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Learn how to read Al-Qur’an and importance of Quran

Learn how to read Al-Qur’an and importance of Quran

The Quran or Koran is one of four books of Allah sent to different Prophets. Prophet Muhammad SAW sent to the holy book of the Quran. It is the central book in the religion of Islam. The Quran revealed by Allah almighty on the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

It comprises a total of 114 Surah. These Surah revealed in the period, spend in Makkah and Madina both. In the Holy book of Quran, the word Quran comes 70 times.

During the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW, his companions recorded all the revelation related to the Quran according to his instructions. However, after the death of Prophet Muhammad SAW, his companions tried to preserve the written material in the form of a complete Quran.

Tajwid is a special kind of knowledge, which the scholars learn to recite the verse of the Quran according to the special elocution. Usually, the person who memorizes the Quran calls Hafiz.

Importance of the Quran by the verse of the Quran

There are several Ayah of the Quran, which itself is describing the importance of the Quran.

The Quran is the book, which was descended by Allah on his beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In Surah Al-Baqarah, verse no 2, Allah says in the Quran,

“This is a book, in which there is no doubt; full of guidance to those who are Al-Mutaqoon (the pious and the right person who fear Allah( saves himself from those acts which are forbidden by Allah) and love Allah too much extent(performing all kinds of acts about which has given orders.)”

Allah has given proof about the Quran that he has revealed the Quran on the Prophet Muhammad SAW without the involvement of anyone.  

In Surah Younus, Allah says in the Quran, “And this Quran is not the book as produced by anyone other than Allah Almighty, but it is the verification of those (Books) which revealed before it, and description of these (earlier revealed), in which there is no doubt, from the lord of others exists (Jin, mankind, and others creation).”

Allah has cleared the authentic position of the Quran. Now, there is no confirmed book other than the Quran.

In Surah Al-Raad, Allah says in the Quran in verse no one,

“The Quran is the book (in which we) discusses the humankind.”

In the holy book of the Quran, Allah has given the information by which we can get success. It is the only way to go to success.  

Importance of the Quran by Ahadith

Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was the recipient of the Quran. Who does describe the importance of better than he does? 

 There are several Ahadith, which explains the importance of the Quran.

In Sahih Muslims, Hadith narrated that” Surely Allah, through this holy book, promote some people and lower others.”

The holy book of the Quran is the ultimate mean of success. It is not possible to trace success without following it.

Similarly, in another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “the most authentic and truthful speech is the book of Almighty Allah.”

Similarly, there are several Ahadith, which describes the importance of the Quran as the ultimate mean of success.

Quran Tajweed

The word “Tajweed” has the meaning of to improve or to get better or to do better. Overall, it describes the meaning in terms of improving.

The Quran is the book of Allah. That is why we should recite it and try to improve our recitation better. It is essential due to the fact that all the reciters are not Arabic language speakers. That is why the need for improvement is always there.

There are two reasons to learn Tajweed.

1. Miss pronunciation

Due to non-Arabic speakers, we often pronounce wrong words in the recitation of the Quran; even, we do not know on a wide basis that what is wrong and right.

In order to avoid miss pronunciation, we should learn Tajweed by Islamic scholars.

2. Don’t know the meaning what we are reciting

Arabic is not our mother tongue. That is why we do not know the meaning of the words of the Quran, which we recite.

It is impossible to know the meaning of every word, but we should try to know the meaning as possible. That is why Tajweed is essential.

Benefits of learning Tajweed

 There are several benefits to learning Tajweed. Some of these are the following.

1. Mental satisfaction

To recite, the Quran brings mental comfort and serenity to us.

Braa Ibn Aazib (RA) is one of the famous companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, and he said that one day a person came and said to the Prophet SAW, “he was reciting Surah Al-Kahf during which a patch of cloud came and covered the horse with its shadow. Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “ it was skeenat.”

2. An excellent way to Jannah( Paradise)

The Quran is the guarantee of Jannah (Paradise). Therefore, it is necessary to recite the Quran beautifully, and according to its soul.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,” One who reads the Quran, will present to Allah and he will receive the order to recite the Quran and ascend the stages of the heaven, recite slowly so that where you recitation completes, there should be the last stage towards Jannah.”

3. The reciters are the best people

According to the Ahadith of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, “one who reads the Quran and teach it to others, he will be the best.”

It means the goodness of the Muslims and the perfectness is based on the recitation of the Quran. That is why it is not beneficial to spend time in useless activities.

4. Ten rewards

The recitation of the Quran carries many benefits. According to a Hadith,” one who reads one letter from the book of Allah, he will get rewards multiplied by 10, I am not calling the Alf, lam, meem a letter. Instead, I am saying that “Alif” a letter, Lam” a letter.” 

and “meem” a letter. “

These rewards will work out when we will be in dire need of even one reward in the Day of Judgment.

How can we learn Tajweed?

We can learn the rules of Tajweed independently. However, it is of high importance to learn the rules of Tajweed with scholars.

It is necessary to listen to the recitation of the Quran of some scholar to learn Tajweed thoroughly.

In the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Tajweed was not necessary to learn. However, now it is almost essential for Arabic speakers to learn Tajweed because the Arabic language has seen many changes from the classical to the modern age.

There is another best option available for learning the Tajweed online.  

Online Quran Learning

Information technology has revolutionized all the fields of our life. Even in our daily life, we see a lot of changes happening due to information technology. Either individually or collectively, our life is changing rapidly on a regular basis.

Similarly, the field of education has no exception; for example, online Quran learning is the best example in this regard.

Characteristics of online Quran learning

There are several characteristics related to online Quran learning.

1. Male and female teachers

It is the best characteristic of online Quran learning. We can hire a male and female teacher for our children. Male and female teachers are available to teach your children.

2. Classes with interactive sessions

The interactive session is necessary for any class to learn thoroughly. It is the beauty of the online system of Quran teaching that provides interactive sessions regarding the Quran classes.

It helps to create an excellent mechanism between the teachers and the students. The students also get clarification regarding the previous lessons.

3. Easy process

It is an essential fact that online registration for any purpose is a complicated process. However, to register for online Quran classes is very easy. You do not have to provide your private information.

You just need to register your names and some other simple information. After completing all this process, you need to choose the trial classes. The trial classes are other essential characteristics of online Quran teaching.

After trial classes, you can proceed with further classes by paying the fee.

4. Other courses

Online Quran teaching is not limited just to make the student learn the basic teachings of the Quran. It provides other courses also.

There are different courses available online, for example, Tajweed and learning Islamic teachings also.

5. Best ever online Quran teachers

The presence of best ever online Quran teacher in this platform makes them second to none in its provision of services.

Commonly, these scholars are well learned and hard-worker. They get education from reputable seminaries across the world. After clearance from these seminaries, these scholars are hired to teach the Quran.

Information technology has provided extensive facilities in every field of life—many people working online for their organizations. Freelancers are the best examples in this regard. Online Quran teaching is another big field, which is gaining popularity across the world. People tend to choose this way to get their children to learn religious education.