10 Facts about Waqia-E-Karbala That Every Muslim Should Know

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In the history of Islam, several incidents occur in this month of Muharram i.e., the first month in the Islamic calendar and second sacred month. However, there are some important facts of this month in Islamic history that every Muslim should know.

10 Facts about Waqia-E-Karbala

Following are the most known facts in Islamic History which took place in the month of Muharram:

1. Guidance of Hazrat Imam (alaihis salam) to People of Kufa

Hazrat Imam Hussain guided the people of Kufa that they should not start a war. However, the Kufa people asked Hazrat Imam that they were being targeted by the Kalifa of that time, so they need the help of Hazrat Imam.

2. First Shaheed of Karbala

Hazrat Imam sent Hazrat Muslim Ibn-e-Aqeel with one response for the Kufa people, but unfortunately, the people of Yazeed targeted Hazrat Muslim Ibn-e-Aqeel. So, this also took place in the month of Muharram.

3. No Army of Hazrat Imam Hussain (alaihis salam)

One should know that there was no army of the Hazrat Imam; however, 72 members of his family and other followers were his companions. So, he had no extra Army as other leaders had.

4. Meeting of Farzooq with Hazrat Imam Hussain (alaihis salam)

In this whole journey, Imam Hussain met with one poet, Farzooq. Farzooq said to Hazrat Imam that he should not move to Kufa because the people would take the side of the government to kill him there. Therefore, he asked Hazrat Imam Hussain to avoid his movement towards Kufa.

5. The arrival of Imam Hussain in Karbala

Once Hazrat Imam arrived at Karbala, then he started looking at land. In this manner, he bought the land. He knew that it would be the last place where he would finally rest. So, he bought a piece of land in the area.

6. The Returning of the Hur to Hazrat Imam

Hur is the person who asked Hazrat Imam from getting water returned to the Imam the night just before the battle, and he asked for forgiveness. On the other hand, he also gave his life for the Imam.

7. Youngest Shaheed of Karbala

Hazrat Ali Asghar was the youngest Shaheed of Karbala, who was only six months old. He was killed with the poison arrow, which was used to kill the wild horses. So, he was the youngest shaheed of the Karbala.

8. Male Survivor of the Battle

Muslims should remember that there was only one male survivor of the Battle. The only male survivor of the battle was Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen, who didn’t fight. He was ill and became the prisoner with other women of the Imam Hussain’s family. So, he was only the survivor of the battle.

9. Last Shaheed of Karbala

Hazrat Imam Hussain was the last shaheed of Karbala. The head of Imam Hussain was cut off, and it was paraded around the Yazeed’s army. Thus, Muslims should know about this fact of Muharram.

10. The Women of Imam Hussain’s Family

It is one of the facts that the women of the Imam Hussain family, along with the Prophet Muhammad PBUH granddaughter, were chained together. They were paraded through the area of Syria. Those women were prisoners at that time.

How to Learn About These Facts in Details

All the believers can easily know about these facts without any hesitation with the help of online Quran classes. However, there are several information forums where Muslims can learn the Holy Quran and Islamic History over those hubs. Similarly, Quran classes are available for several places online. One can get trial classes and learn about these facts in detail.


Therefore, Muslims should know all these facts about Muharram. However, it becomes somehow difficult for people to get authentic knowledge. Still, one must remember that the online Quran Classes will avail you of your home’s authentic knowledge. So, you can learn these ten facts about Waqia-e-Qarbala without any hesitation.

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