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Islamic Dua for Students - Prayers for getting knowledge

Islamic Dua for Students – Prayers for getting knowledge

Students go to school, colleges, and universities to get an education. These students don’t have an equal mental level; for example, some students are brilliant; they just need to see the lesson and memorize it. But some students have to do hard work repeatedly even to learn the lesson of one day. Spiritual help is an essential factor that can play a crucial role in the process of a learning lesson. It is the advantage for the Muslim students that they can get help from Allah almighty in their task. Surely, Allah helps them, and they get success. There are several prayers for study available to get success in the process of studying. Let’s explore some Dua for students.

Prayers for students for getting knowledge

There are different prayers available for the students, which often prove helpful for the students. We just need to learn these Dua.

In a Hadith narrated in the book of Muslim by Zaid Bin Alqam RA, this Dua is present in this Hadith.

‘ Allahuma inne Aoozo bika min imil la yunfaaoo wa min qalabal la yakhshao wa min nafseen ya yashbaoo wa min la yasstajaboo laha.’

English translation of Dua

‘ O Allah, I seek refuge in you from the kind of knowledge which does not give benefit, from the heart in which there is no fear, from the soul which does not become satisfied and Dua which is not accepted.’

This is the Dua, which Prophet Muhammad PBUH offered, the present Dau shows what the value of the beneficial knowledge near Prophet PBUH was. There are several Dua, which Prophet PBUH used to get helpful knowledge from Allah.

We can also offer this Dua. Inshallah, it will help us in the process of getting knowledge because, according to the Hadith of the Prophet PBUH, it is obligatory for every Muslim to learn knowledge. We should recite this Dua if we want Allah to help us in getting knowledge.

Allah has also told us how to offer Dua to get knowledge. It shows the importance of knowledge before Allah almighty.

Allah said in Surah Taha chapter no 20 in verse no 114, ‘ Rabbi Zindni Ilmaa.’

English translation of Dua

‘O Allah, increase my knowledge (Information).’

The present verse of the Quran shows two important things on us; the first is the importance of knowledge before Allah; the second is how Allah is making us learn to seek knowledge from him. We should recite this Dua repeatedly because it is told by Allah himself.

According to Hadith of the beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ‘ get the knowledge if you have to go to China. ‘

The present Hadith confirms two important things before us; the one is that the importance before Prophet Muhammad PBUH and the second is that it is clear from going to China that we should go there to learn the knowledge related to the worldly life but not of religion because, at that time, no one was there to give the Muslims knowledge of religion.

Quranic Dua

Allah has made us learn several Quranic Dua for getting help from him while studying, for example, in Surah Taha, Allah said in verse 25-28,

‘ Qala Rabasharakh lee sadree, wa yaser lee umree, Wahlul aqadatimil lasani, wa yafqahoo qoolee.’

We can recite this prayer before the exam.
O sustainer, open my heart completely and make my work easy for me, and loosen the weakness from my tongue so that they can understand what I speak.’

This is the Quranic Dua for studying, which Allah wanted us to learn directly from him because he has the ability to vast our knowledge and to make our brain fully able to grasp all the knowledge. It is essential for us to seek grace from Allah, particularly in studying.

The advantage of this Dua is that it is easy to learn and memorize because of shortness.

In the early ages of Islam, after winning the War of Badr, Prophet Muhammad PBUH decided to make the Muslim students learn knowledge of writing and reading from prisoners of war. The Muslims imposed the condition of making the students learn for release.

It is obligatory for Muslims to learn the knowledge not only of the religion but to the worldly also.

Dua for having better exams

If one is going to appear in the exam, it is essential to have spiritual power with us. It will save us from forgetting and mixing knowledge. If we recite this Dua for the exam, Allah’s help will also be with us. It will increase our productivity.

‘Allah huma inne Assaluka ya Mudakhir ul Khair Wafa laahoo wa al amara bahee zikarni maa insane hishatan’

It is better to recite this dua before the exam.

