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Learn Quran at Online Quran Academy in Pittsburgh, USA

Learn Quran at Online Quran Academy in Pittsburgh, USA

The first verses of the Quran, from Surah Al-Alaq, revealed by Jibrail (a.s.) to the Prophet (PBUH), ordered us to recite in the name of Allah, our Most Generous Creator. He is the One who granted us knowledge of what we did not know. The focus of this message was on reciting the first revealed verses of the Quran. You can learn the Quran at an online Quran Academy.

Learning and reciting the Quran is a matter of utmost importance for Muslims. This process usually commences in childhood. Muslim parents who wish to raise their kids on the right path often arrange for Quran classes. The conventional method for learning Quran nowadays is via an online Quran Academy.

Parents looking for the best solution for their children don’t need to look any further than our Online Quran Academy in Pittsburgh. This Quran Academy in the USA is a reputable institution, offering online Quran classes of the highest quality to children all over the world for many years.

Advantages of studying at an online Quran Academy

Online Quran Academies in USA offer a wealth of options for Muslims. In comparison to traditional Quran classes held in mosques, etc., Quran Academies provide a wide variety of tutors. Quran Tutors with different specializations and female tutors for girls are usually widely available.

These institutions offer convenience over everything else. There is no need to travel anywhere for either teacher or student. As a result, prices are also generally more affordable. Due to the competitive market and demand, the quality is paramount, and teachers have experience and qualifications.

Quran classes and lessons are generally one-on-one, which ensures that the student has the teacher’s undivided attention. This enables the student to learn more in a shorter period and ensures high quality of lessons, in contrast to the usual practice in classes at mosques.

Studying at home provides parents with the ability to oversee lessons and see their children’s progress themselves. This may not be possible with classes held at a mosque or institution. Safety is also enhanced, as the child doesn’t have to go anywhere.

Disadvantages of studying at an online Quran Academy

The main downside of studying online rather than visiting a mosque is that you miss out on the atmosphere is studying in a mosque, which is ideally suited to something as serious as Quran learning. Similarly, you also don’t acquire the rewards that Muslims are promised for visiting mosques.

Another potential drawback of online learning is that the benefits gained via face-to-face interaction are lost. Students also don’t have to adhere to the same levels of discipline as they would have in a classroom. Due to the distance, the connection between the student and teacher remains very formal rather than personal.

Quran Academy USA
Quran Academy in USA

Details of courses and learning programs

Online Quran Academy firstly offers a program for beginners. This is for those children who do not know Arabic and the Quran at all. This course enables kids to recognize the Arabic alphabet and begin to read and pronounce Arabic words and sentences.

Next, there is a Tajweed course. This is for kids who already know the basics of Arabic and can read words and sentences. Tajweed teaches them the rules and characteristics of Arabic letters. The course enables children to pronounce Quranic verses correctly.

Following this is a course for Arabic. This is, once again, for beginners. Kids get to learn the Arabic alphabet and Arabic vocabulary alongside grammatical rules. Eventually, they will be able to read the Quran and also formulate sentences in the Arabic language.

Succeeding this is a program that teaches children some of the basics about Islam. Duas (supplications) are also taught to the kids. Children will be informed about the five pillars, and they will be familiarized with a host of daily duas. Additionally, memorization of some short surahs is also encouraged.

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Up next is a course that is desirable to many Muslim parents and their children. This is the Quran memorization course. The experienced tutors adopt the latest techniques and tips as they help students to achieve this target. Students can expect to learn Tajweed and master recitation (Qirat) during this course.

Last but not least is a Quran translation course. Understanding of the Quran is, of course, the ultimate aim. Children will get to learn word-by-word translations of the Holy Book and explanations of the meaning of the words Allah is conveying.