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Dua fro rizq

Best Surah and Dua for Rizq – Dua for wealth

‘The most truthful and accurate speech is the speech of Allah.’ The learning of the Quran is the sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is obligatory for us to get knowledge of this divine source thoroughly. Dua for Rizq is also essential. According to Hadith Qudsi, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,’ Allah said that it is shameful for me if I send back the hand of the believers which raised to seek something from me.’

The present Hadith shows us that Allah becomes happy with the person who seeks from Allah by raising hands, according to different Ahadith, he becomes angry with the person who does not seek by Dua. Moreover, according to Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH,’ Dua is the brain of worship.’

There are different Dua in religious books by various scholars. It is also the sunnah of beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

It is useful for us to know about the best Surah and Dua for Rizq. Both are the sources to get nearness of Allah almighty. We can recite Dua to get a job to increase livelihood.

The best Surah for Rizq in the Quran

The Quran is the collection of rules which also acts as guidance. It is obligatory for us to follow these guidelines. Each word, each verse, and each chapter of the Quran has a lot of importance.

The best Surah of the Quran is Surah al Baqarah. It is the second chapter of this Divine source. The meaning of Baqrah in the Arabic language is the cow. It comprises 286 verses.

The revelation place of this Surah is Madinah.

The powerful verses of the Quran are inside this Surah. Ayatul-Kursi is the powerful verses of the Quran. It is also called verses of the throne.

The importance of Surah Al Baqarah can be guessed by these words of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. A hadith which narrated in the book of Muslim, Tirmidhi and other scholars,

‘do not make your house grave, Satan does not enter in the home where SurahAl Baqarah is recited.’

In another Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ‘ One who regularly recites ten verses from Surah Baqrah, Satan will never enter In this house full night, these are four verses from the beginning of this Surah, the verses of the throne, the two ayat of Surah Baqrah ( 256-257), and the last three verses of Surah Baqrah.’

Surah Baqrah is the Surah of great importance. There are different Ahadith of beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which clearly explained the importance of Surah Baqrah.

The subject matter of Surah Baqrah

Allah discussed several essential points in Surah AL Baqarah.

  1. Allah discussed the laws of Islamic Shariah in Surah Al Baqrah.
  2. One of the essential points which have discussed by Allah is guidance. For example, in this Surah, Allah emphasized Jews and the Mushrakeen of Makkah to embrace Islam; he also warned them for their misappropriate manner regarding Prophet PBUH and his believers.
  3. The concept of Nifaq has also been the part of this Surah, which is visible sing against sincerity. Generally, there are two types of Nifaq, the first is the Nifaq in practice, and the second is Nifaq in belief.
  4. Condemnation is also an essential part of this Surah, for example, Allah has condemned gambling and Alcohol beverages strongly.
  5. Allah has made the discussion about warfare as a necessary part of Surah Al Baqarah.

There are different essential points that have discussed in Surah A’l Baqarah that became a necessary part of the discussion about Islam.

Benefits and Virtues of reciting Surah Baqrah

There are different virtues and benefits of reciting Surah Baqrah. Some are following.

  1. In Ahadith narrated in the book of Bukhari,’ if one recites the last two verses of Surah Baqrah by night, it will be enough for him.’
  2. In the book of Trimdhi, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, ‘ Indeed Allah almighty completed the book before two thousand years before the creation of Earth and heaven, he sends me two Ayah from the end of Surah Baqrah. If these two verses recite for continuously three nights, Stan will never enter in this home.’
  3. According to another Hadith of the Prophet PBUH, ‘do not make your house like the grave, the house where Surah Baqrah is recited, Satan will never enter this house.’

These Ahadith are based on the virtues and benefits of Surah Baqrah.

Dua for Rizq

There are different Musnoon Dua for wealth, which has approved by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Some of these are the following. We can offer Dua to get a job.

Arabic Translation of Dua

‘ Allahuma Akhtir Malee, wa walade, wa barik lee feema a taytanee ( Wa atil Hayatee ala ta atik wa’ ahsin amalee) Wagfhir.’

English translation of Dua

(O Allah almighty, increase my wealth and offspring and bless me in what you have given to me, and make my life in your obedience and rectify my deeds.’

This Dua has narrated two times in the book of Bukhari by two different narrators.

It was narrated by Allah RA, that a salve came and requested that I was not in a condition to pay manumission, so he asked for to help me. Ali RA said, will you not want to listen to some words from me, which the Prophet PBUH taught me.’

He said to Ali RA, please say the words because I want to listen to these words.

Then, Hazrat Ali RA said after the recitation of these words, if your debt is like the mountain of Seer (the name of the mountain), Allah will give you more so that you can remove your debt. ‘

Then, he recited Dua of these words,

‘ Allahuma Akfini be Halalika an Haramika wa aghnini be fadlika amman siwaka.’

English translation of Dua

‘ O Allah almighty, bestowed me with lawful livelihood, reasonable to my needs instead of illegal livelihood and made you enough with your graces needing nothing from anyone.’

This Dua is narrated by Trimdhi in the book of Trimdhi in Hadith number 3563.

Quranic Dua for livelihood

Dua for Rizq from Quran is present in the Quran. In Surah Al-Maida, verse no 114, Allah has himself taught how to seek livelihood from me, ‘ Waarzuqnaa Waa anta Khairur Razaqeen.’

English translation of this Quranic verse,

(Bestow us with livelihood, and no doubt you are the best who gives us a livelihood.’

Say istaghfar more for livelihood.

In Surah Nooh in verses 10-12, Allah is himself saying if you want to get a livelihood, says Istaghfar,

‘ Faqultus tagfiru Rabakum innahu kaana ghafaraa. 

Yursilosamma aa alikum midraraa. 

Wyamdidkum baaamwalive Wabaneen wayajalukum jannative wa yajalakum inharaaa.’

Offer Dua in Fajar prayer for Rizq.

In a Hadith which narrated from Umma Salmaa RA, she said that Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to recite particular Dua after Fajar prayer,

Arabic Translation of Dua

‘ Allahuma inni as aluka riaqaan tayyiban wa ilman nafian wa amalan muttaqabalan.’

English translation of Dua for Rizq

‘ O Allah Almighty, I ask you for a good provision of livelihood, beneficial knowledge, and the deeds which are accepted before you.’

This Dua noted in Hadith narrated by Ahmed and Ibn Majah.

Recite Dua for Rizq

Asking Allah for wealth is not a sin; instead, Allah becomes happy with the person who offers Dua. Moreover, the Holy Prophet PBUH told this Dua to increase in livelihood,

‘ Allahuma Rab us samawatis sabaa warab bil arshal azeem iqza anadeenaa waagniinaa minall fuqr.’

We can also offer Dua for jobs.

English translation of Dua for seeking freedom from poverty

(O Allah Almighty, the lord of seven heavens, and the lord of Arsh repay our debt and make us free from poverty.)

There are several different Dua that have approved by Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which are valuable to increase in livelihood. We can also recite Dua for success in job.

We should seek the grace of Allah almighty. Allah becomes happy with the person who seeks the grace of Allah, and similarly, he becomes angry with the person who does not offer Dua.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, in Islam, learning from the Quran and praying for your livelihood is like a spiritual treasure hunt. The Quran, especially Surah Al Baqarah, is like a map leading you to great rewards. And when you make heartfelt requests to Allah through Duas, it’s like having a personal conversation with the Divine. These practices bring you closer to Allah, enriching your life and blessings.