Quran Learning Classes in the UK and USA

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UK and USA are the developed countries of the world, in these countries, the advancement of science and technology is on the rise, we can say, without any doubt, that these are the epicenter of progress and development. The use of science and technology for educational purposes is the norm of the Day. We are witness that there are universities and colleges which are offering BS and MS programs online.

Similarly, the use of technology for the education of the Quran does not need any introduction, particularly in the UK and the USA. People are taking benefits from online Quran classes, and the numbers are on the rise of the people who are of the view to use this technology for the education of the holy Quran for their children.

Online Quran classes are one of a great way to learn the Quran in the UK and the USA. A great number of people like for their children to be taught the Holy Quran by online Quran classes. It is the modern and great way to learn the Quran thoroughly; it may be the best choice of the people in this case when a great teacher of learning Quran is in Pakistan, the parents of the children want them to teach the holy Quran by the teacher in Pakistan, there is only one way which can help them to achieve the services of Pakistani teachers.

 There are other methods, although they are less used, but have their presence; for example, the students do not go anywhere or to take any online class for Quran learning, rather they teach the holy Quran from their parents. Similarly, the presence of the traditional way of learning the Quran is also there.

Learning the Quran gives us sets of guidance, which makes our life easy in the present world; similarly, in the world after death, we will have a great advantage of learning the Quran.

We do not let our children waste any opportunity to learn the holy Quran.

Why Online Quran classes are the norm of the Day?

We all know that the UK and the USA are the advanced countries; most people in these countries use online Quran classes for the Quranic education of their children. What are those characteristics on the basis of which people understand their favorite?

Online Quran classes promote easiness from beginning to end. There is no difficult registration process to attend the online classes, which gets a high appreciation from the students and their parents.

Similarly, the offering of trial classes is the characteristics that are second to none. There are countless benefits of trial classes; it acts to make us aware of the quality of education providing by the required institutes. We can check the strategy which the teacher adopts to make the students learn the holy Quran in the initial trial classes.

The availability of male and female teachers makes the heart of every student and their parents great. Now, the children are free to learn from the male or female teacher what they like.

It has always been a great problem that the parents and teachers cannot be able to measure the progress of the students in clear figures, there are several reasons behind this phenomena.

 in the traditional Quran classes, we cannot be able to do this because of heavy numbers of students, but online Quran classes due to fewer students solve our this problem also, it provides us an opportunity to organize the interactive session which becomes the pillar of success for learning because it provides the teacher an opportunity to judge the progress with the tool of strategy, which makes him or her enabled to make the decision.

There are some other advantages of online Quran classes, which tend everyone to make their children join online Quran classes.

The details of these classes are following.

The modern way of Quran learning in the UK and USA

Who does not know the importance of online Quran classes of learning Quran, our world is entering a new phase after the advancement of science and technology; it is in continuous change.

The impact of change in the UK and the USA is rapid. Many Muslims were living there, continuously coming to the online classes of the Quran. Perhaps, it may be the reason that the people living in these countries are busy; online Quran classes are the tool by which the people save their time and spend this time in another way.

This is the miracle of the progress in the field of connectivity when the field of connectivity improved; it generated the capacity to use it for a different purpose, 

for example, cell phones, video calling, the most credible use of connectivity, is the Internet, which is being an important part of our every work.

In online Quran classes, the Internet becomes the most important thing. Without the Internet, there is no class.

There are some demerits of online Quran classes, for example, there is a lot of difference between the physical class and online class, for example, the online class cannot provide us those necessary things which we can get easily by physical class, for example, less progress is recorded in online classes of the holy Quran than the traditional classes of holy Quran. It is another big problem that an average student needs more attention from the teacher than the brilliant students; online Quran classes seem to fail to provide them more attention from the teacher, while in traditional Quran classes, it becomes very easy to provide the more attention if the student requires.

The merits of the modern way of Quran learning has been discussed above, based upon these merits; we can easily guess why it is becoming one of the favorite methods to learn the holy Quran.

But, in the overall situation, the ratio of the number of peoples towards the of the online Quran classes is growing Day by Day, which indicates the popularity of this system in the UK and USA.

The old way of learning Quran

This system is the old system of learning the Quran, which was started by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Although this system is unique in method and approach but this system is old, it has been replaced with the new one.

We have a list of advantages and disadvantages of this system. In fact, people show a likeness to new things which come in their life; they personally want to leave the old one and use the new one. We can say that it is the natural trend of the human; there is no one who can undo this. It is the main reason why people are shifting from the old way of learning the Quran to the modern way of learning the Quran.

In the UK and USA, the old way of learning the Quran is still in use although, it is not more.


The holy book of Allah is the best source of guidance that not only saves us from doing sins in the present world, but it also saves us from being part of hell. Learning the Holy Quran is the matter of the owner for the person. In a Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ‘ the one who memorized the holy Quran, when he will come to Allah Almighty at the Day of judgment, Allah will say to him that you are supposed to go upside with the recitation of the Holy Quran when the holy Quran ends, it will be your destination. ‘

We can guess what the designation of the person is who recites and memorizes the Holy Quran. In this Hadith, we have a lesson for us; we should never waste our time and go to learn the Quran through online Quran classes. It is one of the best means to learn the holy Quran.

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