English translation of Dua

‘ O Allah, I ask you the one who makes visible goodness and actualizes it and control it, make me remind those things which Satan made me forget. ‘

This Dua will surely make us able to manage spiritual help from Almighty Allah; we should recite this Dua repeatedly while having exams. It will be beneficial for us.

The following prayer is also for studying purposes.

‘ Allahumma infaaani Bimmaa ilamtanee wa allimni yanfaunni, Allahuma inni asaluka fahmal nabiayan wa hifzal musaleen al muqarabeen.’

English translation of this Dua

‘ Oh, Allah almighty, make useful for me what knowledge you have given me, make me reach to the knowledge who will be good for me, Oh Allah, I seek you from you the understanding of the prophet and the memory of the messenger PBUH and those people who are near you.’

It is the vast Dua which lets us seek the memory of the messenger and understanding of Prophets. For a Muslim student, it is essential for us to have sound worldly knowledge as well as knowledge of religion. We should come forward and get knowledge.

Islam emphasizes us to get knowledge. In the Quran, Allah also encouraged us to conduct research and gather knowledge. Islam also makes us promote authentic knowledge by dong experimentation.

 If you feel that the lesson is painful and you are boring, there are some Dua, which ensures Allah help with you, it will make your lesson easy for you. In fact, it ensures the spiritual help of Allah with the students.

‘ Allahuma la sahala illa maa jahalta hu Sahla wa anta taj alu al-hazana idha shaita sahila.’

English translation of Dua

‘ O Allah almighty, things are not easy except what you have made easy for us, if you wish, make the difficult work easy for us.’

We have the advantage that we can directly talk to Allah by offering prayer. We can recite Dua if we have some wish similarly if we have to wish Allah to be with us in our learning process. His help can be with us If we recite this Dau.

Moreover, it is necessary to have the spiritual help of Allah almighty for the students to be successful help by Allah almighty.

If we are students, we definitely need to have a healthy and good memory; if we don’t have a strong memory, it will be difficult for us to learn the lesson. One of the essential ways to have a strong memory is to pray Almighty Allah.

We can recite this prayer for exam success.

‘ Subhana Mala Yatadee Alaa ahla mumlika ta subkhana maalaa ya khuza ahlul arza bilwaanal ahzaba subkhana Rauufur Raheema Alahumaaj ulleee fee qalbee nooraan wabasra wa fahumaa wa ilmaa innakka aalla kulla sheeaain qadeer.’

English translation of Dua

‘ in the name of Allah Almighty, the most kind and most benevolent, glory be to him who does not do injustice to the people of his kingdom, glory be to him who does not allow the difficulty come quickly upon people, glory be to the compassionate the bountiful,

O Allah fills my heart with true knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment; surely, you have the ability to do all.’

This Dua is vast, and we should recite it after obligatory prayer. It will be useful for us.

If someone becomes depressed due to the hard work and pressure of the studying, it is useful for him to recite this Dua; moreover, it is the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to recite this Dua while he became depressed due to the situation.

‘ Allahuma inee aaozobika manul hamma wal huzaan wa aauzo bika minal ujza wal kasal wa aaozbika wa aauzbika minal jubn wal bukhal wa aauzo bika minn gulbahudeen wa qahrar rajal.’

English translation of Dua

 ‘ O Allah almighty, I seek refuge in you from being depressed and being sorrowful. I seek refuge in you from being lazy and being weak; I seek refuge in you from being a miser or being coward, I seek refuge in you from the tension of debts and being oppressed by a person. ‘

This is another vast Dua which helps us to ensure the spiritual help of Allah almighty. It becomes necessary for some time when one loses heart due to the hardness of the task. We should recite this Dua if we want the help of Allah almighty to be with us in studying and in the process of examining.

Which Dua is best for reciting before taking the class?

The class is an essential part of the process by getting knowledge. It is evident that the teacher cannot pay his attention to the entire class equally. This Dua can help us having spiritual help from Allah almighty.

