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Online Quran Classes In 2022: Why You Should Opt For it?

Online Quran Classes In 2022: Why You Should Opt For it?

Online Quran classes In 2022 are a common way of learning the Quran nowadays. It is the preferred choice for many due to widespread internet and smart device access. Quran classes on Skype are a fast-growing method to learn the Quran. Online studying also has a lot of positives in general. This is why online Quran classes are increasing in popularity since 2020.

The Holy Quran is the most important book for a Muslim. It contains a lot of the knowledge that Muslims need to worship Allah properly. Allah revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S) and preserved it because it is His word. It is a miraculous book with far-reaching benefits. Reciting the Quran also enables us to attain Allah’s blessing. The Prophet (PBUH) said that the best Muslims are those who learn the Quran and teach it.

Wide  2022 variety of Quran teachers for Online Quran Classes In 2022

Whenever a Muslim studies the Quran at a mosque or an institution, they may feel that they don’t have many options for the teachers. A particularly difficult thing may be finding female teachers for parents who have this preference. Hence, there are limited options.

With online Quran classes at online Quran academies, there are a number of options. There is a high demand for Quran tutors. Additionally, there is a lot of competition in online institutions as well. Therefore, there is no lack of options among the online Quran tutor industry.

The standard of teachers with online Quran classes is high. With the competitive nature of Quran teachers online, the cream of the crop rises. Quran institutions usually have comprehensive recruitment methods to ensure that quality is preferred. Competency, knowledge, and experience are a must.

Nowadays, parents often have concerns about Quran tutors and their methods. For example, many teachers opt for harsh methods to make students learn the Quran. Sometimes, they may even go as far as striking children if they make mistakes. This is not a factor with online Quran classes.

The convenience of online Quran classes

Convenience is the biggest advantage of studying the Quran online. Unlike physical classes held in the traditional way, there is no traveling or physical presence required. This saves time for both teachers and students.

Skype Quran classes have no such limitation. Any student can study the Quran all over the world. The only requirements are a good internet connection alongside a smart device or computer. A student in the West or the Far East can easily study with a teacher from the Middle East.

Online Quran classes are usually very affordable. When one considers the time and money saved due to the elimination of travel, this is further put into perspective. You will get better value for money when you learn the Quran at an online Quran academy.

Benefits and drawbacks of online Quran classes

Quran classes usually have a standardized method of learning. A number of students are put together in a class and a teacher gives a certain amount of time to the whole class. Each student may get a few minutes of direct studying with the tutor.

With online classes, the most common method is one-on-one studying. Teachers focus on one student at a time. The focus is all on the student that the tutor is teaching at a specific time. This allows the student the teacher’s complete attention, due to which he or she can progress faster. The teacher’s job is also easier as the focus isn’t divided among a group of learners.

One of the downsides of online Quran classes is that the same level of discipline and devotion is hard to replicate at home. Quran classes are often held at mosques and simply going to mosques is rewarding. Mosques have always been an important part of Islam and the community. The atmosphere of a mosque or Quran institution is hard to find at home.

In this aspect, students or their teachers can take steps to try and rectify this issue. They should ensure complete focus and attention during their classes and study in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The Holy Quran is a serious matter and must be treated as such.

Online Quran courses

It is important to understand that online Quran academies have a wide variety of options and cater to learners of many different ages and abilities. Some courses are designed for beginners whereas some are from more advanced learners.

Online Quran classes on Skype for beginners are usually to do with learning the Quran from scratch. This can be in the form of a Quran reading course that focuses completely on the recitation aspect. It can also be in the form of a more Arabic-centered course via which students will gain a better understanding of Arabic. Tajweed classes are focused on the more technical aspects of recitation. There is also a course of basic Islamic education for youngsters or newcomers to Islam. In this, the focus is on the basic structure of a Muslim’s life. That includes the pillars of Islam, supplications, etc.

A more advanced level consists of Quran memorization and Quran translation. Very young students can also take the Quran memorization classes but it’s recommended that they have some prior knowledge about the basics of Quran reading. Quran translation is an important online Quran class for many Muslims around the world. Understanding the Quran and acting upon it is equally important for an Islamic perspective.


The Prophet (PBUH) said in a famous Hadith that when Allah wants something good for a person, he gives him an understanding of Islam. The Quran is the main path for a person to gain Islamic knowledge. Muslims should start learning it at a young age. More Muslim parents should also encourage their students to understand the Quran and act upon it. Simply reading it and memorizing it is not good enough if one doesn’t focus on living according to Allah’s directives.

This is especially important in the world nowadays when many Muslims are going away from Islam. Islam is under attack from all corners with everyone trying to discredit it, and often Muslims buy into negative perspectives. This can all be avoided if they know their religion and have certainty about it rather than doubts.

Online studies are gaining traction now more than ever. Online classes are already commonplace and there is no reason that the same shouldn’t apply regarding the Quran. For many Muslims in the West or in countries with a smaller number of Muslims, it is the only way to learn the Quran.

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