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Your Complete Guide To Learning the Quran Online in 2021

If you want to learn the Holy Quran, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is going to a madrassa or a mosque. This is the path that most people take if they want to learn the Quran. Or, should we say, the path that most people used to take. When it comes to modern-day Quran learning methods, there has been a seismic shift.

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways is via online Quran teaching classes. The primary reason for this is convenience. Time is very valuable for people and in modern-day life with so many things to do, time moves really fast. Hence, no student wants to go through the hassle of going physically to an institution. In many cases, this takes up a lot of time and money.

Instead of going through all these steps, it’s much simpler if you opt to learn Quran online from skilled and experienced Quran teachers. This is the simplest and most efficient, yet still also the most convenient way of learning the Quran. Therefore, there are multifold benefits that you gain with online Quran lessons.

Your Complete Guide To Learning the Quran Online 2021

Concerns About Online Quran Classes

It’s only natural for students to be a little confused about how this works, especially if they have no prior experience with online Quran classes. This usually happens with students who are new to the online learning scene. People in this position can have many concerns about online Quran learning, but we’re here to relieve your worries.

The primary reason for all these concerns is a lack of knowledge about the online learning atmosphere, so here you go. The way online Quran courses work is that you sign up at a website like QuranForKids. We contact you regarding the package options and see what suits you. Then, you can start learning the Quran online via apps like Skype with an online tutor.

Students may have further queries about this process. This applies even more so for parents with young children who they are looking to enroll in online Quran classes. If you happen to be in these categories, or if you’re curious about the process of online Quran learning and why you should opt for this, bear with us and read on.

I Want To Learn the Quran Online. Is This Possible?

Yes, indeed, you can learn the Quran online by taking online Quran classes. If you search for ‘online Quran classes,’ then you will come across a number of online Quran academies offering this service. You just have to go to one of those websites and get started. However, if you’re reading this, you’re already in the ideal place at QuranForKids!

You can find many websites that claim to offer online Quran classes. They may not all be good or suitable options for you. Therefore, we recommend that you do some prior research before opting for one. Online Quran education is a serious matter, and you have to treat it seriously. This is especially the case with parents who are searching for a place for their child.

Learning the Quran Online at QuranForKids

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to search for any other Quran-teaching outlet now that you’re here. You’ve come to one of the best places for learning the Quran online, and you don’t need to waste time searching for any other place. At QuranForKids, learners of all ages and backgrounds can learn all about the Quran.

There are many aspects of the Quran that students would want to learn about. Newbies need to learn how to recognize Arabic letters are recite the Quran. More advanced students want to learn Tajweed or become a Hafiz by memorizing the Quran. Furthermore, some students may be able to do all that but just want to read the translation of the Quran and understand it.

For all these types of students and more, we have something. Hence, we suggest that you visit the specific section on our website for online Quran courses. There, you will be able to see what we offer in detail, which should set your mind at ease. You can pick the desired course, sign up at our website, and gain free trial classes for one week!

What if I Want To Start With Basic Quran Reading?

There are many students who don’t know anything about the Quran, but they want to get started. There are also even more people around the world who aren’t Arabic speakers and, therefore, they don’t know how to recognize Arabic letters, let alone pronounce them. Yet, they want to read and learn the Quran.

New Muslims or young students are the primary (but not only) targets for this course. New Muslim converts (or reverts) are the most likely option for this since they are usually not Arabs, and they really need to learn how to read the Quran. However, young children who haven’t been taught by their parents may also require such classes.

In this Quran course, we start right from the beginning to enhance Quran reading. Students will learn how to recognize, then pronounce Arabic alphabets. From there, you move to joining letters into words, then joining words into sentences. Ultimately, the student will be able to recite the Quran with some basic levels of Tajweed.

Hence, anyone can opt for online Quran classes. Taking online Quran lessons is a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution for everything relating to learning the Quran. So, whether you’re a complete novice or you need to learn about more advanced aspects of the Quran, you will find a suitable online Quran course.

