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Ramadan iftar foods from Around the world

Ramadan iftar foods from Around the world

Iftar is the evening meal that is eaten at the time of breaking the fast. Iftar is the second meal of the day, while the first meal is the Suhoor in the month of Ramadan. It is the religious observance of the Muslims as Suhoor. There are different Ahadiths, which mark the importance of Iftar as an essential part of fasting. Commonly, the time of Iftar is different in all the areas of the World because it follows the timing of Sunset. Iftar is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. There are different recipes for Ramadan iftar foods. These recipes are different according to the different areas, cultures, and Traditions. Let’s explore some famous Ramadan iftar foods.

What Ahadith says about Iftar?

There are different Ahadith of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, which are describing the importance of Iftar. Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said in one of his Hadith,’ One who let others break the fast with him, the angels pray for his forgiveness.’

Similarly, in another Hadith, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW said,’ One who invites other to Iftar with him from his Halal income, the angels pray for him throughout the night of Lalatul-Qudr, Gabriel shakes hand with him, Whom Gabraiel shakes hands, his 

the heart becomes clean and tender.’

These are other different Ahadith, which clearly explain the significance of Iftar.

Different foods in Iftar in Ramadan

Muslims prepare different foods according to their culture, Tradition, and the different areas of the World. These dishes are, in fact, the treasure of energy. These include sweat and salty Ramadan food.

Some recipes are the following.

Dish of Harira Soup

Harira soup is one of those dishes which is served around the year, but it is also the special dish of Iftar. The use of Harira soup is famous, especially in Morocco. The ingredients of this dish are lentils and some beans with special tomato soup.

This recipe is an essential part of the dining table in Morocco.

 The Drink of Erk Soos

This is the drink, which is very popular in all the countries. It is notably the part of the dining table in the middle east, particularly in Iftar. It is one of the best drinks which is popular in visitors who visit Levant, Syria, and Lebanon. Turkey is also on this list, but with a little change. This juice is prepared with the fruit of the pomegranate.

Commonly, people use licorice root to prepare this drink. It is one of the most beneficial drinks if you spend the day in the hot area like Arab, particularly in Ramadan.

Its taste is bitter, but people living in these areas like it. Tourist also likes to drink. It has a magical benefit for a person.

The dish of Pap and Akara

It is one of the best dishes in Nigeria. It is used all around the year. This is one of the Iftar food.

Akara is the ingredient, which is in the shape of fried ban cakes. These are rich in protein. Hence, it becomes a treasure of energy, particularly for those who observe fast during the long day. The most attractive characteristic of this dish is that it can be kept in the fridge for a long time; hence, it is usable after freezing. That is why it can be made for the whole month of Ramadan.

It is served with blended corn or pap. The method of preparation is available on Youtube.

Dish of Haleem Stew

It is one of the favorite dishes that are prepared across the world. This recipe is an essential part of the dining table during Iftar in Ramadan.

South Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast is the house of Haleem stew. It includes different things based on the culture and the traditions of the countries. It prepares to spend 8 hours. Haleem is served with naan and rice.

One cannot trace the history of this recipe. The book, which compiled in the 10th century named’ Katib-Al-Tabikh,’ which is the famous book of recipes, the description of how to make Haleem is included in this book.

The use of this dish increases in Ramadan, particularly in Iftar. The essential ingredients of this dish are barely, lentils and wheat. It is served with fried onion throws over it. In some areas of the World, Haleem stew prepares with the meat.

The method of making Haleem stew is available on Youtube and different sites.

The dish of Kolak

Indonesian presents the dish of Kolak. It one of the best Indonesian dishes, which is a necessary part of the dining table.

The ingredients of these dishes are coconut milk, pandanus leaf, and coconut sugar. Moreover, sweet potatoes, bananas, jackfruit, and pumpkin are used to fill the part of the desert.

Some people break their fast with Kolak as an alternative to milk and dates. It is the treasure of energy. It’s used to feel betters after spending a long day in fasting. 