‘ Allahuma ikkhrajni min zulomati wahmi, wa akrimni be nuril fahiimi, Allahuma afta Alana abwaba rahmatika, wa anshur alyna khazeena uloomeka be rahmetaka ya arrhamar rahkhamaeen.’

English translation of Dua

‘ O Allah almighty, open for us the door of mercy and open for us the treasure of knowledge by your bounty, o the most merciful of merciful one. ‘

This Dua is vast and second to none. In fact, the inclusion of the presence of spiritual help increases our ability to grasp knowledge. It is totally the matter of Allah; if he does not want to be familiar with the knowledge, how can we get knowledge?

Therefore, his help is necessary to be with us in the process of getting knowledge. We can recite to pray for success in exams.

Prayer of a better understanding of knowledge for students

The students should recite this Dua for a better understanding of knowledge; this Dua is following.

‘ Allahuma akrimnee binoorli wha kharajenee min zulamata wahmi waftah Alana abwabil ilmak, wa anshur alana khazzanu maa riftika ya arhamar rahameen. Allahuma waffiqnee fil mutaa-alaati bihalaa jamee il mushkalata maasa-ili minul kutuba barahmitaka arhamar rahameeen.’

English translation of Dua

‘o Allah almighty, bestow me with the light of your understanding, bring me out from the darkness of doubt and open door for knowledge and make open the treasure of recognition, o the best of merciful ones. ‘

It is better to recite this prayer before studying.

O Allah, give me the courage to study and sort out all the punching problems through text, by the help of your mercy, o all the best merciful ones.’

We can easily see this Dua is vast through this Dua; we can have Allah’s help to understand our difficult books and texts. It assists us in exams also.

In the holy Quran, chapter number 20 and verse no 114, Allah says in the Quran about the importance of knowledge. ‘Increase my knowledge.’

Knowledge is important more than the importance of wealth and property. No doubt, knowledge is the wonderful thing about which Allah directed his Prophet PBUH to pray more so that he can be given more knowledge.

In a Hadith, narrated in Bukhari, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ if one follows a path to get useful knowledge, Allah will make the way easy for him to enter Paradise.’

In a Hadith, which narrated in the book of Bukhari, beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, we seek from Allah to enter us in ParadiseParadise. Seeking knowledge is the more important thing that will take us to Paradise.

Dua to Allah to get knowledge

This is important to seek an increase in knowledge from Almighty Allah, who is running all affairs of the universe.

‘ Allahumuj aalee fee qalbee noraaan wa basraaan wa fahuma wa ilmaaan inaaka aalaa kullaa sheeeain qadeer.’

English translation of Dua for students

‘ O Allah Almighty, let me make full my heart with light and insight, and with knowledge and understanding, truly, you can cope with all things.’

This is another short Dua, which lets us seek the help of Allah almighty to increase our knowledge.

The rewards of a teacher who involves in all this process as an essential element, Messenger of Allah almighty PBUH, said in these words.

The process of getting knowledge is having a lot of importance near Allah almighty.

‘When a person departures from this world, all his deeds come to an end, but there are three deeds the rewards of which he continues to get. The first deed is of beneficial knowledge he gives to another person and the right one from his family who prays for him and the ongoing charity.’

In the present Hadith, Prophet PBUH describes the status of the teacher near Allah and his Messenger PBUH.

Wrong perception of knowledge

It is essential for us to get knowledge. The most common and wrong perception is that there is only one knowledge about which Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH talks about, and this is the knowledge of religion.

While the real fact is that Allah himself encouraged us to conduct research and gather knowledge about everything. Similarly, there are different Ahadith which encourage us to get knowledge; for example, we must get knowledge either you have to go to China.

By this Hadith, we can quickly get the point that Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH give equal importance to get both knowledges.

How to increase knowledge by reciting Dua

In the following, there is one famous Darood shareef to recite in Dua about increasing knowledge.

‘ O Allah, bless Prophet Muhammad and his family, o Allah I request you for the knowledge which will give me benefit good deeds and firm memory and wise understanding power,

And a sound intellect by you bounty and mercy, o the most merciful of merciful ones,’

We can recite this Dua to increase our knowledge. We should recite these Dua necessarily because Allah is running all the affairs of the universe. He can give increase our knowledge from his treasure.