Students of All Ages

There is a cliché that learning occurs from the start of one’s life and continues to the end. However, it stands true, and it especially applies when it comes to learning the Quran online. Most of our students are kids because parents usually want their kids to learn the Quran. However, people have different circumstances worldwide, and this brings a variety.

Some adults may have been away from Islam and the Quran during their childhood and early years. But Allah has now guided them to the right path, and they want to learn the Quran. Should anyone turn them down and stop them from taking an online Quran course? Of course not. People of all ages can learn the Holy Quran.

There is also the aspect of comfort. Since most traditional Quran classes involve children, it can be difficult for adults to find an appropriate place for Quran learning. They may understandably not want to learn with children around them. Well, online Quran classes are ideal for this segment due to the one-on-one class structure.

Our services are for all students, regardless of age. The online Quran teachers who will teach you are accustomed to dealing with students of all ages and know how to approach different types of students tactfully. Naturally, they will deal with adults in a slightly different way – which is something that should help you to learn. Prices are also the same, regardless.

Online Quran Classes For Kids

There is no doubt that there are a large number of children around the world ready to take Quran classes. All thanks to Allah that he has kept large portions of the Muslim Ummah on the right path, and as a result, many people still want to learn the Word of Allah. Well, if you’re one of those parents, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

We will first help your child with the basics of the Quran. Often, children either have a poor or non-existent understanding of the Arabic alphabet, so we start with that. Our tutors are in the best position to help you out. You might think that your child finds it difficult to learn, but with our teachers, it will be much easier.

Our experienced teachers know the ideal way and method to utilize with each student. They mold their teaching method according to what the child needs. Hence, you’ll find that children with any nature can take online Quran classes with us and feel at ease. He or she will go from knowing nothing about the Quran to reciting it in a very short period.

Online Quran Classes For Adults

If you’re one of those people who never got a chance to learn the Quran earlier in life, but you’re considering it now, listen to that thought and get started right away. Put away all negative thoughts and focus on the need to answer Allah’s command and read His Holy Book. It is never too late to learn the Quran, online or otherwise.

We can start teaching students from the basics, no matter what their age is. There are no restrictions on age when it comes to our classes, and anyone can benefit. Our teachers are very accommodating, and with one-on-one lessons, you won’t even notice anything that bothers you. Hence, with online Quran classes, you can direct your focus toward learning the Quran.

Why is QuranForKids the Best Website for learning the Quran

You can simply start taking online Quran classes here if you’re reading this. But you might be wondering why that is and why we are so eager to get you on board. Well, we don’t want to say anything negative about any of the other options but what we can say is that at QuranForKids, the customer comes first.

This policy of focusing on the customer is what has built our brand value a lot in recent years. With some of the best teachers in the industry and innovative teaching methods, it’s no wonder that you came to our website and are now on the verge of starting to take online Quran classes. There are some things that you should be aware of.

Some things differentiate QuranForKids as an online Quran academy from other options, and one of them is to have a completely customer-oriented approach. We listened to feedback from students and use that to keep improving our services. Hence, your voice, regardless of how infrequently you may need to say something, always counts.

Our customer-driven agenda also ensures that pricing is very reasonable for our online Quran classes. You can learn the Quran online with ease, and it won’t be a burden on your pocket, especially if you live in the USA or UK. Moreover, we also have frequent discounts and packages. Plus, if you want to change teachers, we will accommodate your needs as well.

How Many Quran Lessons Can I Take?

Learning the Quran online allows you great flexibility. Hence, you can study according to the schedule that suits you and opt for as many classes and hours per week according to what you can handle. Various packages are available, and you can get more detailed information about them on our ‘fees’ page.

We have a variety of packages to cater to all students. The simplest one contains two classes per week, 30 minutes apiece. Hence, you will take eight lessons per month. You can opt to take these two classes during the weekend, and for that, you’ll get a slightly better rate. Otherwise, you can opt to take them at any time of the week.