The dish of Ful Medames

It is an Egyptian dish. The dish is also a necessary part of the Egyptian dining table. Its taste feels better after a long time of day spending fast. It is part of every occasion and used across the year.

Its preparation is quick and easy. The ingredients of this dish are rich in protein. Hence, it is a significant source of energy and power.

We can present it with different things, for example, coriander, tomato, and onion.

If one tastes it once, the taster is not forgettable.

The dish of Pyaji

This dish is famous in Bangladesh and also the essential component of Bangladesh’s dining table. This dish is a beautiful combination of onion and spiced lentils. These are fired.

  Being a famous dish in Ramadan, we can see the people carrying it to their home at the time of Iftar.

The preparation method of this dish Is available on YouTube and other sites.

The dish of Kue Lapis

This dish is common in Singapore, although it can be used across the world. It is also one of the necessary and standard components of the South-East Asian dining table.

This recipe is the steamed-cake recipe. It is made with coconut milk, food coloring, and rice. It requires specific art. After layering of food color with milk, it is cooked in steam.

Use of date in Iftar

The use of date in Aftar is the most favorite sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is the primary source of energy also one of the essential components of Iftar. Experts advise the people to use the 3 to 4 date at Suhoor to retain the energy level during the whole day. Several Ahadith describes the importance of dates.

The use of fruit chat

Fruit chart is one of the common dishes which is available in every country. It makes with different fruits. Dates includes in fruit chart to make the taste forgettable.

This dish is also one of the essential components of the Iftar dining table almost all over the world. There are different versions of this char, for example, simple fruit chart, etc.

The dish of Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a prominent dish in Africa. It is also an essential element of the Iftar dining table.

The ingredients of this dish are tomatoes and chili peppers. People eat it with bread. Its simple method is available on Youtube and Websites.

Ramadan Pidesi on the Iftar dining table

It is a kind of bread which is famous in Turkey. It is also one of the essential parts of the dining table in other countries. Pidesi is prepared with simple flour.

It’s a simple method available on Youtube and different websites.

The dish of Biryani

The dish of Biryani is a famous dish in India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan is the hometown of this Dish. Although Birayni makes the person thirsty, people like to eat. Especially foreigners, who visit these areas of the world, move to taste the Biryani due to its exceptional spicy taste.  

The main component of Biryani is Rice. People also use Yogurt and Salad with it. There are different versions of Biryani, for example, Aalo Biryani and Chicken Biryani.

The dish of Kanafeh

This is the sweet dish which is very famous in the resident of Middle-Eastern desert. It includes different reasons and nuts. It is also made across the year.

Kanafeh is also the central element of the Iftar table. The method of making this dish is available on Youtube and other recipe websites.

Use of stuffed Grape leaves

Stuffed grape leaves are one of the essential components of the Middle eastern Iftar dining table. The use of onion and Tomato is very common in it.

It has several names in different countries; for example, in Turkey, it is called Dolma, and in Syria, it is called Yabra.

The taste of stuffed Grape leaves is not forgettable.

The use of Samosa on the Iftar dining table

The use of Samosa on the Asian Iftar dining table is second to none; also, it is not subject to any introduction.

In the country like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, we can see people gathered around the shop of Samosa. These areas are the home town of Samosa. It can be presented with Chutney.

The use of Sambusas on the iftar dining table

The use of Sambusas on the iftar dining table is not subject to any introduction. It is a dish commonly used in the Middle East and Africa.

The method of making Sambusas is available on the internet easily.

The use of Pakoras on the iftar dining table

Pakoras is one of the essential parts of the Iftar dining table in the countries of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

There are different versions of Pakoras available in these countries. The ingredients of this dish are easily available. That is why it is easy to make Pakoras.


There are different dishes in different countries according to their culture and traditions. Most importantly, these dishes are the best source of energy. In fasting, these dishes play an important role because we need energy and power. What do you eat for Iftar in Ramadan?