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How to lose weight in Ramadan Complete guide

How to lose weight in Ramadan Complete guide

Fasting is not the name of just remaining without eating and drinking; it gives us different benefits, for example, health, spiritual, and psychological. So, you may know how to lose weight in Ramadan as a complete guide.

Ramadan in the Book of the Holy Quran  

There are different verses of the Holy Quran in honor of Ramadan. Each verse describes the significance of Ramadan.

Allah said in the Quran,

Weight loss in Ramadan

The Quran is the central related to the Muslims by Allah almighty. Allah has himself described in it that this is not the book by any other rather than Allah. Allah has guided us through this book. It is based on the code of conduct, which is necessary for us to understand how to spend our life.

Similarly, in another place, Allah says about Ramadan,’ but fasting is good for you (only in this case) if you know.’

 These are the worlds described by Allah in honor of Ramadan.

Ramadan according to the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad SAW said in his Hadith,’ when Ramadan comes, the doors of the Paradise and Pell are respectively opened and closed.’

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the fountainhead of success for us not only in this world but in the eternal world also. As the book of the Quran, Hadith is also the mean of success for us. It is one of the essential parts of our religion; that is why we cannot ignore it.

Messenger of Allah said in his Hadith,’ that fasting is the shield against the fire of Allah.”

These Hadith explains the honor given to the fasting in the important month.

The figure for weight loss in Ramadan

Experts say that one can lose 4 kilograms of weight in 30 days of Ramadan.

Tips for weight loss during Ramadan

Many people mainly act upon the diet plan for weight loss, which sometimes may or may not be effective. Different people use different techniques to achieve this end.

Fasting is a valuable gift that has been given to Muslims not only to fulfill their religious obligation but also to gain weight loss. Some essential tips can assist you in how to lose weight during Ramadan.

1. Monitoring calories on a daily basis

The person must monitor the calories which he or she intakes. For the person who intends to lose weight loss, it is his or her common mistake that they intake high calories without knowing. With this common habit, he or she employs a diet plan, which often becomes ineffective.

Particularly in after, there are many things on the dining table, a person naturally tends to eat and drink all the things, but there is a need to restrain him or herself.

2. Protein as a necessary component of your routine eating  

Notably, In Ramadan, Protein is the essential component of your routine eating. It is necessary to ensure that every meal should have a fundamental source of Protein.

Protein plays a significant role in growing tissues for the health of muscles and many other different functions of the body.

If your workout session is going on in Ramadan as it is in another month, ProteinProtein of high quantity your body will need. Experts recommend 1.6-2.2 g for every kilogram of the body.

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and fish can provide you with enough protein, which is necessary for the body. Protein can prepare you for the weight loss.

3. Fats as the required component of your daily routine of eating

If you are thinking about how much fat someone can lose during Ramadan, then it is not useful to drop the fat as the component of your regular food. It should be a necessary component of your regular food in Ramadan. It provides you with enough energy when you are hungry due to fasting.

Cell membrane health, hormone production, and absorption of Vitamin A, K, and D, fat is a necessary component to carry out these daily functions of the body.   

In Ramadan, it does necessary work for us. It is not right to leave the fat permanently due to the main cause of obesity. We should get a reasonable amount of fat.

It becomes necessary when we continue working out in the month of Ramadan.

4.  Limit the use of Sugar

It is an essential component of our dining table, particularly during Ramadan. We tend to move sugary items due to feeling deficient in them.

No doubt, being a necessary part of our dining table, it is the primary source of weight gain. Being thirsty, we cannot resist drinking the juice made with Sugar at the time of after.

However, there is one way to get rid of this habit; this is to try to use naturally occurring sugar items, for example, honey, fruits, and molasses.  

After quitting Sugar, you can see the best number according to your desire on the screen of the weight scale.

5. Prohibition of using Salt

Like Sugar, Salt is also one of the primary sources which accumulate weight for the person. Experts highly advise leaving the Salt as soon as possible.

On the other hand, it is one of the significant components of our food. It Is common observation that we quickly drop the Sugar, but it is not easy to drop the Salt, which is the most necessary part of our cuisine.

It is also necessary not to use it in the Suhur because it makes you thirsty during the day. But, it is required to drop it as much as possible for weight loss.

6.  It is necessary to be active

It is an everyday routine of the people that they leave work during Ramadan and tend to sleep more. No doubt, we should not go outside fasting, particularly in sunlight, but it is not necessary to sleep entirely during the day because you can get more success in weight loss if your stomach is empty. If the person feels hungry, he or she will get more benefits from applying weight-loss techniques.

It is better to contact the trainer.

7. Take health and good Suhur

It is the common practice of the people that they do not eat anything in Suhur. It is not obligatory, but a lot of emphasis has been given to eating healthy Suhur. Our holy Prophet SAW said in one of his Hadiths, ‘Must have Suhur; there is a blessing in it.’

It is not useful to leave Suhur for weight loss. In fasting, Muslims have to remain throughout the day without drinking or eating anything. Therefore, it is necessary to have a healthy and good Suhur.

You cannot include those things that are against your diet plan.

8. Keep your body as full of water as possible

In fasting, it is a religious responsibility not to drink or eat anything until the time of Iftar. On the other hand, it is of utmost importance to keep your body full of water.

There are some tips to follow,

  1. Two glasses with an interval at the time of after.
  2. Four glasses after Iftar and till the beginning of Suhur.
  3. Then, two glasses at the time of Suhur.  

Hydration has good effects on weight loss. In order to gain considerable weight loss, It Is necessary to avoid carbonated drinks.

9. Having good Iftar

In Ramadan, We have to spend the whole day without eating or drinking something. Iftar, we have, at the end of the day, does not make up the deficiency which in common we can fulfill quickly. As a result, our metabolism process becomes slow.

It has a good impact on our weight loss routine, but there are some suggestions on how to have Iftar balanced.

  1. We should not drink carbonated drinks. We should use simple water.
  2. We should not eat food that is rich in fat. We should use vegetables more and more.
  3. Olive oil rather than vegetable oil can be used.
  4. We should take carbohydrates more and more.

10. Do exercises

It is necessary to do light exercises more. Exercise keeps our health good as well as plays a significant role in our weight loss routine.

Paying attention to the diet plan cannot become effective. It is necessary to include exercises in your daily routine.

Yoga exercises can be the best routine in the month of Ramadan.

11. Having enough sleep is necessary  

Experts recommend enough sleep as well as weight loss exercises. In fasting, it is essential to counter stress and fatigue.

Experts recommend sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Having enough sleep is of utmost importance for hormonal balance, which can make you gain more fat in disturbed.


Ramadan is an important month for Muslims. Fasting in Ramadan has the best effect on weight loss so that you can lose weight with fasting. It is one of the best natural for weight loss. The important thing is to know tips that can be used as the primary source of weight loss.