Next, you have the option of taking three online Quran classes per week. Each is 30 minutes long, and you will take 12 lessons per month. You can also increase that to 4 or 5 weekly classes, totaling 15–20 lessons per month. Last but not least, you can opt for our 45-minute weekend package. With this, you can take eight classes per month.

What is the Fee For Taking Online Quran Classes?

Our fee structure varies according to the number of classes you opt for. If you take fewer weekly classes, it will be a little more expensive for you (per class). The prices become comparatively more competitive as you increase the number of weekly lessons. We hope that this serves as a motivation for you to take more weekly classes!

Our two days per week course will set you back $23, but that’s only for the weekend package. With the standard two weekly days option, it comes to $39 per month. Meanwhile, taking the two 45-minute weekly sessions also provides great value for money. It will only cost you $34. Taking 4 or 5 lessons per month can cost you $59–69.

You can also contact us for custom plans and pricing. Moreover, we have periodic discounts that may be applicable to you. Hence, our pricing plans are affordable for students worldwide, and you can see that in the number of students we have from all over the world. Join the large family of students studying with QuranForKids!

There are many different online Quran classes catering to students of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediary or advanced student, you’ll find something that helps you learn the Holy Quran.

Types of Online Quran Class You Can Take for learning the Quran

Quran Reading

The Quran reading course is for all those beginners who want to know about Arabic and how to read the Quran. This is a perfect course for students who have no prior knowledge of Arabic or the Quran. As long as you have the desire to learn about the Word of Allah, this is the ideal course for you.

At the start, the teacher in this online Quran class will focus on helping you to learn the Arabic alphabet. This includes the 28 letters. Then, you will learn how to pronounce them with the correct application of their vowel sign. After that, you will learn how to connect the words together and recite sentences.

With this Quran course, you will be able to recite the Quran from scratch and with some level of flow and Tajweed. The online Quran tutor will convey the basic Tajweed rules to you, which will help you to improve your recitation.

Tajweed and Tarteel

This online Quran class is ideal for students who already have a bit of Quran-reading background. Hence, they should be able to recognize Arabic and know how to pronounce it. However, the problem comes when students recite the Quran, and someone with a keen ear listens. A lot of mistakes become evident.

With Arabic, there are strict rules of pronunciation. All Arabic letters have certain characteristics. Any Quran reciter needs to be well aware of these rules. Otherwise, they can end up distorting the Quran’s meaning without doing so. Even one word here and there can divert the meaning of the word or verse.

Hence, this online Quran lesson has one aim, which is to improve your recitation of the Holy Quran. If a person correctly understands Tajweed rules and implements them, they will be close to perfecting the recitation of the Glorious Quran. Ultimately, your aim with this course should be to recite the Quran like a Qari.

Quran Memorization

This online Quran class is a good option for students who have some knowledge of reading the Quran already. Hence, that will allow the teacher to immediately progress toward the crux of this course, which aims to help you to memorize the Holy Quran. This has always been popular in Muslim communities, and it continues till today.

The Quran memorization course is ideal for kids. That is because the best age for learning the Holy Quran is during childhood. At this point, a person’s brain supports the ability to memorize and retain what it processes. However, as the child starts getting older, that ability begins to decline, which is why the earlier, the better.

Their children becoming Hafiz is a common dream for Muslim parents. Learning the Quran and memorizing it is a very virtuous act. With the online Quran tutors at QuranForKids, you’ll find that this seemingly large and difficult task will become very easy. Our teachers know the ideal methods that can stimulate children’s style of learning.

Quran Translation

Students do not only need to focus on reading the Quran. Instead, they must also keep the aim of understanding it and acting upon it in their minds. The most ideal way to understand the Quran is by learning Arabic. However, many people can not do this due to time or budget constraints. Quran translation is the next best option.