Quranic Dua for knowledge

Allah has told us the method according to which we can seek help in obtaining knowledge from Allah almighty.

In Surah Al-Baqra, verse no 32, Allah says in the Quran,

‘Praise on you, we have no knowledge except some knowledge which you have bestowed on us; indeed, it is you who are knowing all.’

This Quranic Dua can prove itself helpful to seek an increase of knowledge from Allah almighty.

We are all Muslims. It is an advantage to us that Allah and Prophet Muhammad both told us how to seek an increase in knowledge and how to get a better understanding of knowledge by the help of Allah almighty. No doubt, now we cannot seek the knowledge quickly but to extend the knowledge for other Muslims.

Different Ahadith and verses of the Quran about knowledge

Allah and his Messenger PBUH have implemented the acquisition of knowledge by conducting research. The Muslims had seen the bright period of their high status in knowledge. We can see Jabir bin Hayan as the renowned scientist of Chemistry, Bou Ali Seena as the specialist doctor, Al-Razi as the surgical specialist. We can easily guess that Islam gives essential not only the knowledge of religion but the knowledge of the world also.

There are different verses of the Quran and Ahadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which persist us to obtain knowledge.

Hadith about gaining knowledge

For example, Prophet PBUH said in one of his Hadith, ‘seek knowledge either you have to go to China.’ At that time, the center of the knowledge of religion was Makkah and Madina, and there is no one in China or any other country who could help the Muslim in getting knowledge of the religion. Admittedly, this Hadith of the Prophet was about getting the knowledge of the world.

Allah has also emphasized the acquisition of knowledge. He said to Muhammad PBUH by Angel Gabriel in chapter no 96, verses no 1-5,

‘ Read in the name of your Lord who created you, he created man from the clout of the blood, read, and your lord is honorable the most, who taught by the pen, gave knowledge to the person who knew not,’

It was the time of the first revelation upon Messenger PBUH by Allah almighty when he was present in the cave of Hira when these verses were sent down by Gabriel.

Hadith about gaining knowledge of the Quran

In Sahih Bukari, Ibn Abbas RA narrated a Hadith; Prophet PBUH said,’ teach him the knowledge of the holy book of Quran.’

When most of the people read this Hadith, they infer from this Hadith that Prophet Muhammad PBUH was requesting to Allah to bless him with the knowledge of the religion. Definitely, it is the case, but Islam advised strictly to us that it was necessary for you to conduct research and obtain knowledge. The Quran itself explains this to us to consider what is happening in the universe and gain knowledge from it.

Therefore, we can easily say that this Hadith is not only about the knowledge of religion, but it is also about the knowledge of the world.

In the holy book of the Quran, Allah says in chapter no 35 verse number 28,

‘ it is only those from believers who have the knowledge, fears Allah.’

The present verse tells us that those people who have the knowledge fear Allah the most. It means those people who have no knowledge, will not have a fear of Allah, because they are ignorant of the status Allah almighty has. In fact, the knowledge is some sort of blessing upon the human through which he finds Allah almighty.


In Islam, duas are very important. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us about tons of duas that we can utilize in many different situations. Similarly, we have duas for students as well. We also have duas for various everyday acts, and we can recite these duas to gain benefits. Some of them help us to gain Allah’s protection, whereas others make specific tasks easy for us.

If you are looking to learn more duas, we have a lot of variety for you. Here are some of the authentic duas that you can find elsewhere on our website:

These are just a few of the duas that we can regularly recite. There are others as well, for things as basic as simply entering and exiting the toilet. This shows us that Islam is a religion that covers all aspects of life. It’s not limited to just a few things. Instead, if you do things the correct way as a Muslim, they can even be acts of worship.

For kids who want to gain some basic Islamic knowledge, including learning some easy day-to-day duas, you can consider enrolling your child in our online Quran class. All Muslims should know and be aware of the basics of our religion.