinns

Jinns are different from humans because of their abilities. Allah has given them extra power as a test, and He will hold them accountable if they misuse it.

They can take other forms

Jinns can assume any physical form they wish to take in the eyes of humans. Therefore, they can appear as anything on Earth, which serves to explain many strange incidents in the world of humans. People often report sighting unusual or unnatural things. If they understand the concept of Jinns, then it all makes sense.

Jinns can possess other creatures

This is something that is a great sin for Jinns to engage in because it causes immense harm to the victim. Jinns may engage in this for many reasons. Chiefly, they may do it simply due to being evil.

The Prophet (PBUH) recommended that Muslims read Surah al-Baqarah often to ward off the evil effects of the Jinns, such as Iblis. The concept of exorcism can only be achieved with the help of Allah, by invoking Him to help the affected person.

The recital of many short Surahs in the Quran is also to counter the effects of Jinns. By reciting the final Surah of the Quran, we ask to seek refuge in Allah from evil, including that which emanates from Jinns.

They help so-called magicians and fortune tellers

Jinns are an important part of many activities that are out of the ordinary. In many cases, magic tricks and the like are probably simple tricks. People can do these with ease with slight movements or by tricking the eye. However, in other cases, a magician or someone doing some magical act is likely to have assistance from the jinns.

Among their characteristics that can aid magicians are things like traveling great distances in a split second. Making large objects disappear and reappear or flying without any discernible support are classic cases of acts that are likely to have the assistance of Jinns. Fortune telling is also one of the acts often assisted by Jinns. For this reason, the Prophet (PBUH) said that if anyone goes and asks a fortune teller about their future, their prayer won’t be accepted for 40 days.

As a result of helping magicians, etc., Jinns often make them worship other than Allah. Therefore, they aim to make people commit shirk, which they can achieve with relative ease through this method.

Jinns’ manipulative activities

Due to their ability to take certain forms, Jinns can manipulate people. They do this by taking forms of religious figures, for example. Christians may say that they say a holy figure after asking God for a sign. In reality, what they may have seen is a Jinn assuming the holy figure’s form. This can also happen with other religions. As a result, people’s wrongful belief in religions besides Islam becomes strengthened.

Another way they can manipulate people is if they pretend to be the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or other revered Islamic figures. Then, they tell people in dreams that they don’t need to engage in rituals of worship, such as the five daily prayers. Hence, they take people away from Islam and Islamic activities and encourage people to commit haram acts.

How can Muslims seek protection from Jinns?

Seeking refuge in Allah from evils such as Iblis and the Jinns is one of the cornerstones of Islam. Every Muslim needs to seek refuge in Allah. The most highly recommended method for this is by reciting the last two Surahs of the Quran. There are also other duas prescribed for recital after prayers to seek refuge in Allah.

Allah told us to say Bismillah for this reason as well. Saying this during many occasions when we are starting something is a way of gaining barakah and being protected from the devils. Additionally, it’s also important for Muslims to learn the many Sunnah duas that the Prophet (PBUH) prescribed for us.

The Prophet (PBUH) also recommended the recital of Surah al-Baqarah for seeking refuge in Allah from Iblis and satans. Reciting Ayat al-Kursi (2:255), in particular, is one of the best methods of seeking refuge.

The strongest form of protection for a person against Jinns is to have strong faith in Allah and always to remember and glorify Him. For this reason, we must always have taqwa, i.e., remembering Allah and being aware of His presence. Learning duas and Surahs assists us with this as well. Of course, getting close to Allah is also beneficial for our lives in this world and the Hereafter. Therefore, it’s a win-win for us in every situation! Let’s get started today on the path to betterment in the way of Allah and Islam.

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, Jinns, created from a smokeless flame of fire, coexist in a parallel world, often unseen by humans. Their free will allows them to choose faith or disbelief.Jinns possess unique abilities and may influence humans. Seeking refuge in Allah through recitation, remembrance, and unwavering faith is essential to guard against their mischief.