With online Quran translation classes, you can explore a word-by-word translation of the Holy Quran. Moreover, you can understand the meanings of the Holy Book in depth. This course massively increases students’ understanding of the Quran and provides them with a solid base from which they can go on to improve their knowledge of Islam.

The Prophet (PBUH) was the ideal human being ever to live, and he lived his life according to the Quran. Hence, we need to understand the stories, lessons, laws, rules, etc., that Allah has revealed in the Quran. For this reason, we must take online Quran translation lessons and understand the Quran, implementing what we learn from it.

Basic Islamic Education

Beginners who know little about Islam are the people who this course caters to. If you’re just starting to learn about the basics of Islam, then you should take this course to enhance your knowledge and get closer to Allah. With this course, you will get to know some of the basic things about Islam.

This course is like an introduction to Islam, and with it, you can learn many of the essentials of the religion. Among them are the five pillars and how Muslims must integrate them into their daily lives. Additionally, you will also learn daily supplications to utilize during your regular everyday activities. Plus, you will memorize some essential short surahs.

QuranForKids is primarily a Quran learning platform. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a holistic view of Islam. For that reason, we offer this course, so that people with little knowledge who want to know more have an easy option in front of them. Our skilled and experienced tutors can’t wait to help you grow!

Challenges of learning the Quran online

  • Lack of face-to-face interaction: Online Quran courses lack the face-to-face interaction that is possible in traditional Quran classes. This can make it more difficult for teachers to build relationships with their students and to assess their progress.
  • Technical difficulties: Online Quran courses can be disrupted by technical challenges such as poor internet connection or audio/video problems.
  • Self-discipline: Online Quran courses require students to be self-disciplined and motivated. Students must be willing to put in the time and effort to learn, even if they are not in a traditional classroom setting.

How to find specific online Quran courses

There are a few ways to find specific online Quran courses:

  • Search the internet. You can use a search engine such as Google to search for online Quran courses. Be sure to include specific keywords in your search, such as the type of course you are looking for (e.g., tajweed, Quran memorization) or the language of instruction (e.g., English, Arabic).
  • Read reviews. Once you have found a few potential courses, read reviews from other students to get an idea of the quality of the course and the teaching style of the teacher.
  • Ask for recommendations. If you know anyone who has learned the Quran online, ask them for recommendations. They may be able to recommend a specific course or teacher.

How to learn the Quran online for free

There are a number of ways to learn the Quran online for free. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use websites that offer Quranic lessons, podcasts, and videos. There are a number of websites that offer free Quranic lessons, podcasts, and videos. You can use these resources to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Join an online Quran community. There are a number of online Quran communities where you can connect with other students and teachers. These communities can be a great way to get help and support as you learn the Quran.
  • Take advantage of free trials. Many online Quran courses offer free trials. You can take advantage of a free trial to try out a course before you commit to paying for it.


Learning the Quran online is a must for any and every Muslim. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said in a famous Hadith that the best Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran. Therefore, that should serve as enough motivation for us in this regard. Learning the Quran is essential for anyone who wants to live according to Islamic rules.

Online Quran classes provide students of all types with the unique opportunity to learn something that will dramatically improve their standing, both in his life and the Hereafter. After all, we can’t just think of the short-term, and we must be mindful of our relationship with Allah and how we obey Him and listen to His commands.

QuranForKids is one of the best online Quran academies, where you can learn the Quran. If you take our online Quran classes with our skilled and experienced teachers, you can learn all about the Quran in a short period. That should be the aim of every Muslim. The Quran is the uncreated Word of Allah and deserves all the respect and love we can afford it – and more!

We are hopeful that this all-encompassing guide helped you with regards to learning the Quran online. We heartily encourage you to register at our website and get started with the process of learning the Quran online. You will get a one-week trial first up, but we’re quite sure that once it’s complete, you’ll definitely want to continue.